His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Nineteen

Everyday I would wake up and somehow wish we had skipped all the days and it was Saturday. When I woke up today and realised that it was only Friday my heart sunk in my chest.

My face falls instantly as I press my hand to my chest and feel my heartbeat. Everything hurt, everything hurt so much to the point I was burning inside. It had only been two days since I saw Caleb but that’s was more than enough for me. I don’t think I could last any longer than this before my heart gave out.

In this time Caleb and I had been mindlinking occasionally but I knew how busy he was and that he never really got a lot of time to himself. Hearing his voice in my head sometimes relieved the pain but when silence filled my mind, sadness consumed my body.

Evan. Ava’s voice is in my head. Sorry if I woke you but we’re having a last minute training session with Caleb and his pack because they’re away this weekend.

My heart skips about ten beats when I hear his name. I have to attempt to stop my body from shaking as I think about the fact I’m going to see him today. What sticks in my mind is when he told me he would be sneaking kisses with me at training. That was enough to kill me altogether.

Okay, what time? I question as I throw off my bed covers and jump into the shower quickly.

In about half an hour, that good?

Sure, see you downstairs then.

Once I was showered and dressed, I sit in front of the mirror in my room and look at myself. My blonde curly hair was flopped partially over my right eye, I attempt to run my fingers through it to make it look appealing but it was pointless.

My eyes bore into my own blue ones as I stare back at myself.

Caleb said that I was gorgeous. That this face was gorgeous.

If only I could believe it.

We’re ready to go now. Ava’s voice pops into my head again.

Instantly picking myself up from the floor and taking myself downstairs. There’s loud chatter in the kitchen, when I enter the room I see Ava first. She smiles at me and taps Jaxon next to her that we’re all ready to go.

I follow everyone else out the back door, Sam catches my eye on the way out. He smirks at me and I just scowl at him back. I wasn’t going to take any shit from him anymore, I was done with letting people push me around.

As we walk through the woods, I keep to myself at the very back. Chatter fills the air as we approach our usual spot where we meet. I knew that Caleb’s pack was already there because his scent is stronger than ever, completely suffocating me. Taking a few deep breaths as I was finding it extremely hard to breathe.

I see through the gaps of the people in front of me, Caleb standing at the other end. His arms are folded across his chest tightly as he watches us walk over. I could swear that he doesn’t once take his eyes off me but considering how far away we were, I passed it off as my eyes playing games on me.

But when we walked a bit closer Caleb’s eyes were set on mine like magnets. He’s not smiling but his eyes are smiling at me and it makes my insides turn warm. It’s not until Jaxon stands in front of him and gives him a warm welcome that he snaps his eyes away from me.

They talk for a few moments and in this time both of our packs greet each other.

Caleb’s eyes find mine again and I couldn’t take being under his gaze, it was killing me. When Jaxon begins to talk to everyone I slip behind someone at the back, I needed to be anywhere away from his gripping stare.

“We’re gonna train in our human forms again today,” Jaxon starts. “Caleb told me that our human strength is nowhere near as good as our wolf strength and we need to change this.”

“So what we are going to do is—” Jaxon trails off.

Please don’t hide from me. His voice sends shivers down my spine, I have to close my eyes as the pleasure was too much.

I sigh to myself and step left of the person in front of me ever so slightly. The corner of my eye meets Caleb’s. God dammit, why does he have to look at me like that?

Instantly looking down the second I see him.

Pups look at me. His voice was soft but demanding. I want to see those blue eyes.

Sucking my bottom lip into my mouth, I bite down onto my skin and look up to Caleb.

His green eyes soften when mine rest on his for longer than a few seconds. God I’ve missed looking at you. My heart aches as I listen to him in my head.

I’ve missed you full stop. I admit.

A small smile stretches onto Caleb’s lips. Jaxon is still talking until he grips Caleb’s shoulder and prompts him to talk, he has no idea what’s been said and looks up slightly startled.

I have to stop myself from letting a laugh escape my lips.

“Oh um yeah,” Caleb says before clearing his throat. “What Jaxon said.”

Jaxon isn’t even phased and continues talking but instead of Caleb looking back at me, his eyes watch Jaxon carefully.

“We’re gonna warm up and play our usual game, packs against packs. Then I’ve got something new for us to play that will test our endurance, stability and stamina.” Jaxon looks around and nods at all of us.

“This time my pack will get a head start, Caleb your pack can go after 30 seconds,” he says and Caleb nods back.

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” Jaxon yells as we all dart out through the trees in different directions.

I stick to what I know best, keeping to the edge of our territory. Caleb knows that that’s where I usually am so I wanted him to find me again. I wanted him to push me up against a tree and kiss the shit out of me.

Keeping myself to a calm run, I brush past the trees. For twenty minutes I don’t come across anyone not even Caleb, I begin to feel confused and run closer to the middle of our training ground.

