His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Fifteen

Neither Caleb or I wanted to leave each other this morning, it was tough.

Caleb kisses me long and hard before he opens up the taxi door that he ordered me. “I’ll see you soon pups,” he says softly as I slip into the back seat.

I smile at him as he closes the door behind me. “Goodbye Caleb,” I say as the taxi drives away.

My eyes instantly look down to my lap as I think about our night together, it was magical. Everything I have ever wanted with him, his whole attention given to me.

Before we left he asked if we could keep what happened to ourselves, of course his words hurt me but he explained he needed some time to sort stuff out. I presumed he meant with his dad and instead of arguing I decided to just accept it. Just as long as he didn’t go back to acting like I never existed then I could compromise.

He promised he would never treat me like he had before again and a part of me believed him. At the same time a part of me worried that he was easily going to slip back into his old ways.

I prayed in my head over and over that he wouldn’t because it might just kill me.

When the taxi pulls up outside our pack house, Caleb had already prepaid the journey which I was grateful for considering I never have any money.

I enter through the front door and I instantly hear a scurry from the kitchen out into the hall. Ava’s eyes notice me and she lets out a deep relieved sigh. Oh shit, I had completely forgotten about telling anyone where I was.

“Where in the world were you last night?!” Ava yells as she storms right up to me.

My voice gets caught in my throat as I watch her worried expression. “I tried mindlinking you but every time it just felt like it was being blocked! No one knew where you were. I was fucking worried si—” she stops directly in front of me and inhaled a deep breath.

She stares me directly in the eye. “You were with him,” she states. “Oh my God Evan, you absolutely reek of him.” Ava grabs my arm and pulls me into the downstairs bathroom.

Once the door is shut she stands in front of me with her hands on her hips, she’s giving me that look.

“So you were with Caleb and didn’t even have the decency to let me know you were okay?” Ava’s eyebrow flexes.

“I’m sorry,” I say sincerely. “I was just distracted, I never meant to worry you.”

Ava chews the inside of her mouth and narrows her eyes at me. “You need to wash right now if you don’t want anyone to smell you,” she points an accusing finger at me.

I nod. “I will,”

“So?” Ava says.

“So?” I repeat.

She sighs at me. “So what the hell happened between you two?”

I shrug at her. “We stayed the night together, he admitted how wrong he’s been towards me and he wants to work on things. But it still needs to be kept a secret.”

Ava watches me for a few moments. “Are you okay with that?”

I shrug again. “He showed me a side to him I’ve never seen, he was so loving and gentle. He held me close to his chest all night, like he was scared I was going to be ripped from him at any second. It felt like magic.”

I notice Ava’s lips cave as she smiles at my words. “I still want you to be careful around him though, after everything he’s done you shouldn’t just jump into letting your walls down. Let him earn it.”

“I will,” I say quietly.

Ava’s hand reaches over to me to ruffle my hair. “Now go wash you dirty stop out.” A laugh leaves her lips and I push her hand away and smile.

“Thanks for being cool with all this Ava,” I tell her.

She stops before opening the door. “Of course I’ll be cool with it, just as long as you don’t get yourself hurt or you let Caleb treat you like shit. Then I will go and castrate him.” Her face looks at me seriously.

I crack a laugh and eventually Ava does too as she shuts the door behind her.

A sigh leaves my lips as I turn on the shower and remove my clothes. I bring my shirt up to my nose and inhale, Caleb’s smell buzzing around my head.

My wolf whines at his scent, I missed him so damn much already. Anxiety builds up inside me as I think about the next time I’m going to see him around other people.

I quickly step into the shower and attempt to push away my negative thoughts. Nothing has happened yet so I cannot just presume. I was going to try and be optimistic and believe his words.

. . .

Four days had passed and I hadn’t seen Caleb. Today was the day that we were going to be training together for the first time in ages. My body started to itch with worry and every time I thought about it my body seized up.

“Let’s go guys,” Jaxon shouts. “Caleb and his pack are meeting us by the stream.”

Even hearing his name made the hairs on my arms stand up. Ava’s eyes watch me carefully from the other side of the room, she offers me a supportive smile and I nod once back at her.

We all follow Jaxon to the stream, I keep myself to myself at the back and attempt to control my breathing.

