His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Twelve

I sit and wait in the garden for twenty-five minutes until Charlie finishes his shift. Hearing the noise of the party going on behind me, I don’t even attempt to turn around and look in case I see something that I don’t want to see.

My thoughts race once again and I can’t help but scold myself for letting him impact me like this. My blood races with anger and I find myself gritting my teeth to calm myself down. The skin on my arm begins to itch and I quickly wrap my hand around the fabric on my arm to stop this sensation.

“Hey,” I hear a voice above me. When I look up I see Charlie’s hazel eyes under those brown locks. “You waited.” He beams at me.

I smile then nod. “I did,”

His smile extends and he runs a hand through his hair. “Urm,” he clears his throat. “Do you mind if I sit there actually? We’re not really meant to hang around after our shifts and I don’t want my boss to see me.” He points to the side of the bench that I’m sitting in.

I suck my lip into my mouth and bite. “Sure,” I say before slowly moving round to the over side.

I force my eyes to stay away from the manor behind Charlie, instead I rest my eyes on his.

“So,” he says as he leans forward on the table, his hands lay flat on the wood. My eyes analyse his long fingers, one index finger is covered by a black metal ring. “What brings you to an event like this?”

I flick my eyes back up to him again and I shrug. “Not really sure what I’m actually doing here to be honest, I was told I needed to come. Wish I didn’t.”

Charlie frowns slightly at my words. “That’s annoying, why don’t you just go home?”

I let a soft breath out of my mouth. “I live like an hour away, so I’ve gotta wait until my p—” I pause in my tracks. “My family wanna leave.”

“I see, I see,” Charlie comments. “Well I have to say you look really good in that suit.” His eyes trail down to my check and they rest on my lips for a few moments.

Heat rises to my cheeks. “Thanks,” I let out. I was not good at receiving compliments because I never receive them, especially about how I look.

Charlie remains smiling as he looks at my face, his lips twitch up into a cheeky smirk.

“What?” I say as I rest my head onto my fist.

He grins. “I dunno, just think you’re kinda cute.”

My face was definitely on flames now. I hear him laugh which was soft and melodic. “No you’re definitely cute,” he chuckles.

“Please stop before I die of embarrassment,” I say as I slap my hands down onto my cheeks to cover them.

Charlie laughs quietly again. “Okay I’ll stop,”

“Thank you,” I let out as I remove my hands from my face.

“So what do you do?” He questions as he clasps his hands together in front of me.

I’m startled by his question, I wait a few moments before answering. “Oh urm, I just work in this shop in town. Nothing exciting.” I lie.

Charlie nods. “Nice,” he says. “I work here on the weekends but in the week I’m studying to become a doctor.”

Charlie continues talking but my eyes wander to the manor behind him, I notice Caleb and his dad standing talking outside on the patio.

Caleb’s dad is stood over him, he’s shouting angrily.

I watch as Caleb shakes his head up to his dad and starts yelling back, they draw attention to themselves but Charlie carries on talking.

My eyes are trained on them and I cannot look away, I’m intrigued to know what’s going to happen.

Then Caleb’s dad roars and pushes him into the back of a pillar with such force that if it was me I’m sure my back would have been broken. He continues to shout down at him and when I look at Caleb’s face it completely broke me.

The feeling of sadness floods through my body, Caleb’s chest heaves up and down rapidly as his dad pins him against the pillar.

My wolf whines at the sight and eventually I tear my eyes away and I look down to the bench.

“—so yeah that’s why I’m so interesting in saving lives.” Charlie finishes. I look up to him and realise I hadn’t actually listened to a single word he just said.

“Hey, do you mind if we go somewhere a bit quieter?” I suggest. I needed to be anywhere where Caleb and his father wasn’t, I couldn’t watch his dad bully him any longer. No matter how much I didn’t care about him, I just couldn’t watch.

Charlie grins. “Sure,” he nods. “There’s this little hammock thing round the corner, doubt anyone will be there. It’s very secluded.”

“Great,” I say as I stand up from the bench and follow his lead to the hammock.

He was right, it was out the way of anyone or any noise. It was peaceful and just what I needed right now.

We both climb into the hammock which almost tips over and we both laugh as we steady ourselves. Once we are settled Charlie brushes his fingers over the fabric of my trousers, my eyes are instantly drawn to his actions.

“So do you have a partner or anything?” He asks politely.

My eyes find his and I shrug my shoulders. “It’s complicated,” I admit.

“How so?” He challenges.

I clear my throat. “There is this guy but I’m not sure if I really owe him any loyalties.” Not after tonight anyway.

“Would he be mad if he saw us together?”

“Doubt it,” I snort to myself.

“Well that’s good I suppose,” Charlie flashes me a winning smile. “What’s he look like?”

I purse my lips as I begin to imagine him, my body tingles. “He’s tall, big, covered in tattoos, they’re everywhere. His neck, his hands.” I say as I watch Charlie study me.

“Sounds unlikely someone like him being with someone like me, I know,” I add and let out a quiet laugh of pity.

“That’s not true,” he smiles as he starts to shake his head at me.

“You have a partner?” I question back.

Charlie shakes his head at me. “No, never had a boyfriend.” He sighs. “Never found the right person.”

