His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Thirty

Waking up with Caleb’s strong arms wrapped around me was such a surreal feeling, our fingers were interlocked and held to my chest. His lips pressed to the back of my neck, I could die happy feeling like this.

The sun was shining bright through Caleb’s blinds and I manage to wriggle my way out of his hold without waking him up. I stand from the bed and grab the nearest top I can find and quickly throw it on. Caleb’s hands rest on his dark bed sheets, eyes still very much closed.

I quietly exit his room and make my way downstairs, I wanted to do something nice for him. I wanted to show him how much I appreciated him, what he did for us so that we could be together without having to be a secret.

Deep down I knew how hard and brave that was for him to come out to a room full of people, especially those who he lives with and spends all his time with. They’re bound to have opinions, everyone is. I’m just not prepared to hear about them.

When I get downstairs I can hear the quiet hum of music playing in the kitchen and Zara standing by the sink.

It was still early so I presume that everyone else is still asleep.

She instantly turns when she hears my footsteps and she smiles brightly at me. “Good morning Evan,” she says.

“Morning,” I reply as I approach her.

“How are you?” She asks as she wipes her hands on the nearest tea towel.

“Yeah I’m good, was thinking of cooking something for Caleb.” I say. “But then I’ve just realised I don’t really know how to make anything.” I laugh pathetically as I raise a hand to scratch the back of my head.

“Well good thing I did a big shop yesterday,” Zara grins at me as she opens the fridge to reveal the shelves packed to the brim.

My eyes instantly light up as I walk to the fridge. “What do you suggest I make?” I questions.

“I know that Caleb is a sucker for waffles, I’m not sure why ’cause I’m more a pancake kinda girl but you know,” she shrugs. “Whatever floats his boat.”

“Waffles,” I repeat.

“Yeah, we even have a wafflemaker he loves them that much but I don’t think he’s actually dug it out in years.” Zara tells me as she starts to open the cupboards.

“Okay, tell me what ingredients we need.” I say as I attempt to help.

Zara turns and points to the low cupboard behind me. “In there is the wafflemaker, I’ll get all the necessary ingredients.”

I do as she says and finds the maker inside the cupboard, she was right this thing hadn’t been used in a while. Dust had gathered on the top of the lid and I reach for a paper towel before wetting it. As I wipe away the dust, Zara had already got all the things we needed to make the waffles.

“What kind of toppings does he like?” I ask as I watch her begin to pour the ingredients one by one into the scales.

“He loves banana and honey,” she tells me confidently, no thought needed.

Nodding at her words, I begin helping Zara where I can because I don’t have the first clue on how to make waffles so I do as she says.

I pour the finalised mixture into the preheated wafflemaker and listen to it sizzle with heat.

“Now just press it down and we wait until they’re nice a golden,” Zara says as she places a bunch of bananas and honey in front of me.

“Are you into cooking and baking?” I ask curiously whilst I open up a banana.

Zara nods at me instantly. “Oh definitely,” she says enthusiastically. “I love food, I normally cook meals for these guys but I don’t mind. I enjoy it.” She smiles.

“What’s your favourite thing to cook?”

She hums hard like it’s the hardest decision she’s ever had to make. “Making Mexican food is one of my favourites for sure, burritos, nachos, fajitas. Oh I just love all that stuff!” She exclaims.

I smile at her. “I’ve never really had Mexican food before,” I admit.

Her eyes almost bulge out of her head at my words. “Well I’m definitely going to make you my infamous Mexican dinner the next time you stay round,” she says as she points a gentle finger at me.

“I would love that,” I tell her as I loop my fingers together.

Her eyes go soft as she watches me. “Oh shit,” she jumps. “The waffles.”

Her hands fumble with the machine and she quickly pulls them out before they start to burn. “Here,” she says as she places them on the plate next to me.

I thank her and begin to chop the banana into small, even portions. I watch as Zara pours the mixture into the maker until the bowl is empty.

As I pick up the honey, I cover the waffles in its deliciousness. Carefully placing the sliced bananas on top and adding the smallest bit more of honey.

“They look amazing,” Zara tells me as she stacks up the other waffles on a plate. “What do you want on yours?”

“You got any chocolate?” I ask.

Zara instantly smiles at me. “Yeah we do,” she says before getting the jar of Nutella from the cupboard.

We spend the next few moments creating different toppings for the other waffles. Talking to Zara was easy, it felt like she’d never have a bad word to say about anyone.

I listen to what she says and laugh at a silly comment she makes. The hairs on my arm stand up as I feel a presence in the room behind us. When I whip my head around my eyes instantly connect with Caleb’s bright green eyes, his forearms leaning on the island in front of him.

“Hey Caleb,” Zara chirps loudly.

“Hey,” he smiles at her before looking back at me.

“I’ll go give these to Felix,” Zara whispers as she takes the two plates of waffles she made and sneaks up the stairs quickly.

“What’s all this?” Caleb asks as he flexes an eyebrow at the complete mess Zara and I had made.

