His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Seventeen

When I finally get out the shower and back into my room, Caleb is stood in nothing but his boxers as he towel dries his hair.

My feet take small steps towards him as I grip at his wrist gently. His eyes instantly look at mine and he quickly reads my face. “What’s wrong pups?” He questions.

Chewing on my lip slightly as I bring myself to say what I wanted to say. “Can you stay?” I ask quietly.

Caleb’s green eyes flick between mine, a deep sigh escapes his lips. He leans down slightly so that his forehead can rest on mine. “I can’t stay but I can lay with you for a bit.”

My lips frown instantly.

“Hey,” Caleb cups my face as he watches my expression. “I promise that this will all work itself out in the end.”

I hold his stare and nod. He leans forwards and presses his lips to mine softly, I instantly melt into him as I feel his touch on me. My whole body erupting into butterflies, this feeling was like no other.

I gently pull away and look up to Caleb. “Can we cuddle now?” I ask innocently.

Caleb grins at my words and nods back to me. That smile was enough to completely knock me off my feet, I did not see it enough. “We can do whatever you want baby,” his thumb swipes across my cheek slowly.

My heart lurches forward in my chest, his soft touch was enough to set my whole body on fire and I wanted more.

I walk to my bed after a few moments and Caleb follows closely behind me, we slip beneath the covers and within an instant I am in his arms.

His large hand rests on the back of my head as he pulls me into his neck. I inhale his scent instantly feeling at home, God I never wanted him to leave. I wanted to be with him all the time.

As I lay my head down onto his chest and listen to his heart beating, I couldn’t help but clutch him tighter to me. Caleb’s hand runs up and down my bare back and I can feel my skin cover in goosebumps.

“Can I ask you something Caleb?” I question as I shuffle my head towards his face.

His chest exhales a heavy sigh as his hand continues to trace my skin. “I think I know what you’re going to ask,” he says quietly.

I lean up properly and rest on my elbows next to Caleb’s chest. His eyes watch me carefully as I put my head down onto my fist. “I wanna talk about your dad,”

Caleb lets out a sharp breath through his nose and closes his eyes briefly. “I knew this was coming.”

“I’m just curious and I get you obviously find it hard to talk about,” I say quietly. “You don’t have to talk about it with me but if you want to, I am here to listen.”

“It’s just easier to keep it bottled up.” He lets out which catches me by surprise. “So what do you want to know?”

“Everything,” I say quickly. “Whatever you’re willing to share.”

Caleb half smiles at me. “Okay,”

I swallow harshly as I patiently wait for him to talk.

“My dad and I have never really got along. My mom was out of the picture since I was young, I barely remember her to be honest,” Caleb starts, my hand slides across his torso comfortingly.

“I’m not entirely sure how she died but I’ve heard some horrible rumours that my dad allowed her to die, he didn’t protect her or something.” He shrugs. “But my brother Kyle, my dad absolutely adored him and he absolutely hated me.”

I frown at his words. “I don’t know what it was about my brother that made my dad infatuated with him, maybe the fact he was older, stronger than me.” A jagged sigh escapes his lips and I can tell that this is hard for him to talk about. “I dunno but everything I did was never as good as Kyle.”

“Don’t get me wrong I loved my brother, I loved him to bits but when he died my dad completely took it out on me. Kyle drowned whilst trying to save one of my dads pack members. Ever since, my dad looks at me and thinks ‘worthless’.” My eyes watch as Caleb’s face falls as he speaks, I wouldn’t want him to ever believe his dads bullshit words.

Sadness flows into my body just like that time his dad came to his pack house and showed him up in front of everyone. Caleb was never one to show his emotions, so for me to feel them inside my body was something that made me feel so connected to him.

“After my brother died I kind of hated him because of what my dad would say to me, I used to wish I was the one to die instead so I didn’t have to suffer his stupid emotional abuse constantly.” Caleb’s eyebrows are pulled into an angry frown as he talks.

I reach up to gently cup the side of his jaw and run my thumb up and down his skin. He turns to look at me after a few moments. “Your dad is a piece of shit and you don’t deserve that.” I say harshly.

Caleb nods at me. “I know,” he says quietly as his eyes fall down to his body, avoiding my gaze.

“He’s dangerous and he’s not afraid to do whatever he wants, I’m convinced that if I crossed a line with him that he would kill me. He has no remorse, he has no emotions, he’s an evil man that has too much power and it terrifies me.” Caleb’s are still focused on his stomach and I can almost see them glisten with tears. I watch him for a few moments before he purses his lips. “I just have to pretend that everything is fine between us because he’s such a fucking asshole that he could ruin my whole life.”

“Is that why you don’t want to tell him about us?” I ask softly.

Caleb nods and nods. “I have no idea what he’d do if he found out that I was gay or if he knew that we are mates. I’m not ready to find out and I know I should stand up to him but if I can have you to myself now in peace then I’m going to keep it that way.”

“Okay,” I say. “I can respect that. Thank you for telling me.”