Just as I begin to slow down I see someone run by me, when I turn my head in that direction I realise that it’s Sam. He sees me and stops in his tracks, I watch as he stalks towards me and I find myself routed to the spot.

“You really have no shame do you?” Sam bellows at me.

“What?” I reply as my face scrunches up at his hideous tone.

Sam lets out a small sarcastic laugh. “You completely ogling Caleb in front of everyone? Fucking at least respect the guy.”

My eyes turn into heavy slits as I listen to this bullshit leave his mouth.

“Caleb wouldn’t even look twice at you let alone be with you,” he snorts. My fists ball at my sides tightly, my fingernails digging into my palms harshly. “You are nothing. Absolutely nothing.”


The word triggers me instantly.


“It’s actually hilarious, you can dream on Evan. He’s not going to want some broken, ruined fucking kid.” Sams lips twitch up in an evil smile.

His words cut me deep but I push all the thoughts I have from my brother out of my head. I’m not going to let people walk all over me anymore.

“Have you got a problem with that Sam?” I tilt my head towards him.

Sam blinks like he’s shocked at my reply.

“Are you jealous or something?” I ask harshly.

Sams face hardens.

“Are you jealous about the fact that someone else fancies him?” I laugh coldly. “You see me as competition?”

His jaw ticks at my words, his body rattling in anger. “Shut your fucking mouth Evan,” he growls out to me.

He didn’t scare me, not one bit.

My lips twitch into a sickly smile. “Or even better,” I challenge as I step closer to him. “Maybe you’re jealous that I fancy him and not you?”

I barely have time to finish my sentence before Sam launches himself at me. My back hits the floor with a tough thud, my head hitting something extremely hard in the process. I hiss out in pain and watch as Sam draws his fist back. “You’re a piece of shit Evan,” he yells before punching me between my eyes.

I grunt as he draws back and punches me again. The feeling of blood trickles from my nose down to my lips and in my mouth, the taste of metal coating my lips.

“No one fucking wants you here, you’re just a stupid little boy with nowhere to go. You want the sympathy vote off everyone, well you’re not going to get it from me. I see through your stupid persona. You are nothing. No one is ever going to want you.” He snarls at me.

I grit my teeth with so much built up anger that I grip his shoulders and hurl him off me. Never have I had so much strength but no one talks to me like that. No one.

A strained shriek leaves Sams mouth as he hits the floor, I’m over to him in a second as I repeatedly kick him in the ribs. “Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” I yell with every kick.

I lean down to grip his hair with my hands before I slam his head down onto the floor. “You think that you know me?!” I shout in his face, spit flying from my lips. My body was shaking with rage. “You don’t know anything about me.”

Sams eyes look at mine, they’re dark and filled with what I could have sworn was envy.

He launches me over onto my back like I weigh a feather. My head colliding with the floor again, I wince as my head begins to pound painfully.

No way was I going to give up this easy. I push against his shoulders and we sprawl on the floor, not letting him punch me again.

“Boys, boys, boys!” I hear Jaxon yell viciously from behind us.

We are ripped from each other, Jaxon’s arms pulling me away instantly.

When I look up Caleb’s arms are wrapped around Sams body as he thrashes against him.

“What the hell is wrong with you two?” Jaxon shouts at me as he drops me from his grip and takes my wrist.

My eyes look up to Caleb whose face was unreadable. I gather the blood in my mouth and spit it out onto the floor beside me.

“Ask him!” Sam yells as he attempts to move in Caleb’s arms but he was going absolutely nowhere. “He’s the one who thinks he’s the absolute shit.”

I snap my head back around to Sam. “You’re the one who is talking shit at me!” I roar as I step towards him. Jaxon pulls me back straight away, I don’t even get close to him.

“Enough!” Jaxon demands as he uses his Alpha tone.

My hands come up to my face to wipe away the blood that is still trickling out of my nose.

What did he say to you? Caleb says in my mind.

I look back up to him and watch as his eyes train on me, there is a certain softness to them. Care is what I saw.

“You both need to cool off, training is done for today. Congrats you both ruined it.” Jaxon says coldly and I resist the urge to grit my teeth.

Pups. Caleb’s voice is louder. Tell me what he said.

Caleb still has his arm around Sams neck, I knew that if I told him what was said I’m sure that he would snap his neck in two in a heartbeat. As much as I hated Sam, I would never let that happen.

Nothing. I shoot back.

I wriggle away from Jaxon’s grip and turn to walk away from them.

A sharp pain builds in my head as I moved sharply. My hand finds the back of my head and is instantly coated in my blood when I bring them up to my eyes. I stop dead in my tracks as my eyesight begins to get heavy.

My vision is clouded with black spots, my knees buckle and before I know it my body has hit the ground.

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