“I made you breakfast,” I smile innocently, my fingers intertwining in front of me.

“You made me breakfast?” Caleb repeats as he leans up from the kitchen island.

“Well,” I clear my throat. “Zara mostly helped, I can’t say that I’m the best cook in the world.”

Caleb instantly grins at my words, his eyes follow down to the plate beside me of the waffles and banana topping.

“Waffles?” He looks impressed.

“Zara said they were your favourite,” I tell him.

“Think that’s a bit of an understatement,” Caleb scoffs slightly before smiling at me again. His eyes glint with something that made me feel so loved. I stand routed to the spot completely in awe of him.

“Come here,” he raises his eyebrows.

“Wh-wh—” my voice gets stuck in my throat.

“I said. Come. Here.” He states slowly.

My bare feet glide across the kitchen floor until I’m at an arms length from him. His eyes following my every move, lingering on every inch of my skin.

Caleb’s hand finds mine and he pulls me into him, my body colliding with his warm chest. He lets out a satisfied sigh which makes me relax into him even more. “Thank you for making me breakfast,” he mumbles into my neck just above the mark he left on me last night.

My whole body shudders and my toes go completely numb. “But,” he starts and pulls away so he can look at me. “I don’t appreciate waking up by myself without my mate being by my side.” A stern eyebrow goes up in my direction.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to do something nice for you.” I say as I swallow harshly.

“I know pups,” his soft hand moves down the side of my face gently. “I just wanted to cuddle the shit out of you this morning.”

I can’t help the smile that stretches across my lips. “You’re so soft,” I comment as I glide my hand up his forearm.

“Only for you,” Caleb says before kissing my lips quickly. My stomach flips like the first time he did, my head feeling completely dizzy. “Everyone else can fuck off.”

A laugh escapes my lips and Caleb shows me his perfectly white teeth in the process.

“What we gonna do today?” He asks catching my hands as the fall down his arms.

“I need to go home so I can take my medication,” I tell him, I needed to keep myself on top of it.

“No worries, I’ll drive you.” He replies.

“You sure?”

Caleb rolls his eyes playfully at me. “Like I’d ever let you walk or run alone across our territories.”

“Okay thank you,” I say gratefully. “Your waffles are probably gonna be cold as hell now.”

“I like them cold,” he flashes me a smile as we walk over to the two plates left on the island.

“Banana and honey,” He nods approvingly. “You really out did yourself.”

“Are they your favourite toppings?” I ask as I sit down on the stool in front of my Nutella waffles.

“Yeah, I’m a basic kind of guy.” He shrugs effortlessly.

“Basic?” I flex an eyebrow at him.

“Yeah,” he nods back at me as he reaches for a knife and fork and begins to eat. “I’m so simple.”

I can’t help but laugh. His eyes instantly dart to mine as he furrows his eyebrows at me. “What?” He questions, his mouth full of food.

“You and simple do not belong in the same sentence,” I shake my head jokingly at him. “How are they?”

“Delicious,” he says before stuffing his face even more. It was like he had been deprived of food for the last week, he must really fucking love waffles.

. . .

Caleb drives us back to the pack house, the house was surprisingly quiet which made me think that they must be out training.

I walk into the kitchen and fill a glass full of water before Caleb follows me up to my room. When inside I go straight to my bedside table and take out my medication, popping one out in my hand and throwing it in my mouth. Quickly washing it down with the water in my other hand.

Caleb makes himself comfy in my bed, his shoes being kicked off and his jacket removed. He slides under the duvet and beckons me to follow.

I do the same and kick off my shoes and slip inside the cold sheets.

“How are the tablets?” Caleb asks as he wraps one arm around me and uses his other hand to brush my curls out of my eyes.

“They’re numbing me that’s for sure,” I nod and look up to him, my lips almost brushing his chin.

“You been having any dark thoughts?” He frowns slightly.

I pause to think for a second. “Not really,” I say.

Caleb lets out a quiet sigh of relief and holds me tighter. “I’m glad,” he says before placing a kiss on my forehead. “You know if things ever do get tough again I want you to tell me, I want to know what you’re thinking even if they’re the tiniest bit dark or whatever.”

My eyes glass over with tears but I attempt to blink them back. “Okay,” I say. “I’m sorry for how I acted to you last week. My body has been getting used to the medication and I was having nasty side effects, I know that’s not an excuse for what I said. I wasn’t giving up on us, I was giving up on myself. You’ve learnt to adjust to my life and how I can be sometimes, I should have been more understanding for yours.”

An unreadable expression covers Caleb’s face, his brows creasing as he thinks what to say. “You don’t need to give up on yourself pups, you tried to understand what I liked and it wasn’t for you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, stop punishing yourself.” His thumb caresses the skin in front of my ear.

“I’m just hoping this medication is going to help level me out and stop me from being so erratic, I just want to feel like the normal me again.” I huff into his chest.

“We’ll get there baby,” Caleb pulls me into him and gently rubs up and down my back. “We will get there.”

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