His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Thirteen

Caleb pulls over a cab as we reach a main road, he hasn’t said a word to me but I know that he is still seething because his breathing was heavy and his grip on my hand was almost painful.

“Where are we going?” I question as we drive away.

Caleb turns to look at me, an uncertain look in his eye. “A hotel,”

I nod towards him once and he holds my stare. His right hand cups my inner thigh, this gesture completely taking my by surprise.

I blink a few times down to his hand, his thumb moves over the fabric of my trousers gently. Then he glances away to look out the window.

My heart was racing and I could feel myself begin to sweat with nerves.

It doesn’t take long until we are pulled up outside a hotel. Caleb pays and we make our way into the reception. I keep quiet as Caleb asks for a double suite room to the middle aged receptionist.

She smiles at both of us but Caleb has a face of stone right now, even he was making me feel on edge.

The receptionist hands over the plastic key card and within half a second Caleb has already taken my hand and drags me to the lift. He quickly presses the button for the third floor and I notice that he doesn’t drop my hand. All I do is stare up at him in confusion but he doesn’t meet my eyes.

The lift dings and the doors open. I follow Caleb’s lead and he takes us to room 314. He inserts the card into the door and the green light flashes, he opens the door in an instantly and lets me in first. I murmur a quiet “thank you,” to him.

Caleb places the key in the light switch and shuts the door behind us. When the lights flicker on my eyes scan the room.

There wasn’t anything amazing about the hotel room but I suppose I wasn’t really complaining. The bed was huge with dark pillows and a fluffy grey blanket on the end of the bed.

I turn back around to Caleb, I had no idea what I was doing here or what he was doing here with me.

Caleb shrugs off his blazer and throws it down onto the chair next to the bed.

“Are you okay?” I question.

He looks at me from across the room and he nods. “I will be,” he says quietly.


Caleb walks around the bed and towards me. He cups my face and sighs as he looks in my eyes. “When it finally sinks in that I’ve got you to myself all night,”

My body tingles, tingles with excitement and nerves. I let out a shaky breath as Caleb dips his head down to my lips, he catches mine with his own.

He kisses me slowly and it’s different to how he has kissed me before. He’s completely in control as he grips my face between his palms.

His lips are soft and I didn’t realise how much I had missed them on me until now. Every time he has completely taken my breath away.

Caleb’s hands move from my face and begin to tug off my jacket, I let him take it off my shoulders and it falls to the floor.

Slowly he pulls my black tie apart and I break away from the kiss for a second, we clock eyes and I watch as he tosses it across the room. I swallow suddenly as I almost forget how to breathe.

Caleb’s eyes were dark and full of admiration, it was killing me.

Then his lips start to move against mine again and this time he’s a little more forceful as he brushes his tongue against mine. Caleb’s fingers now moved to the top button of my shirt and he undoes them one by one, painfully slow.

I was shaking underneath my clothes, I was petrified as my experience with anyone is zero and I could imagine he has been with way too many people to count.

Once my shirt is completely undone, he gently pulls it off my back and lets it drop down beside me.

Caleb’s lips are now attached to my neck, now leaving a hot trail of kisses down my collarbones and stomach.

I quiver under his touch, his large hands begin exploring the exposed skin on my torso.

Caleb crouches down in front of me and unzips my trousers with ease and pulls them off me, leaving me in my black boxers. He doesn’t once take his eyes off my body, I felt like I was burning with insecurity but every time he placed a delicate kiss to my skin it made me forget.

His lips move down to my thighs and he grips the back of them, giving them a firm squeeze.

A quiet noise comes out of my mouth and Caleb’s green eyes peak up to me, he smiles and kisses his way back up my body.

When he’s looming over me once again he kisses my lips as he holds my face.

Taking a big leap of course I raise my hands to begin undoing his shirt, this takes him by surprise as he breaks away from the kiss to look at what I’m doing.

He grins and presses his lips to mine again. My hands are shaking and I begin to rush to get his buttons undone.

Caleb’s hands clasp my own and he pulls away keeping our lips close. “We have all night pups,” he says deeply. ”All night.”

A shaky breath escapes my lips and I nod up to him in return. Caleb’s’ hands are still covering my own and he attempts to help me undress him, keeping at a slow pace.

I help him pull off his shirt and my eyes admire his bare tattooed chest. I had never really seen his ink this up close with a chance to actually look at it. Caleb places my hands down flat onto his rock hard torso, he was thick and muscly and made me feel like a rag doll.

“I’m nervous,” I admit.

Caleb exhales a small quiet laugh. “I know,” he says as he looks into my eyes. His hands give mine a squeeze. “But we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

His words make me feel a lot calmer because I had no idea what sort of direction this was ending up in but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it or not.

