His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Twenty Six

The last three weeks were hard for me. I was going to therapy twice a week and not once did it get easier.

Caleb stuck to his word and came with me to every session. Seeing his face straight after was enough to keep me going, his eyes would light up the second he saw me and if I had been crying he’d instantly kiss away my tears.

His dad had been around a lot so this was the perfect reasoning to get away from him and everyone, I wasn’t complaining but I wished it was because of different circumstances.

Hayley had given me some techniques to try when I have an episode or I have bad thoughts. I was going to try my hardest to keep to them because I was determined to get better. After a week she transferred me to a psychiatrist instead because she thought I might need medication which she couldn’t prescribe me.

So I moved onto Reece, talking to him was easier. He didn’t seem like he was patronising or that he knew better, it felt like he understood me. But instead of giving me techniques he gave me antidepressants. He prescribed me with 50mg of Zoloft a day and he talked me through the side effects.

I was hesitant at first but if it had even the slightest chance of getting me better then I wanted to try it.

By Thursday I had my last session of the week which meant the next time I was going to see Caleb properly would be next week. That was way too long for me, way too damn long.

After taking Zoloft for two weeks it had lifted my mood at points but others made my sexual desire go through the roof. I was constantly thinking of Caleb when I shouldn’t be but it was one of the only things that was making me feel positive.

On Sunday Zara and Felix invite a few of us round to their pack house for some dinner. I didn’t know if Caleb was going to be there or off out entertaining his demonic dad.

When we get to their pack house, my nose is instantly swarmed with his scent. Blood rushing to my member, God this was too much for me.

Zara had cooked spaghetti bolognese and started dishing up for everyone, she was too busy chatting away to Ava and Jaxon to notice me at this point. So I slipped away and up the stairs quietly.

As I tip toe through the hall, I poke my head round Caleb’s room that was ajar. My heart sinks as I take a look around and notice he’s not inside.

Turning out of his room I walk further down the hall until his scent gets stronger and stronger. I stop outside a dark wooden door and my eyes look through the crack in the side. Caleb’s standing with his back to the door and phone in hand, texting away with a concerned look on his face.

I slip inside and close the door behind me. Caleb jumps slightly and instantly turns around, his eyes watch me as I take a few long strides towards him. “Pups?” He says confused as I reach up and kiss him.

The urge to touch him, be close to him was killing me. Satisfaction races through my body as our lips touch. “Pups,” he mumbles against me again. He grabs my face with his hands and pulls away. “Is everything okay?” He questions as he analyses my face. A look of concern stretches across his eyebrows.

I nod and smile as I suck the bottom of my lip into my mouth. “Everything is perfect,” I whisper as I kiss him deeply.

Caleb holds onto the sides of my face tighter and kisses me back. He breaks away gently and pecks my lips once. “Pups my dad is going to be here any second and I can’t—”

I raise up onto my tiptoes and press my finger against his lips. “Shhh,” I mumble as I pull down on his plump bottom lip and admire as I feel his warm skin between my fingers.

Caleb grunts as he watches my eyes trace every little inch of his face. As I push myself against him Caleb almost finches as he feels my hard member against his leg. “Fuck,” he curses under his breath before he pulls me into him and smashes our lips together aggressively.

A moan escapes my mouth as he picks me up from underneath my legs and carries me to his desk. He places me down and slips his hand underneath my top and tugs it off effortlessly. My fingers come up to the buttons on his white shirt and I undo them as fast as I could. Attempting to push the fabric off his shoulders, I get distracted by his gorgeous gold toned skin and inked perfection.

I lean forward to leave soft kisses across his washboard abs, Caleb throws his head back in satisfaction and grips the back of my hair with his fingers harshly. My member begins to throb at how quickly this was all escalating but I loved it.

A sharp knock at Caleb’s office door startles the both of us, I don’t even have time to register what happened before Caleb shoves me under his desk and quickly does up his shirt. “One minute,” he yells.

I watch as his legs pace around the desk before he sits down in the chair in front of me, his knees almost bashing my face.

“Come in,” he says after a few moments.

The door is opened with a creak. “Caleb,” the person greets him.

“Dominic,” Caleb replies.

I remember hearing that name before. I’m sure he was one of Caleb’s dads pack members.

They talk but I don’t listen, all I can see is Caleb’s rock hard dick print through his tight trousers.

I groan in my head and palm him through the material, he jolts and keeps his body solid.


I can’t help but smirk to myself. This was so unlike me and the confidence radiating through my body gave me such a buzz. He carries on talking like I’m not completely turning him on right now.

Slowly and quietly I begin to unbutton his trousers and take down his zip. My hand slips into his boxers and I start to pump his thick member, precum already oozing out of his tip. He was gagging for this and I definitely will be in a second.

Pups you do not want to be doing this now. His voice was harsh and I could tell he was not impressed but he didn’t tell me to stop.

I gently lick at his sweet spot and I notice as he tightly wraps his fingers around the arm of his chair. My mouth consumes his length and I begin to move up and down at a slow and agonising pace.

Holy fucking shit. He pants through the mindlink. God, you’re in so much fucking trouble. He grunts.

If you want me to stop. I say gently. Then I’ll stop.

Caleb hums through the mindlink as I lick at his sweet spot.

