His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Eighteen

“Pups I gotta go,” Caleb sighs as he rubs his hand up and down my forearm slowly.

My heart shatters instantly, I didn’t want to let him go. I physically couldn’t. So instead I gripped onto him tightly.

“Evan,” Caleb says softly as he kisses the top of my head. “You’ve got to let me go.”

I frown and reluctantly let go of him. Caleb slips from beside me and stands up from the bed, he begins to get dressed.

My eyes watch him, trying to soak in every little thing about him before he disappears.

When he turns back around and looks at me, his eyes are almost unreadable as he scans my face.

“Please don’t look at me like that,” Caleb says, his voice sounds sad.

My lips frown even more, my heart was aching. The thought of him leaving and not knowing when I was going to have some alone time with him was making our bond throb in pain. A million thoughts run across my mind, the more time we’ve spent together the more our connection builds and the harder it is to leave each other.

“Come here,” Caleb tells me as he holds his hands out to me. I instantly take them and he pulls me off the bed and into his arms, my feet coming straight off the floor as he wraps his arms around my torso.

Deeply inhaling his scent, I sigh heavily into his chest. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to cope with you leaving this time,” I say honestly into his skin, stupid tears form in my eyes.

“Don’t say that, you’ll see me again soon. Very soon.” Caleb whispers into my ear. He eventually puts me back down onto the floor and pulls away from our hug. His hands instantly find my face and he cups my cheeks.

“It hurts already Caleb, I hate it. You’re my mate I want to see you all the time, when I want and I know it can’t be like that,” I sniffle and look up into Caleb’s green eyes. “But I just, feel like can’t cope when you’re not here. It’s like you’re ripped away from me and I worry that things are going to just go back to square one again.”

Caleb’s brows furrow at my words. “Back to square one?” He repeats.

“When you despised me, when you thought absolutely nothing of me. I’m scared that if we keep our distant too much that you’re going to go off me, or maybe you’ll realise that I’m not shit.” A single tear drips down my cheek and Caleb instantly wipes it away.

He shakes his head rapidly. “That is never going to happen pups. I am such a fucking idiot for the things I did and said to you. I am absolutely infatuated with you, if I had it my way we’d be with each other all the damn time. I’d wake up in my bed next to this gorgeous face.” Caleb swipes his thumb across my cheekbone gently.

“But with everything I told you earlier, I need time to work up to telling my dad and letting everyone in my pack know.”

I nod feeling selfish. He’s obviously scared for a reason and who am I to question that?

“And besides, the sneaking around is kind of fun. Trust me when I say we’re going to be sneaking around during training.” He smiles at me as he looks down to my lips.

My heart pangs in my chest.

“When will I be alone with you next?” I ask quietly.

Caleb leans down to quickly steal a kiss from my lips. “Well funny you say that, this Saturday I actually planned a retreat away for my pack but I’m going to bail last minute and tell them I’ve got to see my dad or something.”

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. “Why are you bailing on them?”

Caleb grins at me. “To spend the time with you silly.”

“Oh,” my face relaxes.

“You can come round, I’ll cook you dinner. I get to have you in my bed.” He rests his forehead down onto mine and let’s out a soft grunt in satisfaction.

“Won’t your pack be mad?” I question, my voice dipping in guilt.

He shakes his head. “Will be the perfect opportunity for Felix to step up and have some time with the pack alone, it’ll be good for them.”

“That sounds amazing,” I say after a few moments, a smile quickly appearing on my lips.

Caleb’s eyes scan my face before he looks at my lips. “Mmm you’re so gorgeous,” he says quietly before kissing my lips. “I fucking love it when you smile.”

His eyes examine my lips, his finger gently pressing down onto my bottom lip and pulls it slightly.

“What?” I question.

Caleb smirks. “I’ve been imagining what these lips would look like wrapped around my cock.”

My eyes widen at Caleb’s words, my skin becoming hot and my heart was racing inside my chest.

He watches my expression and a soft chuckle escapes his lips. “You are too precious,” he smiles before dipping his head down to catch my lips one last time.

“I really gotta go now,” he mumbles against my lips. I instantly nod towards him and Caleb drops me from his hold.

He wanders over to my window and slides it up, he gives me one last glance before jumping out of the window.

My body hurts the second he’s gone.

. . .

Getting to sleep that night was hard, I had the worst broken sleep. My mind was constantly running with thoughts of being with him, remembering how warm my bed felt with him in it.

The morning soon rolls around and I drag my limp body to the shower, remembering what Ava told me about not having his scent completely covering every inch of me.

After my quick shower I pull on some comfy clothes and exit my room. Just as I’m about to reach the stares, Sam emerges from his room. He sees me and within a second a devilish smile stretches across his lips.

My eyebrows furrow in his direction. He stalks towards me and I stop dead in my tracks.

“Have some fun last night did you?” Sam taunts me.

My blood runs cold, oh God. Had he heard us?

I shrug and put on a brave face. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I attempt to say as confidently as possible.

“What? Don’t you remember something like this. ‘Oh Caleb! Oh Caleb!’” Sam exaggerates my voice.

