His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Thirty Four

Myface was pressed into Caleb’s bare chest, his fingers brushing the skin on my back lightly. “I saw it coming,” Caleb mumbles suddenly.

Moving my head to look at him as I furrow my eyebrows. “Saw what coming?” I question.

Caleb sighs and looks towards the TV, the light reflecting off of his face. “You getting hurt,” he starts before flicking his eyes down to me. “I saw it.”

I push myself up from the bed letting the covers slip down my body. “Saw it?” I question again feeling confused.

Caleb nods towards me, his hand moves to run a hand through the top of my curls. “Remember when I told you that I could sometimes see the future in my dreams?”

My eyes watch his closely. “Yeah I do,” I let out.

“Well twice over the last two weeks I dreamt that someone hurt you. I couldn’t see who it was and I couldn’t stop it.” Caleb closes his eyes like he didn’t want to remember. “I felt so helpless. So that’s why I tried to get you to open up to me because I knew that something was wrong.”

I swallow harshly as a feeling of guilt washing over me. “W-What happened to me?” My voice wobbles.

Caleb continues to run his hands through my hair which calmed me. “It was in the woods both times. At first I wasn’t sure if it was just a bad training session but then it turned sinister. Seeing you get hurt like that fucking broke me.” His lips dip into a frown. “Seeing him touch you in real life fucking broke me.”

My eyes fall from his and down to the bed. “I’m sorry,” is all I can say. My throat was closing up and I was struggling to even gather my thoughts.

“I told you not to apologise to me,” Caleb’s ginger slips underneath my chin to make me look at him.

“What happened when I passed out?” I ask curiously, having no idea what happened to Luke or Kieran.

Caleb’s eyes flick between mine for a few moments before clearing his throat loudly like he was about to go on a rampage. “The second that I saw your body hit the ground, I had Luke by the collar of his shirt and up by against a tree quicker than the speed of light.” He says rapidly, his words pronounced and angry.

My eyes blink back at him not knowing what to say. “They might be all talk when I’m not around but the second I’m in their face they backdown like a pack of puppies and it’s embarrassing.” His voice becomes raised, the veins in his neck begin to pop out. “I’m embarrassed I ever had those two worthless idiots in my pack.”

“You got rid of them?” I say instantly, my eyes widening slightly.

Caleb nods as his eyes narrow at me. “When Zara explained what happened I fucking lost my shit,” he moves his hand to run down his face quickly. “When I knew they deliberately tried to fight you I was so close to ripping their throats out, trust me it was hard not to.”

My eyes sting with tears when I realise how serious this situation actually was. “So you let them go?” I ask, my throat burning.

“Yes,” he nods once.

“Literally before it turned night time?” I say. My brain struck with pain at how I was trying to justify what happened to them but they deserved it. They deserved it, Evan. I tell myself.

Caleb’s palm raises to the air. “You expect me to keep them here when they thought they could hurt you without suffering the consequences?!” He exclaims in disbelief.

He was absolutely furious.

“When they’re so power hungry that the only person they thought they could try and fight was literally half their size. Why would I want such obnoxious, nasty wolves in my pack?” His voice is hard. “They’re cowards, complete cowards.”

I avoid his gaze because the only reason I was concerned about them leaving was what they threatened to do. “Why are you defending them?” He asks, his tone becoming quieter.

My shoulders shrug quickly, too quickly. Caleb’s body becomes more rigid at my body language. “What aren’t you telling me pups?”

As I look up to him I realise that I cannot hide things from him anymore, there was no point. “Tell me,” he says his green eyes desperate.

“They threatened to tell your dad that we are together, they said he wouldn’t be happy about us being together whatsoever.” I state to him.


My eyes almost bulge out of my head. “So?” I repeat. “What if they now go running to your dad saying they have information about you as a way to get into his pack?”

“So let them,” is all he says. His voice didn’t sound concerned or worried and that scared me even more.

