His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Thirty Five

Ava and Jaxon’s wedding came around a lot quicker than I was expecting it to. The last two weeks I have been focusing on myself so much that I almost forgot that today was their big day. The house wasn’t even carnage, Ava was unbelievably calm which surprised me. They had planned the wedding to only be small, family and close friends only.

As I adjust my black tie in the mirror, Caleb emerges from the bathroom behind me. My eyes watch as he flicks down the collar of his shirt and then does up the buttons on his cuffs.

There was no exaggeration when I say that I stopped breathing, no air came out my mouth. Caleb’s eyes eventually flick to mine in the reflection and he instantly smiles, he reaches to pick up his navy blue jacket.

Sliding the blazer onto his arms before he straightens it out at the front. He takes slow steps towards me, leaning forward to kiss my temple as he stares back in the mirror. “You look handsome,” he tells me, his green eyes wide with admiration.

I smile. “So do you. You look—” I pause to even find the right words to say. “So attractive.”

“How you been feeling?” He asks as his hand laces through mine.

Turning around to face him, our hands breaking for a split second before I find his again. “I’m better,” I nod up at him.

“Yeah?” He says enthusiastically. “The medication been kicking back in again?”

“Yeah, I think so. It’s hard to tell at the moment because it’s not been long enough but with the extra sessions it’s making me feel a lot more positive.” I say as I smile, for the first time I didn’t feel like I had a tonne of bricks on my back.

“I’m so glad pups,” he says before letting out a little breath.

“Me too,” I beam up at him.

Caleb grins at me. “Come on, we better get going before we’re late.” He says as he squeezes my shoulder and walks towards my bedroom door.

We drive to the ceremony which is only ten minutes from the pack house, it was a small little manor with an outdoor area. Ava was adamant that they got married outside inside a white floral gazebo, that’s the only detail she cared about.

When we pull up at the manor and walk round the back of the building and into the garden, Jaxon is standing with Kayden and Sebastian who was holding little Luca.

“Hey man,” Caleb says as he approaches Jaxon.

He turns to us and grins at Caleb, bringing him into a hug instantly. “Hey brother,” he says as he slaps his hand down onto his back.

They pull away from each other before Jaxon turns to me. “Evan,” he nods towards me, I smile and nod back.

“Let’s go through,” Kayden says as he points towards the gazebo. Jaxon nods at him and they take off towards the chairs.

Caleb’s hand finds mine and he gives me a soft squeeze. We sit down on the white decorated chairs with lilac flowers, Kayden stands beside Jaxon at the alter with the officiant.

In front of us sits Sebastian and the rest of our pack minus Ava’s bridesmaids. “Hey,” a voice from beside us startles me. Felix and Zara grin towards us before sitting down in the vacant seats.

“Hey man,” Caleb says.

Zara’s little hand waves at me and I quickly wave back.

“Please may you all stand for the bride,” the officiant says before soft music starts to play.

Jaxon lets out a deep breath and faces the front. We all stand up to turn around as Ava walks down the isle, her brown hair in soft loose waves. She looks amazing, her wedding dress was sleek and clung to her petite figure.

Beside her was Aurora who was wearing a tiny purple dress with purple flowers, her hand clutched to Ava’s. Kayleigh and Lucy followed closely behind them wearing similar purple dresses.

Just as Ava approaches Jaxon, Lucy reaches down to take Aurora up into her own arms. Jaxon slowly turns to look at her, his eyes completely lighting up with love. “Fuck,” he curses quietly which causes Ava to laugh. They take each other’s hands and not once take their eyes off each other.

His eyes glance over every inch of her body, his smile completely beaming at her. “You may now all be seated,” the officiant says.

“Thank you for all being here to celebrate the marriage of Ava and Jaxon,” he says as he reads from the post in front of him. “A celebration of love, a celebration of life, a celebration of forever.”

