His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Eleven

The afternoon we went to go and get my nose pierced was the same night Jaxon informed us of an event we had to attend.

The event was being held by Caleb’s dad, everyone seemed confused to say the least. After seeing how he was to Caleb that time we went to their house, I’m sure it’s left bad imprints on everyone.

Jaxon doesn’t share any more details, just that we had to go and we had to dress smart. It was next weekend and I was already dreading it. Caleb and his dad in one space? What a recipe for disaster.

In private Ava informs me what the real reason was for the need to be at Caleb’s dads function.

“So what Jax told me was that Caleb practically begged him to come to this event, said something about needing support,” Ava explains as she folds over the corner of my book that sits on my bedside table.

“What event it is?” I ask.

Ava shrugs. “His dad like throws these events every so often apparently, Caleb says he hasn’t been to one in ages and said doubling up the pack will put his mind at ease.”

I snort. “So he’s using us like a pawn for his dad, pretend we’re this elite pack when realistically we are average at best.”

My eyes look up to meet Ava’s. “Jax says he’s really caught up about this you know, he is scared of his dad.” Ava says seriously.

I think that was pretty obvious from what we saw of them before. “You don’t say,” my voice drips with sarcasm.

“Has anything else happened since that night you were meant to meet?” She questions, her eyes soft and curious.

I shake my head. I ended up telling Ava about that night because she could read me like a book, she knew I was down and she demanded to know why.

Keeping things from her was impossible because she is the last person to ever judge you, she gives honest advice and she will always be there for you.

“We mindlinked briefly earlier but nothing much, I’m just sick of not knowing where his head at. One minute he’s all over me and the next he doesn’t wanna be near me.” I let out a sigh.

Ava half smiles at me. “If you need to talk about anything, you know I’m always here.”

“I know,” I smile gently at her.

. . .

I’ve never worn a suit in my life, never have I had the chance to be dressed this formally.

Jaxon and Ava took me out to get a tailored suit and I felt beyond guilty. Tailored suits are not cheap I can tell you that.

I was more than happy to just get a cheap one from some average outlet but they insisted I get something more special. They told me it wouldn’t go to waste as they said I could wear it at their wedding which they still haven’t got round to.

When I looked at myself in the mirror I couldn’t help but feel so grown up. I had always been the baby of the pack and for once I felt more like a man than a boy. My blonde curls were pushed back slightly so that my eyes weren’t covered.

I felt good and that made a sense of pride buzz in my body.

The event was being held in a manor across the district, the journey to get there was an hour in the car in which I slept most the way.

When we reached the location my stomach twisted at the anticipation of seeing Caleb, I’m not sure why I even cared because it wasn’t like he’d even batt an eyelid at me with a crowd of people around.

As I step out of the car I instantly adjust my tie and straighten out my shirt. My eyes look up to the white manor before me, it looked glamorous. Something you’d expect the Kardashians to own.

I follow everyone else up the white stairs and through the front doors. There was a ridiculous amount of people here and it was making me feel anxious, Ava slows down and keeps by my side. Jaxon walks ahead with Aurora safely in his arms.

Some members of Caleb’s pack greet us on the way in, yet I failed to see Caleb or his dad.

“Let’s go get a drink,” Ava nods at me.

The sound of Ava’s heels clicking on the floor vibrates in my ears along with the buzz of people talking. We approach a waiter holding a tray of bubbly. Ava takes one and looks at me.

“Take one,” she says.

“I’m not 21,” I reply.

Ava lets out a laugh. “Oh Evan please, like any of us would care. It’s just a bit of champagne.”

I purse my lips as I listen to her speak. I take a champagne flute from the tray and place the glass to my lips. I had never tried alcohol before and I’m not entirely sure what it would taste like. I’ve had the chance to but I’ve never actually got round to trying it.

Ava’s eyes study me as I take my first sip, it fizzes in my mouth and it startles me. It tasted strong but crisp and left a burning sensation in my throat.


My face goes sour as I swallow eventually. “You guys drink this for fun?” I ask as I roll my tongue against the roof of my mouth over and over.

Ava lets out a laugh and she covers her hand over her lips. “Oh Evan, you’re so precious.”

We move away from the waiter and stand with Lucy, Sophie and Grace.

“Have you seen him yet?” I hear Grace whisper to Sophie.

Sophie nods instantly. “He’s over there, looking divine as ever.”

I look down to the floor the second I realise who they’re talking about. Lucy or Ava aren’t paying attention as they’re too caught up in their own conversation.

“Oh my God,” Grace breathes out. I raise my eye sight slightly and watch as they look behind me. “Trust me when I say I am going in there tonight. No holding back, if I don’t try I’ll never know.”