“You’re not worried about that?” I ask as I rest a hand against my forehead for a few moments.

“He’s going to find out sooner or later,” he says as his hand reaches up to take mine. “Besides my dad wouldn’t take them in, they’re not up to his standards. He’d probably kill them if they even came anywhere near his territory.”

I stare back at him completely dumbfounded. “I can’t believe how calm you are about this,” I say as my head shakes towards him.

Caleb shrugs. “There’s nothing I can do about it and I don’t care if he finds out as long as I have you by my side.”

Leaning forward as our lips connect softly, Caleb grips the back of my neck and slowly caresses his lips with mine.

My stomach bursts with excitement and my heart skips a million beats. Caleb pulls away after a few moments and looks back at me, our noses still touching. He smiles as he watches me closely, his hand behind my head begins to trace circles in my hair.

“When did it start?” Caleb asks, his fingers continuing to leave goosebumps on my skin.

“When did what start?” I question back.

“When did they begin to say stuff to you?”

My chest hurt, talking about this fucking hurt. “When you told everyone that we were together, the first training session back everyone was looking at me and noticing how weak I was. They were all talking, Luke and Kieran just took it too far.”

Caleb’s fingers stop moving. “This has been going on for weeks?!” He exclaims as he throws his head back in frustration.

“Yeah,” I say as my eyes close and I shake my head once, feeling disappointed in myself that I let this go on for too long.

“God,” his voice sounds strained. “Please, please don’t keep things like this from me again. Evan I am begging you.”

My eyes find his and I nod, his distress was enough to make me never want to bottle things up again. “I promise I’ll talk to you.” I say.

Caleb’s eyes widen as his head tilts like my answer wasn’t convincing enough. “I swear I will tell you,” I say as I lean forward again to press my lips to his. “I promise that I’ll be more open with how I’m feeling, if something or someone upsets me we will talk about it.”

“Okay,” Caleb whispers against my lips before kissing me again. His hand still firmly in my hair holding me close to him. “No more secrets.”

“No more secrets.” I say back to him.

Caleb’s hand dips to my neck his fingers making my skin feel like it was on fire. “Did you throw away your medication or did you just stop taking it?” He asks.

My eyes close for a second. “I threw them away,” I admit.

Caleb nods and doesn’t once make me feel bad for it, instead he’s understanding and that just makes me want to kiss him a million times over. “So tomorrow we should ring up your therapist and ask to prescribe you some more?” He suggests and I nod my head.

“Maybe ask if you should have another session a week, do you think you need that?” Caleb asks as he moves his head back.

My teeth begin to chew on my lip. “Maybe I do, I’m not sure.” I shrug helplessly.

“Well I guess you guys can talk about that,” he offers me a smile. “Anyway you must be absolutely fucking starving.”

“Ravenous,” I nod back at him.

Caleb laughs before taking the covers off him and getting out the bed. “Your stomach could be heard a million miles away,” he says.

“It’s been a long day,” I tell him as I push myself up from the bed.

He turns to me and blows out a huff of air from his cheeks. “Tell me about it,” he says.

My eyes stay trained on him as he loops round the bed and holds me to his chest. “I can’t believe all of your bruising and cuts have gone,” he mumbles into the top of my head.

I hum into his chest. “Me either, I thought that maybe it would be a slow progress.”

“I’m proud of you, you know that?” Caleb says as he pulls away to look at me.

My throat hardens and I nod. “Please don’t make me cry again,” I say my words barely coming out of my mouth.

Caleb’s lips stretch out into the most gorgeous smile that makes my heart twang every time. “I am proud and know that I wouldn’t change you for the world.” His eyes turn soft as he looks over my features, the look of complete adoration.

My lips wobble and I pout towards him as my finger points to my now watering eye. “Thanks,” I state, not being able to say anything else.

Caleb’s smile remains as he kisses my forehead over and over. “Right lets make you a feast,” he declares before taking us both downstairs.

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