His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Twenty Nine

Reaching Caleb’s room after what felt like the longest yet most special evening of my life, I finally felt like things were fitting into place.

The scent of Caleb’s warm room surrounds me instantly and my heart calms down, my pulse steadying. When I hear the door shut behind me, two strong arms wrap around my stomach and pull me into their chest.

Caleb’s head dips down to my neck, his lips pressing against my skin. A soft hum vibrates against me as he sways us back and forth gently. “You okay?” He asks quietly in my ear.

I nod back and enjoy the feeling of his arms around me, knowing that now I could be his with no boundaries.

This was it, this was us forever now.

“I was worried,” his deep voice says before planting a soft kiss below my ear.

My body shivers under his warm touch. “Worried about what?” I question curiously.

“That it was all too much for you, the attention, the people. I didn’t want you to feel anxious. I was worried everything was a bit too overwhelming for you.” He sighs into my neck again and squeezes me.

I shake my head and pull out of his hold, eventually turning around to look up into his green eyes. “Don’t get me wrong the attention was a little much but I’m glad that it happened, I’m glad I can be with you now whenever.” I say as I slip my arms around his torso and rest my head on his chest.

Caleb holds me tightly and rubs a soothing hand up and down my back. “I’m just glad I’ve got you back pups, I will never take you for granted.” He said before planting a kiss on my head.

I pull my head from his chest and look up at him again. “What’s gonna happen with your dad?” I ask, nausea rising in my throat as I mention him.

Caleb’s eyes close instantly, a dark sigh leaves his lips as he shakes his head. “I couldn’t give a single shit about my father right now pups, I couldn’t care less about what he’s gonna think.” He tells me.

A small smile gathers on my lips as I nod to him. “I’m glad, I’m so glad.” I say.

Our eyes hold each other’s stares for a few moments, butterflies dancing in every inch of my body. My head feeling light and my stomach giddy.

I raise up onto my tip toes and press my palms flat to his chest, our lips meet and I quickly kiss him.

Caleb cradles the back of my head and pulls away slightly. “Pups,” he mumbles against me as he stops. His eyes turning dark but not black like I’ve seen them before.

I press my lips to his again and take his bottom lip between my teeth. “Fuck pups,” he groans again. “Maybe we should stop.” He says softly.

Sinking back down to the floor I stare up at him. “We can’t, not right now. Not after what happened before pups.” He shakes his head at me, a glance of sadness in his eyes.

I raise up onto my tip toes again and press my lips to his gently. “I want to, be intimate. Just us.”

“Pups I—” Caleb holds my head but keeps our faces close.

My eyes zero in on his. “I know that you can be gentle,” I whisper. “What happened before was a misunderstanding. Miscommunication.”

“Is this what you want?” Caleb breathes out, his heaving chest pressing against mine.

I nod instantly. “Yes,” I say. “As long as it’s what you want as well?”

His hands find my face and he swipes his thumb across my cheek bone, his tongue brushing his bottom lip. “You can trust me pups, I’m never going to do anything you don’t want to again.”

Desperately pressing my lips to his I mumble, “And I will trust you.” I say as I captivate his lips.

A deep groan erupts from his throat as he kisses me back, his hands dropping from my face and hoisting me up around his waist. He holds me securely and walks over to his bed, dropping me down gently onto the soft black sheets.

He kneels above me and quickly undoes his shirt buttons before pulling the material off his shoulders and throws it on the floor. My eyes watch in awe, I will never get enough of his body.

Caleb’s hands find my jumper before he tugs it up and over my head. He dips his head and gently peppers kisses along my pale skin, my breath gets stuck in my throat as his touch burns my skin. He trails the kisses up to my lips before he begins to undo my jeans.

His hands are slow and I’m loving every second of it. Once my jeans are on the floor, his soon follow. His warm hand cradles my dick under my boxers and I let out a quiet gasp, Caleb smiles against the skin on my neck and kisses the spot.

"Fuck, I missed you,” he tells me.

I close my eyes, my whole body erupting into pleasure from his words.

“I missed you too,” I whimper out as he slips his hand under the fabric and grabs my member. “Oh fuck,”

He pumps me slowly, his lips kissing along my jaw. I watch him as his eyes look across my skin before kissing the next spot softer than the last.

Caleb sits up on his knees, his tight black boxers that left his huge bulge on display. He tucks the tips of his fingers into my boxers and pulls them down to my feet and then onto the floor.

I throw my head back to the bed as my chest heaves, I could not deal with him.

Caleb’s warm hands spread my legs as he circled the tip of his index finger around my hole, I jolt slightly but settle back down. A whimper leaves my lips and before I know it he’s completely removed himself from me. My eyes snap to his as I watch him walk to the drawer beside his bed.

He comes back with a bottle of lube and I sink back down into the sheets. Caleb covers his fingers with the lube and rubs around my hole again, I maintain eye contact with him as he does this. My mouth parts slightly as he slowly pushes two fingers into me.

Gripping onto the black bed sheets I begin to arch my back as he slowly moves in and out of me. Holy fuck I had missed this so much. His fingers felt big but I couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside me.

He presses down on my prostate and I moan. “Fuck Caleb,” I pant as I look up at him with lustful eyes.