“Okay,” I whisper.

Caleb takes my hands in his and places them onto his black belt, I slowly and calmly remove it along with his trousers.

He then guides me into the bathroom and he tells me to take off my boxers as he turns on the waterfall shower.

The water heats up as Caleb pulls me into him and presses me back gently into the titles. I retract slightly as my boiling skin is pressed against the cold wall.

Caleb’s hand finds my face and he gently flicks his thumb down my cheek and rests on my bottom lip. His eyes follow his actions, for once he actually looks happy which makes me shake.

His lips dip down to catch mine and he firmly presses me into the wall. His thick member pokes my stomach which only makes myself become hard.

Caleb’s hands move from my face and down my small body. He swirls his finger tips around my abdomen and I quiver under his touch, Caleb bites down on my lip.

My dick was stupidly hard at his touch but my nerves were almost uncontrollable. I was shaking like a leaf.

Caleb breaks away from me and looks me directly in the eye. “Can I touch you?” He asks.

I blink up to him, my throat closing. His facial expression softens as he noticed how my eyes flick between his rapidly. “I’ve—” I clear my throat. “I’ve never done anything like this before.” I admit as I quickly avoid eye contact with him.

Caleb raises his fingers to tilt up my chin, his eyes hold me captive. “I know,” he grunts down onto my lips, he sounds like the fact I’m inexperienced turns him on. How could that ever be seen as something good?

“Knowing that I will be the only person who touches you,” he says deeply.

My chest heaves at his words of subtle possessiveness.

“Can I?” He asks again slowly as his lips kiss my jaw, his right hand dancing along the skin above my dick.

I clamp my eyes shut and enjoy the sensation of his touch on me. “Yes,” I say quietly.

His hand moves lower until he wraps his fingers firmly around my member. A strained moan escapes from the back of my throat and I throw my head back against the tiles.

My cock twitches as he begins to move his large hand up and down my length. I have to grip onto his biceps to stop myself from collapsing on the floor, my knees were weak and I was burning with pleasure.

Caleb cups the side of my neck and begins to nip at the skin as his hand moves faster on me. My eyes build with water as I start to shake from the sensations. “F-Fuck Caleb,” I moan.

He hums into my neck and pumps me harder. “Is my pups gonna come for me?”

Holy fuck, he was going to kill me with that talk.

Shaky breaths escape my lips as he flicks his thumb over my sweet spot, hitting it perfectly with every movement.

“Oh God,” I groan out.

Caleb moves his lips up to my ear. “Answer me,” he demands.

A soft whimper leaves me at his words, everything about him made me weak. “Yes.” I pant out.

His grip on my dick increases as does his speed. “Then fucking come for me,” he says before kissing me.

I turn into a moaning mess as my orgasm hits me, my dick squirting my hot cum all over Caleb’s stomach.

I moan his name into his mouth over and over, my body shaking aggressively in his hold.

Caleb’s hand slows and I manage to catch my breath, my eyes are clamped shut as I attempt to recover from that explosion of pleasure.

Never had I imagined that it would feel that good.

He peppers kisses around my face gently and after a few moments he steps back into the water to wash my semen off his stomach.

Caleb washes his body and without saying another word he gets out the shower and into the room.

My heart races in my chest. Had I done something wrong?

I stay in the shower for a few moments before I turn off the water and grab a towel to dry my body then I wrap it around my waist.

When I walk into the room Caleb has his back to me and he’s fiddling with his trousers in his hands like he’s about to put them on.

A pang of anger erupts in my heart.

“Is this the part where you leave and pretend this never happened?” I ask harshly.

Caleb turns around to me instantly and drops the trousers onto the bed.

“Because if you are you’re a fucking piece of shit,” I say blinking back the tears that have gathered in my eyes.

He watches me and shakes his head, he takes two large steps forward. “No pups,” he says gently as he flicks his eyes between mine.

“Then why the sudden urge to get out of the shower, why were you sorting out your trousers like you’re putting them on to leave?” I ask as my anger gets the better of me.

He cups my face to calm me but my eyes burn. “I left the shower because I didn’t want you to think that you had to do anything to me and I needed to control myself,” he explains. “And I wasn’t going anywhere I was just folding my clothes. Pups, I wasn’t going to leave.”

I take in his words and look up at him. “I promise you,” he says quietly. “I know I’ve given you reasons to think like that from what I’ve done to you in the past, but I am trying. I am really trying to put this right.”

My shoulders relax at his words.

“Now will you get into bed with me so I can hold you properly for the first time?”

How could I fucking say no.

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