Hearing these words leave her mouth spiked an unbelievable amount of jealousy inside my body. I hated the way it made me feel protective of him, like my wolf would fight her for him.

“Who you talking about?” Lucy chips in.

Grace lets out a dreamy sigh. “Caleb,”

I watch out of the corner of my eye Ava instantly stares Grace down. “You’re not his mate so don’t go there,” she says bluntly.

I can’t help but smile down to my feet.

“Who are you, the fucking mate police?” Grace replies as she rolls her eyes slightly.

“No but I’m a decent person Grace, maybe if you spent as much time and effort actually looking for your mate as you do swooning over other wolves, you might actually find him.” Ava shoots back sarcastically.

Graces face scrunches up. “Damn who the fuck has crawled up your ass and died, live a little.” She says before flicking her hair over her shoulder and strutting away with Sophie.

When I turn around to watch them leave my eyes are already gravitated to Caleb, his dad stands next to him. His face as hard as stone, his body rigid and firm. He didn’t look welcoming or friendly in the slightest not that I was surprised.

My eyes scan what he’s wearing, my body tingles at the sight of him in a suit. A navy suit at that. God, he was so unbelievably attractive and I couldn’t take it.

Then my eyes look at the young girl that stands between them. She was petite and blonde, stunning. She had perfectly plump pink lips and she was dressed in a sleek black floor length dress. When I say she was tiny, she was tiny. I could imagine that she is definitely Caleb’s type.

I watch as Caleb’s dad talks between the two and he actually cracks a smile. The girl doesn’t take her eyes off Caleb once, she looks up to him like a Godlike figure. It looked like he was introducing each other by the way she was batting her eyelids at him.

Caleb keeps his eyes trained on his dad and after a few moments he steps forward and leaves a kiss on her cheek and hugs her.

If I thought Graces words made me jealous, this was a complete different story.

Caleb’s hand rests firmly on the small of her back as he pulls away and they smile at each other. Caleb’s dad pats him on the back before walking away leaving them alone.

I felt sick with envy as I stare at them. Caleb grins towards her, the look of genuine happiness stretches across his face.

Ava stands by my side and loops her arm through mine. “Breathe Evan,”

So I let out a breath.

My eyes look back down to his hand that is still on her body. When I look back up to his eyes, he glances at me for a split second. I cannot read him but something flashes in his face when he sees me, this disappears the second he looks back to his female.

“I-I can’t just stand here and watch this,” I mumble. “I’m going outside.”

I place my full champagne flute onto a table and just as I’m about to leave Ava grabs my arm. “Do you need me to come with you?”

I shake my head. “I just need some air,”

“Okay, well you know where I’ll be.” She says softly as she watches me leave the room and out the back doors.

The cold air hits me instantly and I perch myself down onto a wooden bench, my back facing the manor.

I sit there for a while, drowning in my own thoughts.

Don’t overthink this, don’t overthink this.

Sighing I run a hand through my hair and rest my elbows down onto the table. How could I not overthink this when my mate is openly standing and flirting to some girl?

“Can I take this?” A voice above me startles me from my thoughts.

My eyes flicker up to the boy that stands next to me. His hazel eyes are smiling at me, his dark brown hair in a similar style to my curls. I just stare at him for a few moments until he clears his throat.

“The glass?” He notions to the cup in front of me. “Can I take it?”

I snap myself back into reality. “Sorry,” I say quietly. “Take it, it’s not mine.”

The waiter nods at me and gingerly picks up the glass from the table.

“You having a good night?” He questions politely.

I look back up to him and let out a strained sigh, leaning away from the bench slightly. “Not sure that’s how I’d describe it,” I admit.

“Oh,” the waiter frowns. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to—”

I shake my head and force a smile at him. “It’s okay,”

“Are you okay?” He asks gently and it stuns me. He leans closer and the smell of his cologne enters my nose, I could tell that he was human.

Blinking up to him a few times I begin to nod. “Yeah just—” I pause for a second. “It’s a bit too much for me in there.”

His eyes study me and he smiles. He was cute, I had to admit. “My shift finishes in like twenty minutes, you wanna hang out?” He offers confidently.

“Really?” My voice increases in enthusiasm.

“Sure,” he smirks. “Guess someone’s got to keep you company.”

I close my eyes quickly and laugh. “I’m Evan,” I introduce myself.

“I’m Charlie,” he smiles.

Then I watch as he begins to move away from the table and I turn around to look at him walk back into the manor.

My eyes glance over the people standing by the window when my gaze lands on Caleb’s hard eyes. He’s staring at me through the glass and he doesn’t once take his eyes off me or pretend he wasn’t looking, he wanted me to see him looking.

Anger bubbles inside my stomach as I turn my head away and I face the garden instead.

If this was the way to get his attention then I was going to milk it.

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