Lucy reads a prayer that her and Jaxon’s parents had left for them to be read at their weddings, a touching passage about angels who walk the Earth. Always having that person who is watching over you. They may still be in the werewolf world but they’re thinking about you wherever you are.

Kayden who is the keeper of the rings steps forward to hold them out. They both recite their vows in which Ava cries floods of tears which only made Jaxon start tearing up.

The love between them was like no other and I was so happy that Ava could find true happiness. She deserved it because she was the greatest friend and understood me when no one else did. They say that she owes her life to me but I owe my life to her, she was the only one who gave me a chance to prove myself before judging me.

A single tear rolls down my cheek and I don’t even realise how much joy is inside my body right now.

“You may now kiss the bride,” the officiant grins as everyone cheers.

Jaxon instantly wraps his arm around Ava’s waist and pulls him into her, his lips capturing hers as she rests her hands on his face.

I stand up instantly and clap so hard that my hands begin to burn. They pull apart before grinning at each other, Jaxon takes her hand and they begin to walk through the isle as confetti is thrown over them.

The tears don’t stop falling from my eyes, reaching up quickly to wipe them away. Caleb slips his hand into mine once more and turns to look at me, I smile through my glassy eyes. “I’m so happy for them,” I mumble.

Caleb’s lips lean down to kiss the top of my head gently. “I know,” he says before tugging me along to follow them out of the garden.

The ceremony was short and sweet, Ava wanted to have the reception in our back garden so that we could celebrate into the night in comfort.

When we get back to the house the back garden is already set up. It had similar decor to the wedding, a white marquee in the middle of the clearing with white tables and chairs. Lilac flowers clung to the roof and placed in the centre of each table. There was a buffet of food across the back of the tent and a dance floor with a DJ booth.

Ava and Jaxon’s guests swarm into the marquee, I lost Caleb at some point as we get dragged away by different people. Kayden and Kayleigh make their way over to me before offering me champagne. Shaking my head at them because the taste of champagne wasn’t anything to remember nor would it be good for me right now.

“Oh wasn’t that just so magical,” Kayleigh grins widely.

“It was,” I agree with her.

“I can’t wait for our wedding,” she was as she flutters her long eyelashes towards Kayden. “It’s going to be the best.”

“Me either,” Kayden grins back.

Aurora’s screaming voice comes towards us quickly as she latches onto Kayden’s leg. “Up! Up!” She demands.

Kayden laughs before reaching down to pull her up into his arms. Her dark hair was pulled back into the tiniest ponytail, a little lilac headband on top of her head. “What do we have here madam?” Kayden says towards her.

She giggles before resting her head down onto his shoulder. “Mummy and daddy are busy talking,” she says in her baby voice.

Kayleigh’s finger reaches up to stroke her cheek gently. “Mummy and daddy are married now. Do you know what that means?” She asks, her voice enthusiastic.

Aurora nods. “Yeah!” She says before squirming in Kayden’s arms. “Means they will be with each other forever.”

She melts all of our hearts in a second. Her eyes find mine and she gives me a cheesy grin, I just wanted to squeeze her.

“Evan,” she mumbles with her arms out towards me.

“You wanna go to Uncle Evan?” Kayden leans his head down to look at her as she nods vigorously.

Aurora’s little arms extend to me as Kayden hands her over to me, her little fingers clutching onto my shirt. She sits in my arms comfortably but I couldn’t believe how heavy she has got, she is growing way too fast.

She reaches up to twirl her fingers in my blonde curls before she giggles. “What’s so funny?” I ask her gently.

“You’ve got curly hair,” she says before giggling again.

Kids really are fascinating.

The sound of a knife hitting a glass shot through the marquee, the room goes silent and we all turn towards Jaxon at the front. Ava stands beside him their fingers very much entwined.

“Hi guys,” Jaxon says before letting out a quiet breath. “So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is here today, it means the world to us that you all want to share this magical day with us.”