“The person will come,” I tell him.

He maintains eye contact with me. “Hope so,” he says as he looks me dead in the eye without blinking.

I swallow harshly at how confident and forward he is. Not that I am used to it at all.

We sit in the hammock for fifteen more minutes, Charlie tells me about his life and I listen. He likes to talk, a lot. I wasn’t complaining because his life seemed interesting and if he asked me the same questions I’d have no idea what to say because I live in a mythical world compared to him

Charlie’s hand continues to brush against my leg until he moves up to my arm, the gesture is sweet but made me feel like I was doing something wrong.

He tells me this story about when he went to Mexico with his family, he laughs not being able to continue until he looks up and behind me. The smile of his lips drop almost instantly as he sits up in the hammock and removes his hand from my arm.

“Oh hell fucking no,” he mumbles.

“What?” I say instantly, my heart rate increases.

“Please do not fucking tell me that man is your fucking boyfriend?”

My head whips round so quickly that we both almost fall out of the hammock. When I turn around I see Caleb storming right up to us, eyes full of anger, fists tightened at his side.

We both jump out at the same time and I had no clue what to do.

Caleb by passes me and yanks Charlie by the collar of his top. He yelps out in fear but Caleb doesn’t hurt him.

“You have about five seconds to move away from him before I beat your face into the ground,” Caleb growls out to him.

“Okay,” Charlie lets out in a small shriek.

Caleb doesn’t let go but squares up to him more.

“Caleb stop it,” I say harshly as I attempt to get in between them.

Caleb eventually flickers his eyes to me and he drops Charlie by his collar.

“I’m sorry,” I say to Charlie as apologetically as I can but he doesn’t look back at me, he runs off towards the manor.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I yell towards Caleb.

He turns to me, his eyes still full of anger. “What’s wrong with me?” He laughs. “What is wrong with you!”

“Why the fuck did you just do that?” I ask in disbelief.

“He was fucking touching you,” he grounds out.

“Oh and you weren’t touching that girl earlier?” I shoot back quickly.

Caleb churns his jaw and takes a deep breath. “That is different,” he replies lowly.

“How?!” I exclaim.

“Because you are gay.” He states.

“And you claim you’re straight, you have no argument here Caleb!” I throw my hands up in defeat.

Caleb’s head lowers and his fists begin to tighten again. “Everything is easy for you pups, you don’t have someone trying to dictate your life, ruin your life!” He yells out.

“Someone who just tears down every little thing that you do until you are so unhappy with yourself because you are just lying about everything!” He carries on.

He’s self destructing.

He looks out to the grass, his eyes filling with sadness.

“I wish I wasn’t like this, I wish he wasn’t like this. Fuck!” He curses before his fist collides into the tree that holds the hammock.

I flinch at the sound of his bare knuckles hitting the trunk. Then he does it again and again, anger completely feeling him.

I knew I couldn’t just stand here and watch as he hurt himself, blood trickles down his skin to his wrists.

A weird flash of memory appears in my brain and my chest tightens.

My legs move quickly as I stop to cup his fists in my hands. “Calm down Caleb,” I say gently but my voice wobbles. This was too intense and it was making it hard for me to breathe.

His chest heaves crazily fast. I grip tighter onto his fists to stop them from shaking, his blood now covering my own palms.

“Just breathe,” I say slowly but really I need to take my own advice.

“No,” he shakes his head. “No, you think this is what I want?” He demands at me, his eyes are burning like he’s trying hard not to cry.

I furrow my eyebrows at him feeling confused. “You think this is what I want?” He repeats himself. “Me standing there next to some girl who I don’t even find remotely attractive whilst I watch as some guy tries to flirt with you? Tries to flirt with my mate?” His eyes are pleading with me to understand him and it breaks my heart.

He removes his hands from mine and punches the tree again, he lets out a distressed cry as he does so.

I instantly reach forward again to prevent him from hurting himself over and over. I couldn’t bear to see him like this, he wasn’t in control whatsoever.

“Stop it Caleb, please stop it,” I plead desperately with him as I clench my hands tightly around his. Blood seeping out between my fingers.

His breaths become deeper and all I wanted to do was wrap my arms around him, I hated how much I cared for people when they wouldn’t do the same for me. But that’s just who I am.

After a few moments Caleb’s knuckles begin to heal, his inked skin starts to repair itself.

Caleb eventually raises his head up to me. “I can’t be here, I can’t be around him. That fucking son of a bitch.” He grits out, his eyes are hooded.

“Then go,” I say softly.

“Come with me,” He demands desperately, his green eyes searching mine for companionship.

“Where?” I ask confused.

“Away. Away from him, from everyone. Somewhere where it can just be us, alone.” He says quickly.

When I think about who he’s talking about, it registers to me that it just be his father. Their argument.

I blink multiple times at his words because they completely stunned me. Was I hearing this right?

“Pups please,” he says as he cradles my face with one of his hands. “Please, I need this. I need you. I need—” he cuts himself off and lowers his head again and lets out a strained sigh.

He was in so much emotional pain that all I could do in that moment in time was agree because I had never seen someone so desperate for something.

“Okay,” is all I say before Caleb pulls me away with his hand as he run around the back of the manor and out into the night.

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