His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Sixteen

When we finished training and finally got back to the pack house it was late. Everyone was shattered and quickly dispersed to bed.

I was more than glad because I was so unbelievably turned on and I couldn’t think of anything else than Caleb and his damn hands. My mind was constantly thinking of him, his words, his body, his touch.

I wanted nothing more than for him to be here right now and do unspeakable things to me. Dirty unspeakable things.

My member becomes hard again as I think about him, I needed to sort myself in one way or another. My body was aching for him, aching for a release.

My hands slowly remove my clothes as I imagine Caleb’s body in my mind. His tattoos appear in my head, along with his toned strong body. The thought of his firm hands gliding across my skin, touching my most sensitive areas.

I almost whine as I close my eyes temporarily and feel blood rush around my body aggressively.

When my clothes are removed I find myself coating my fingers in Vaseline and sliding onto my knees with my head pressed down to the bed.

Before I can even think about what I’m doing I push two fingers into my hole, my body buckles as I slowly push them all the way in. A soft whimper escapes my lips and all I can imagine is Caleb’s fingers doing this to me.

“Fuck,” I mumble into my bedsheets as I pick up my pace and clamp my eyes shut.

My heart was racing inside my chest, my level of horniness increasing every second making it hard for me to breath.

I manage to press my fingers down into my prostate but they weren’t big enough to satisfy me properly. I whine again and continue to plow my fingers inside my ass. My dick was rock solid, my tip occasionally brushing the fabric of my sheets.

Everything was sensitive and God I felt like I was about to explode any given second.

Pups. Oh God his voice. You. Are. Killing. Me.

I whimper at his voice, that husky deep voice.

Your arousal is destroying me, please take a cold shower or something.

How was he turning me on even more?

A moan in my head as my fingers continue to move in and out of me, the sound of his voice making me want to bring myself to the edge even more.

Are you touching yourself?! His voice was angry.

I moan again. Yes. I can’t help myself, I couldn’t hide it from him.

A growl ripples through our mindlink, I could almost hear his heavy breathing. Stop touching yourself.

I ignore his demands and instead pick up my pace, I was so damn close and I needed this release. I fucking needed it.

Don’t fucking ignore me Evan.

He called me Evan, shit. He’s definitely not impressed. But instead of giving in to him, I decided to play with him.

If you want me to stop... I pant. Come make me.

My other hand wraps around my member and I begin to pump myself. “Oh God,” I moan aloud.

Caleb doesn’t reply, instead I just hear dead silence. I relax back down and focus on my pleasure. My fingers gently pushing into my prostate, my hand firmly around my dick.

I bring myself to the very edge after a few minutes.

Then I hear his voice behind me. “Remove your fingers from your hole,” the tone of his voice sounded like he didn’t want to be tested right now. My whole body shudders at his voice that sounds like absolute sex.

My head was still down buried into the sheets, I hadn’t even seen his face yet and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to.

“I said remove your goddamn fingers,” he shouts harshly.

My fingers slip out of my hole and I place my hand down onto the bed, removing my other hand from my cock.

I twist my head around and my eyes find Caleb’s as he stands directly behind me, his eyes are dark and burning with passion and fury.

One of his hands comes up to grip my ass cheek tightly before he smacks his hand down onto my skin harshly. My legs shake and an inhuman sound leaves my throat.

He spanks me again and grips the back of my hair with his fingers, yanking my head back. His lips touch the outside of my ear. “You don’t touch what’s mine, do you understand?” He growls.

I whimper and close my eyes.

My ass is smacked again but this time twice as hard. “Fuck,” I curse under my uneven breath.

“I said do you understand?!”

“Yes,” I breathe out before he throws my head back down to the bed.

“Spread your cheeks,” he demands.

My hands instantly come up to my cheeks and I pull them apart with my fingers.

Caleb hums approvingly behind me which makes me shiver. His hand smooths over the skin on the backs of my thighs, goosebumps rise. Fire spreads across my skin as he touches me gently. He places his thumb on the rim of my hole and my throat clenches. “Mmm so fucking perfect,” Caleb mumbles as he circles his thumb around the surface area, my body jittering at his touch.

Perfect? My heart was about to explode.

“Is this what you wanted?” Caleb asks before his fingers slip into me.

I gasp instantly. They were so big and thick compared to mine, filling me completely. My eyes water as he pumps in and out slowly but deep enough to completely push down onto my prostrate. Pleasure stretches across every inch of my body, shaking with pleasure instantly.

“Holy fuck,” I moan. My fingers clenching the skin around my cheeks. “Caleb,” my lips part.

“Mmm,” Caleb hums as his fingers move quicker. “That’s it, moan my fucking name.” He says gruffly.