Dominic continues to talk but I can tell Caleb was barely listening because he just kept replying with one word answers.

As I continue to lick and pump his cock, I could tell he was close by how swollen he was. His legs were shaking and he presses his heels into the floor as hard as he can to stop himself from coming.

“Alright, we’ll I’ll see you in a bit yeah? Don’t be late cause your dad will kill us both.” Dominic laughs and Caleb agrees with a mumble.

The door is opened and shut within a second. Caleb rips himself from me and stands up quickly, I pull myself out from the desk and watch as he stalks over to his office door and locks it shut.

When he turns back to me his eyes are heavy with rage and lust, it was something I had never seen before. “You think you can do that and get away with it?” He yells as he approaches me.

I shrug and smile innocently up to him. He grabs my body and throws it down onto the desk, yanking off my trousers quickly and he reached into his draw until he finds cable ties.

He grips my hands together and ties them before looping them through a hole in his desk, my arms completely stretched out above me. My chest was heaving uncontrollably as my dick twitches desperately at the thought of being touched.

He pulls my legs down his desk and stretches them back so I’m pinned down to the wood. He grips my dick with his large hand and moves quickly without even giving me a warning. I gasp and instantly slam my head down to the desk and look up at his ceiling as I moan continuously.

“You dare come without permission and we’ll be here all night until you can learn to follow my orders,” he moves his head dangerously close to mine and lets his lips trace the edge of my jaw. My stomach knots into excitement at his words and my body shakes.

His hands move fast, faster than he’s ever gone before and it would be impossible to not come. No matter how hard I tried, I was so close and before I knew it my cum was squirting out all over my stomach and his hand.

Caleb tuts down to me disapprovingly and shakes his head. “Look at you not being obedient,” he tells me darkly before pressing my neck down with his hand, choking me.

I gasp as he doesn’t slow down, my dick begins to burn with the sensitivity and the friction. Tears well in my eyes from the building pleasure, I was going to come again already. “You dare come again and we’ll be here all night,” he says gruffly as he presses my neck further into the desk.

Barely being able to catch my breath, holy fuck he was going to absolutely kill me. When my eyes find his I realise just how much he was enjoying this, enjoying how much domination he had over me.

His shoulders were rigid as he held me down and had me at my mercy. “Fuck,” I curse out as I clamp my eyes shut, my dick squirting cum again. My body rattles violently as my orgasm rushes through me instantly and my toes curl at the feeling.

Caleb levels his nose with mine and looks me directly in the eye, his pupils were black and his eyes hooded. “Do you know what happens to those who don’t listen?” He grounds out me. I swallow harshly underneath his heavy hand. “They get punished.”

I cry out as he rapidly moves against me again. An unsettling feeling grows in my stomach and my dick begins to burn from the harsh friction. “Caleb,” I pant out in discomfort.

My heart pounds in my chest uncomfortably, tears rolling out of my eyes.

“Caleb it hu—”

“Did I give you permission to talk?” He growls out at me.

I whimper and shut my eyes tightly, it was hurting. My heart was going to explode, this was no longer a safe space. As I look up to Caleb there is a satisfied look in his eye that almost hurt me more than the pain in my body right now.

“Caleb stop—” I barely make out the words.

He smirks down to me. “You think you’re going to get away without being punished?” He tells me darkly.

“Cal—stop—please,” I pant out.

His eyes glass over with something that I haven’t seen before, his body turning rigid at the sight of me.

“Caleb you’re hurting me!” I yell and my ears felt like they were going to pop.

He’s almost startled by my outburst and lets my neck and my dick go instantly.

I can’t help but cry, what the fuck just happened?

“Pups I—”

“Just let me out!” I shout angrily as I rattle my wrists around in the cable ties, tears escaping my eyes.

He takes a pair of scissors from his draw and cuts me free. The second he does I move away from him instantly and pick up my t-shirt from the floor. I press my shirt to my chest in attempt to cover up my shaking body.

“Pups I’m sorry I didn’t,” Caleb’s eyes look guilty as he looks up at me. “I got carried away.”

“Got carried away?” I sniffle at him, my eyes burning red. “I told you to stop.”

He lets out a quiet shaky breath, his shoulders hung with regret. “I know you did, normally I’d use a safe-word. I thought maybe it was like role play or something—”

“If stop isn’t enough then you should have given me something else to say!” I burst out at him as I choke back a sob.

“Pups I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He attempts to step forward but I stop him and put a hand out. “I told you I didn’t want to get you into this shit.”

“But you didn’t explain that’s what happens when you go too far,” I hiss at him. “I know almost nothing of your world Caleb, and you thought it was fair to do that to me?”

Caleb’s eyes glass over with tears but I was crying harder. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. Not without discussing it first.”

“Why would you do that?!” I say harshly as I push away the tears that have stained my cheeks. “Did you want to see me begging for you to stop?”

“No Evan, you know it’s not like that,” he says desperately, he moves forward again but I quickly move back.

“Then what? Scare me into submission?” My throat stings from shouting at him.

“Trying your best to assert your dominance over me, show me who’s boss?” My teeth grit at my own words, anger bubbling inside me.

His eyes look back at me helplessly.

“You say you’re not like your dad but what the fuck was that?!” My voice states harshly as I watch a single tear drip down from his eye. “Because I have no idea who that person was.”

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