Caleb smiles towards me but I can tell it’s not a happy smile, his brain is working over time thinking about everything he’s just said to me.

“We really do have a lot more in common than I thought,” I comment. “I feel like we understand each other, each other’s pain and our experiences.”

“You’re right pups,” Caleb leans forward and kisses my lips. “You’re so right and I’m so glad that I have you.”

“Me too,” I hum against his soft plump lips.

“That girl you saw me with at my dads function,” his eyes stare right into mine.

“Yeah?” My voice dips.

“She’s just another one of my dads experiments,” Caleb explains, his eyes roll subtly.

“What do you mean?” I ask confused.

Caleb’s hand comes up to the back of my head as he traces small circles with the tips of his fingers. “He feels like I’m getting on now and that I’m not going to find my mate, so he’s been trying to set me up with these blonde bimbos for ages. He keeps talking about marriage and kids and I just can’t deal with it.”

His words hurt me. The thought of him with someone else kills me.

“Well at least he got the blonde bit right,” I say casually as I try to lighten the mood.

Caleb’s eyes zero on in mine and eventually he cracks a smile. “You’re such an idiot,” he says as he leans forward to kiss me.

I smile happily against him.

Caleb gazes down at my lips lustfully before he flicks them up to my eyes, I quickly take a shallow breath as I will never get used to him looking at me like that.

“Will you tell me about your paintings and drawings?” I question curiously.

Caleb’s eyes almost light up when I speak, a genuine smile covers his lips and it makes my stomach flip. “Of course, what do you want to know?”

“When did you start drawing?”

Caleb sucks his lip in between his teeth for a brief moment before speaking. “When I was young, very young. My mind has always run constantly and it was a way for me to get out my thoughts.”

“What kind of thoughts?” My hand comes up to trace the ink on Caleb’s collar bone.

Caleb’s chest bounces as he lets out a hollow sigh. “Ever since I can remember I’ve had these dreams that can sometimes predict the future,”

My eyebrows raise instantly. “What?” I say in shock.

Caleb nods. “My brain is so overactive, I can sometimes see what’s going to happen in my life, to myself and to other people. If I don’t change the path in my real life, what I’ve dreamt can sometimes be the outcome.” His lips twitch into a half smile.

“That’s fucking crazy,” my voice was laced with disbelief. “What kind of things have you seen?”

“When I was six I remember dreaming about something happening to my mom, I remember hearing her voice. She was screaming for help but the sounds were muffled, like she was being suffocated. A week later she died.” Caleb chews the inside of his cheek.

“Caleb I’m so sorry,” I frown as I move to trace my finger along his cheek bone.

“I dreamt about so many things when my dad was Alpha of the pack, when my brother was Alpha of the pack. In the next few days, those things began to happen. I forgot what was real and what wasn’t. But that’s when I realised that the only things I ever dreamt about were sinister things.” Caleb’s voice falls quiet.

I push my finger into his cheek so that he turns to look at me. “That’s why I draw to remember what I’ve seen, that painting you saw in my room. The half wolf, half woman?”

I nod instantly remember being completely blown away by it.

“That was my mom and her wolf, well what I can remember of her anyway,”

“You’re so talented you know that?” I tell him as I quickly steal a kiss from his lips.

“I know,” Caleb grins against me as he pulls me closer to him by cupping my face. “You told me before.”

I can feel my cheeks turn pink, Caleb chuckles against me. “Oh pups you are too precious.”

Pulling back I begin to gape at him. “I am not precious,” I shake my head.

Caleb continues to grin and attempts to pull me back to him. I take his hands and push them back towards him playfully.

“Yes you are,” Caleb says.

“No I am not,” I say as I get up onto my knees and attempt to push Caleb’s hands away again.

“Don’t fight me,” he smirks as he wraps his arms around my small waist and pulls me down onto him, my legs resting on either side of his.

Our lips collide and his hands cover every inch of my skin.

My hips grind down onto his, our cocks rubbing together between the thin fabric of our boxers.

Caleb groans into my mouth and kisses me deeper. His hard on bashes me and I cannot resist to slide my hand between our bodies and grip him outside his boxers.

“Oh fuck,” he curses against my lips as he grips my ass.

My dick throbs at the sound of his moaning voice, God I had been waiting for this for so long.

After stroking him, I eventually slip my hand under his boxers and pump his enormous, thick length.

“Fuck,” he mumbles against me and kisses me harder.

I move quicker and firmer and it doesn’t take long until Caleb is shaking.

He grunts and pulls down on the back of my neck. “S-Shit pups,” he curses as long strings of cum shoot from his dick that coat my hand and his stomach.

I carry on until he finally calms down. A sense of pride covers my body considering I have never made anyone come in my life.

Caleb pants into my mouth and strokes down the back of my hair. He smiles against me. “Oh you never fail to amaze me,”

I can’t help but smile and I kiss around his lips and up his jaw.

“I wish you could stay,” I say between kisses.

“Me too baby, me too.”

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