I felt sick. He fucking knew.

Sam then laughs at my face. “Let’s be serious Evan. Caleb wouldn’t go for anyone like you, he’s probably not even gay.”

I tilt my head towards him. Now I was even more confused.

“I feel like you need to stomp on this little crush you have on Caleb. Tossing yourself off thinking about him? Moaning his name? That’s a bit fucking weird to me.” Sam looks at me with a glint of satisfaction in his eye.

My eyes flick between his quickly. “Leave me alone,” I mumble before pushing past him.

As I walk down the stairs I can hear Sam chuckle behind me. I sigh a sigh of relief, he doesn’t know. But a part of me was hurt by his words.

Caleb wouldn’t go for anyone like you.

His words mean nothing Evan. I think to myself in my head. He’s nothing. Caleb likes you. Caleb wants you. You need to believe that.

When I get downstairs and walk into the kitchen Kayleigh is sat at the island, tapping away at her laptop.

“Good morning Evan,” she smiles the second she sees me.

“Hey Kayleigh,” I reply as I open the fridge and take out the orange juice. “Are you working?”

Kayleigh hums back at me. “Yeah just a little research.”

“Where is everyone?” I ask as I pour myself a glass and walk towards the island.

“Not sure, probably out doing wolf things,” she glances up to me and smiles.

I smile back. “Probably,”

We sit in silence for a few moments. There was something itching on my mind.

“Kayleigh can I ask you something?” I question quietly.

She looks up from her laptop and rests her elbows on the edge of the island. “Sure thing, what’s up?”

“I realise this is embarrassing but there’s no way I could ask Ava and look at Jaxon the same,” I say as I shake my head trying to get the thought to leave my mind.

“What is it?” She asks curiously.

“How do you—” I clear my throat. “How do you give someone head?” My cheeks burn red the second the words leave my mouth.

She flexes an eyebrow at me. “You seeing someone now?”

I shrug half heartedly. “I guess,”

“Do you trust this person?” She narrows an eye at me.

I nod.

“You know you shouldn’t have to make yourself do things if you’re not ready you know? That’s perfectly fine too.” Her voice sounds so sincere that it makes me almost smile, she was worried about me.

“I know, but I think I’m ready and I don’t want to seem like an absolute amateur because I have no experience in that area.” I let out.

Kayleigh chews the inside of her mouth before nodding. “Okay,” she says as she slaps the kitchen counter and stands up.

I watch her as she walks to the fruit bowl and picks up two large bananas.

“Well there’s no point trying to explain it to you, you might as well practice,” she says as she passes me one of the bananas.

I look at it in my hand feeling more clueless than ever. This is going to be beyond embarrassing.

“First of all, what’s your gag reflex like?” Kayleigh asks.

I shrug. “I have no idea.” I say honestly.

“Okay, well people seem to think that giving head is all about how far down your throat you can get a cock. But really it’s not. Sure guys like that but they also like the tip being sucked and a little bit of action with the hand.” She explains and I nod at her words.

“So first lets just try see how far you can get it into your mouth without gagging,” Kayleigh’s eyes look at me intently.

“Do it with me,” I beg.

Kayleigh smiles. “Fine,”

She slowly slips the banana into her mouth and soon the only thing that is sticking out is the stalk.

Well fuck.

She draws it out of her mouth. “Your turn,”

I hesitantly raise the banana up to my mouth and gently place the end on my tongue. Then I slowly slide it back and before I know it I’m choking the fuck up.

“Jesus, how do you do that?” I say as I almost retch again.

Kayleigh laughs. “Years of practice,”

“Oh my God,” I say as my eyes water.

“What you should do when you brush your teeth when you wake up or go to bed. Gently just push the toothbrush into the back of your throat, little by little. Soon you’ll become used to it.” Kayleigh shrugs like it’s nothing.

I just stare back at her dumbfounded.

“Okay, what you need to do is tease the tip like this,” she wraps her lips around the end of the banana and gently sucks. “Do the same.”

I place the banana on my lips and attempt to copy what she was doing.

“Then when you’re comfortable enough, slowly bop your head lower and lower.” She explains before pushing the banana into her mouth.

I instantly copy.

Her hand slowly pushes the banana to the back of her throat again.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?” A voice behind us almost makes me yell.

My head whips round to see Kayden standing in the doorway with an extremely confused look on his face.

Kayleigh pulls the banana out of her mouth and smiles. “Teaching Evan how to suck dick,”

“Kayleigh!” I shout as my cheeks burn so much that they hurt.

Kayden lets out a puff of air from his cheeks like he’s shocked at the situation. His arms cross his chest before shaking his head, a small smile playing on his lips. “Well you’re learning from the best Evan, I can give you that.”

Kayleigh lets out a quiet chuckle.

“I’ll leave you guys to your... workshop.” Kayden’s eyebrows raise in our direction.

“Thanks babe,” Kayleigh yells out as he turns sharply to leave the kitchen. She turns back to me with bright eyes. “Right, where were we?”

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