As his long fingers massage my g-spot over and over I become a moaning mess. Never had I been close to coming hands free, my cock was pulsating.

“Caleb,” I strain out. I was so close. “I’m gonna come.”

His fingers are ripped from me in a second and I almost scream out. He slaps my ass so hard that I can feel blood rise to the surface instantly. A yelp strains from my throat and even though it hurt, it made me hole throb for more.

He pulls my head up harshly and clamps his hand around my throat. His back pressed into me and I could feel his hard on through his pants.

Caleb’s lips graze the side of my face as he tightens his grip round my throat. “You don’t get to come until I tell you to,” his voice is assertive and harsh.

I purse my lips and nod.

“You even think about coming before I say so, I’ll tie you to the bed and make you come over and over until you learn your lesson. You got that pups?” I can see out the corner of my eye as Caleb watches me intently.

I nod again. “Yes,” I whimper.

“Good,” he says before biting down on my earlobe and releasing my throat.

He grips my waist and pulls me up to him, before I know it he’s carrying me to the shower. He turns on the cold tap and shoves me under the freezing cold water.

My skin sizzles against the droplets and Caleb stands in front of me undressing.

I watch his every move unable to stop or look away, I was completely captivated by him.

Once he was fully undressed he steps into the cold shower with me, completely unbothered by the temperature.

He grips me by the throat and pushes me into the wall. His eyes were so dark and lustful that I almost melted into a puddle beneath us.

Caleb’s eyes were dangerous, the look that made me think I was wrong to challenge him. He presses his lips to mine in a strong passionate kiss, he claims my bottom lip and bites down so hard that my lip splits.

A shooting pain goes through my face until Caleb gently sucks on my bottom lip, licking away my blood.

I look back at him shocked and startled. His lips then make their way down my jaw and to my neck, he nips and bites at my skin causing me to become hot again.

Caleb grazes his teeth against the bottom of my neck. “Mmm,” he hums against me as he sucks on my sensitive spot. I pant out short breaths as he tilts my head to the side for better access. “I would mark you right here.” His canines press firmly onto my skin but not enough to pierce it.

My eyes are clamped shut in pleasure, my cock throbbing uncontrollably.

Caleb levels with my eyes before kissing my lips again. He grabs my cock and squeezes it firmly, a deep groan erupting from my throat.

He pumps me hard and fast, my fingernails dig into the tiles on the wall behind me. His thumb occasionally flicks over my sweet spot and I almost collapse.

“Caleb,” I say as he brings his lips down to mine but he doesn’t kiss me. “I’m close,”

Caleb’s jaw ticks as I say these words and he grips me tighter earning a moan from me. “Do. Not. Come.” He tells me darkly.

I whimper and stare back into his intimidating eyes. “Caleb,” I whimper, my eyes feeling vulnerable against his. My stomach was clenching every muscle possible to not push myself over the edge.

He doesn’t slow once, my heart felt like it was going to explode. I didn’t think I could hold on much longer.

Throwing my head back against the wall, my eyes shut tightly as I try to focus on not squirting my cum all over Caleb’s body. “Look at me pups,” Caleb demands.

My lips tremble as do my legs. When I open my eyes again Caleb’s are watching me closely. “Caleb I can’t, I ca—”

“You do not come without my permission or I will punish you.” His hand slows down.

I’m panting like no other, my whole body felt like it was cramping up as I attempt to stop myself from exploding.

Caleb’s lips meet mine again, he nips me gently. “These lips are mine,”

He grips my member harder and moves impossibly quicker, holy fuck I was so close. “This cock is mine,”

“Caleb,” tears gather in my eyes.

“Tell me that you understand,” he kisses my lips.

“Caleb,” I screw my eyes shut. God I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Tell. Me.” He demands as he clasps my throat again, roughly pushing me into the wall.

“I understand, fuck I understand.” I rush, the words barely making sense.


The second the words leave his mouth my cum shoots all over him. My mouth hangs open as I moan aloud Caleb’s name, my orgasm hitting me like a wave of euphoria. I tingle everywhere, my legs shake roughly.

Caleb leans forward and rests his lips next to my ear. “You challenge me like that again and I won’t let you off so lightly.” My body shudders at his words.

He pulls away and looks down at me. I watch as his eyes scan over every inch of my face, his hand comes up to rest on the side of my face. His thumb moves down to my bottom lip and he pulls down lightly. A small smile forms on his face as he looks at me.

“What?” I question up him, flicking my eyes between his.

Caleb’s smile stretches further as he pulls down on my lip again. His eyes find mine and he looks deep into my soul before letting out a satisfied sigh. “Perfect,” he whispers.

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