Ava smiles up to him and nods, her eyes tearing up again. “My wife, Ava Harper—” he pauses to think before smiling. “It feels so good to finally say that after how long I’ve been dying for you to be my wife.”

Her eyes don’t leave his as he talks about her, the look of true love. “I married my soulmate today,” he says loudly to everyone. “Something I wouldn’t have been able to do without Evan.”

My heart stops when I hear my name, Aurora wriggles in my arms again. Jaxon and Ava both find me quickly and Ava nods, wiping her eyes.

“I’ve been hard on him, I know I have. But without him I wouldn’t have found Ava the night I did, I wouldn’t have married my beautiful mate. We wouldn’t have had our beautiful daughter, Aurora.”

Aurora giggles in my arms at her name. “So thank you Evan for being brave and for giving us this life.”

The tent bursts out into a loud wave of claps and cheers and it made me want to bawl my eyes out with acceptance.

“Go find mummy and daddy,” I mumble into Aurora’s ear before letting her down to the ground. She runs across the dance floor and into Ava’s arms before she swoops her up onto her hip.

“I just wanted to say that, the real speeches will be after dinner. Not being able to help myself,” Jaxon laughs. “But anyway, hope you all enjoy your night!”

Claps erupt again and the pride inside my chest felt amazing. Kayleigh turns to me and breathes out a puff of air. “Wow that was emotional,” she states. “I’m going to be a mess later.”

“You and me both,” I agree.

Kayleigh rests a hand on my shoulder. “You really deserved that Evan,” she smiles supportively at me.

“Thank you,” I tell her.

Kayden and Kayleigh continue to talk as my eyes glance round the tent quickly, my eyes catch Caleb’s like a magnet. He is already looking at me, he’s smiling and I notice his eyes look darker than they were before.

Why are you looking at me like that? I challenge him.

Caleb smirks. Because I want to rip your clothes off.

Blood rushes to my face in less than a second and I lower my head to the floor to stop myself from being an obvious tomato.

You cannot say that to me in public!

Caleb laughs inside my head. Oh pups but I can. And I know you want me to, I can smell your arousal from here.

Every muscle in my body contracts, God I was going to pass out. As I glance back up to him his eyes are no longer on me, he’s laughing with Felix and Zara. My eyes give him a once over, his blazer was now off and his shirt sleeves rolled up showing off his inked skin and toned biceps.

Jesus, I couldn’t do this because I wanted nothing more than for him to rip my clothes off. He glances back over at me again, the look in his eye mischievous and lustful.

You want me to rip that shirt off your chest, those trousers off your legs. You want these fingers inside your tight little hole.

Choking, I am choking.

Is your dick getting hard? His voice was rough and demanding.

I curse in my head as blood rushes there in an instant. My chest contracting like I was going to have a heart attack.

Yes. I pant back.

Caleb smirks which only makes me want him more, he knew exactly what he was doing to me and I wanted it.

What do you want? He says slowly.

My stomach twists in knots. Huh?

Tell me. He pauses, his voice seductive. What you want.

I want you. My eyes feel heavy and hard.

You want me to do what? He challenges me, he knew exactly how to wind me up.

Caleb... I sound completely strained, like I’d forgotten how to breathe. He knows I’m trying my hardest to contain myself.

What do you want me to do?

Fuck me, Caleb. I want you to fuck me. My voice races through my head.

Caleb smiles down towards the floor at my response. I wait for him to look at me again before I dismiss myself from Kayleigh and Kayden and walk straight into the kitchen.

My feet carry me fast as I move up the stairs, the sound of footsteps close behind me. Just as I turn around by my bedroom door Caleb is in front of me, his eyes almost black with lust. He slams me into the wooden door, his lips devouring mine as he clutches onto my face.

“Should we be doing this at their wedding?” I mumble against him.

“Is there a better time?” He says gruffly before pressing down onto the handle and throwing me inside the room. “You’ve already begged me to fuck you.”

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