He leans down to kiss me, his lips teasing mine. “You’re so perfect, you know that?” He whispers.

His nose brushes mine as we stare back at each other for a few moments, I couldn’t breathe.

I lean up to kiss him. “I’m ready,” I say quietly.

Caleb nods and removes his fingers from me. He stands from the bed and takes off his boxers before he positions himself against me and applies lube to his dick.

“This might hurt pups,” he says. “But we can stop.”

I shake my head up to him. “It’s okay,” I say eagerly.

Caleb lets out a deep breath and positions his dick at my entrance, he pushes one of my legs back with his hand to get better access.

His tip slides in and my stomach clenches. “You okay?” He asks his voice full of concern.

I nod back. “Keep going.” I plead.

He presses further into me and I can feel him completely stretch my hole, Caleb wasn’t wrong. It hurt but I tried to focus on the pleasure instead.

He leans down to kiss me gently which helped distract me from the stinging pain as he moved inside of me. After a few moments my body adjusts to his length and he moves in deeper.

I grip onto the back of his shoulders, my fingernails digging into his skin. “Oh god,” I groan as his cock fills me completely, his tip continuously hitting my prostate.

Caleb’s hips slow as he looks at me. “Too much?” He says as he stops all inside me.

I shake my head aggressively. “No, just like that.” I desperately say.

“Do you need me to slow down?” He asks as he nips on my neck.

“No,” a throaty groan comes from me. “Faster.”

Caleb’s legs slap down onto mine as he picks up his pace, his cock deep inside me. My eyes well with tears as pleasure builds up inside my body.

He grunts in my ear which only makes my dick leak with precum. My breathing becomes heavier as Caleb moves to rest his forehead against mine. Our eyes locked in on each other’s, our breathing completely uneven and loud.

“Fuck,” I moan as Caleb cradles the side of my face, his hips moving quicker.

Pleasure was building and I felt so close as he grips my dick with his hand and slowly begins to pump me.

I felt like I was in heaven, nothing has ever felt so amazing and so special.

Every time I felt like I was going to come it just disappeared, my mind starts to get frustrated at feeling so close yet getting nowhere.

“What’s wrong pups?” Caleb asks instantly as he stops moving and cradles my face.

I don’t even realise I’m crying till now. He quickly wipes away my tears and holds me close to him.

“This stupid fucking medication means I can’t come, I’m so close but I just lose it. It’s so frustrating and I’m—” my throat croaks.

“Hey, hey pups, it’s okay.” Caleb’s voice is alert but calm. “It doesn’t matter, we’ll get there once you’re off the medication.”

My watery eyes look up to him. “But I want to feel close to you now.” I say desperately, pointless tears spilling out my eyes. “I want to be able to have sex with you and connect with you and I just can’t.”

“Pups please don’t get upset, I promise everything’s going to be okay.” Caleb’s eyes plead with me.

“I wanted this to be perfect,” I say pathetically.

Caleb’s eyebrows furrow at me. “I thought it already was? We don’t need orgasms to feel close, sure they’re nice but they’re not the main priority here.” His hand gently caresses my cheek.

I look away feeling stupid as I quickly wipe away all my tears. Why was I getting so upset about this?

“Hey,” Caleb moves my head back to his, nothing but pure love in his eyes. “I have an idea, if you still want to try.”

“An idea?” I repeat.

“Will you trust me?” he asks as he brings my fingers up to his lips and he kisses the tips of them gently. I nod to him.

He positions himself at my entrance again and pushes his way in, it was tight again but it felt so good. I throw my head back and groan silently in pleasure as he picks up his pace quickly.

My arms wrap around him and hold onto his body for dear life. “Shit,” I curse as he slams down on me, filling me whole.

“Tell me when you’re close,” he grunts into my neck.

I close my eyes and feel the pleasure building, I felt like I was going to explode but I couldn’t get over the edge.

“I’m close,” I whine out.

Caleb’s teeth graze the skin on my neck and before I know it he’s sunk his teeth into my flesh. My mouth gapes open as I scream out, at first it’s the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. Then after a few moments all I can feel is pleasure, pleasure everywhere.

My whole body erupts into flames as the strongest orgasm rattles it’s way through me. Caleb’s hand starts to pump my cock as strings and strings of white liquid squirt out of me.

“Fuck Caleb,” I moan out as I grip onto him. “Holy fuck!”

His hips move at a fast rhythmical speed, my ass completely pulsating with every thrust. Caleb begins to grunt heavier in my ear and he speeds up again, his moans were something I would never get bored of hearing.

He finishes off inside me before resting his forehead down onto mine. Our chests heaving together as we catch our breaths.

I watch his lips and Caleb moves forward to kiss me, it was loving and real. My heart was so full.

Our eyes find each other again, our noses just touching. “I love you,” I whisper as my hand gently traces the edge of his jaw line.

Caleb hums into my hand. “I love you too,” he says before dipping his head to the mark he left on my neck. His lips gently pecking the delicate spot as my body shivers in second hand pleasure.

“You’re mine now pups, you’re in this for the long haul.” He grumbles into my skin.

A shaky breath parts from my lips. “Like I’d want it any other way.” I reply breathlessly.

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