Caleb’s scent almost hits me like a tonne of bricks, I spot him from afar as he laughs away with Felix. His arms are crossed over his chest with a fitted black t-shirt over his body, tight around his bulging biceps.

My mouth waters at the sight.

Caleb’s attention is turned towards Jaxon and the rest of us behind him. He grins instantly in Jaxon’s direction and steps forward to greet him.

His eyes look everywhere else but me.

My hands are clasped together and I find myself picking at the skin around my nails. My heart was beating harshly in my chest, having to open my mouth to take deeper breaths.

My eyes never leave his but he was too busy talking to Jaxon and Kayden. I wasn’t expecting him to run up to me and hug me but at least an acknowledgement that I was here. That is all I wanted.

Jaxon announces that today we are going to train in our human forms instead of shifting because we need to get our natural body strength up.

Wow, this day just gets better and better.

I am a lot weaker in human form and it is embarrassing.

When Jaxon stops talking I turn my attention back to Caleb again. His eyes are darted down to the floor, I feel anger begin to rise inside me.

I wanted nothing more than to mindlink him saying ”why won’t you look at me you coward.” But realistically I’m the coward and would never say that.

Caleb gives us the head start for once and before Jaxon had even moved, I darted off through the trees and away from them.

Blood rushes through my ears and I push myself the furthest I have ever pushed myself and run to the edge of our territory.

I stop by a tree and press my palm against the bark. Taking in deep breaths to stop myself from throwing up all over the floor.

After a few moments I start walking around the perimeter. I didn’t even want to bother training, not when I was feeling like this. My head was all over the place and I wanted nothing more than to tuck myself up in bed and have my subconscious tell me, ‘I told you so.’

My feet carry me for what feels like years. I was so engrossed into my own thoughts that I don’t even feel the presence of someone behind me. My waist is grabbed and a shriek leaves my lips.

Gasoline is around me in an instant, my heart races in my chest.

My back is pinned up against the nearest tree as Caleb towers over me, his eyes dark and heavy.

I gulp as I look up to him.

“You know I don’t appreciate you calling me a coward,” He says, his voice hard and unimpressed.

Oh shit.

“If we were anywhere but here right now you best believe that your ass would be so fucking red, you wouldn’t be able to sit for a month.” He breathes down towards me, his eyes full of dominance.

I let out a shaky breath, my dick hardens at his words. “Then why didn’t you look at me,” I say after a few moments.

Caleb rests his forehead down onto mine. “Your arousal pups is the strongest it has ever been, if I looked at you I don’t think I could have contained myself.”

My eyes flick between his. “That’s the reason?” I question.

Caleb nods and slowly pecks my lips. He hums softly against me, “Oh God, I’ve missed you.”

My wolf whimpers at his words, my core tightens even more. How was I so turned on by just being around him?

Caleb’s lips graze my jaw. “I missed you too,” I pant out as his hand sinks lower down my body.

His hand grips my member over my sweatpants, I throb against his hand. A deep moan erupts from the back of my throat as he continues to palms me.

Caleb’s lips rim my ear, his breath tickling my skin. “So fucking hard for me,” he grunts sounding satisfied.

“Caleb,” I whimper as I clamp my eyes shut.

After a few moments his hand slows and he pulls away from me. I look up to him almost disappointed. I was stupidly turned on and now he was just going to leave me with this erection.

His hand comes up to the side of my face as he gently caresses my skin. “When are we going to see each other properly again?” I ask desperately.

Caleb’s green eyes soften at my words. “We’ll work something out soon,”

“Soon?” I clarify. “That could be two weeks from now for all I know.”

“Calm pups, calm,” he tells me, he brings his lips up to mine and kisses me a few times. “We have so much time.”

His words make my heart skip a beat and my whole body shudder.

“But I want to be with you now,” I mumble.

Caleb’s forehead comes down onto mine again and he closes his eyes and sighs in frustration. “I want you too but this needs to be done right, at the right time. Please just trust me on this.”

My eyes stare back at him and eventually I nod.

He kisses me one last time and I enjoy the feeling of him against my lips.

“I’ll catch you later,” he says as he steps away from me slightly and as he does he brushes his hand over my semi.

I almost flinch at his touch, Caleb smirks at me which makes my heart flutter.

I watch as he turns from me and walks through the trees. My member was throbbing from being touched and having no release.

Safe to say that I was going to have to do something about this later.

How on Earth was I going to train now?

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