His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Thirty Six

Caleb wastes no time in pressing me up against my bedroom wall, his pelvis pushing into me. His hardened member throbbing against mine through the fabric of our trousers. I’m completely panting into his mouth as my hands roam over his shirt wishing it was his skin.

He yanks off my jacket and throws it onto the floor, ripping the tie off my neck in one swift movement. I shudder against him as he presses his lips to the mark on my neck, his fingers fumbling with my shirt buttons. “Take it off,” he murmurs into me.

No longer being able to wait he rips the shirt open with his hands, I inhale a sharp breath. “I don’t have another shirt,” I pant.

“Fuck the shirt,” he says before slamming his lips back down onto mine.

My heart skips at the same time my dick grows harder, feeling completely swollen. I reach up to undo Caleb’s shirt as he kisses me passionately, I manage to keep my patience and push the shirt off his shoulders when I undo the last button. My hands burn like fire the second I come into contact with his skin.

Caleb’s hand cups the side of my neck, his teeth gently nipping my bottom lip. I undo his trousers quickly and remove his belt, Caleb groans as he pulls me up around his body. My legs clinging to him instantly, he walks us over to the bed and puts me down just beside it.

Breaking the kiss as my eyes find his, his lips part as he pants down to me. “I’ve missed something,” I admit.

Caleb’s eyebrow raises at me. “Missed what?”

I take his wrist in my right hand and place his fingers around my throat. “I’ve missed your hand being here,” I tell him as my eyes never leave his.

Caleb’s chest rumbles before he closes his eyes. “I’m ready to start adding things back that I’m comfortable with,” I say as I keep his hand firmly pressed to my skin.

“Pups I—” he seems unsure of himself but I didn’t want him to doubt this.

“You said about safe words?” I say quietly as he nods. “Well my safe word will be—pancakes.”

Caleb’s eyes flick between mine seeming unsure. “I don’t want to ruin this,” his eyes fall to the floor for a second. Dropping his hand from my throat, I raise up onto my tip toes and brush my lips over his.

“You won’t ruin this,” I mumble against him before pecking his lips.

“I just worry,” his eyes find mine again.

“Well I don’t want you to worry. I want you to show me how much of an Alpha you can be.”

I think both our hearts stopped, did I really just say that?

His eyes turn dark, his jaw clenching at my words. “What did you just say?” He barely gets out. His chest rises and falls quickly like he’s hyperventilating.

Does he like being called Alpha? A mix of curiosity and horniness creep up through my stomach. Pushing away the cowardice inside me and deciding to be brave, I open my eyes wide and look at him directly. “I want you to fuck me, Alpha.”

My back hits the bed in less than a second. Caleb rips off my trousers, his hands smoothing over every inch of my body. My boxers go flying off as he throws them across the room, spreading my legs instantly as he leans across me and grabs the lube in my bedside drawer.

Smothering his fingers in the clear gel, he wastes no time in pressing them inside me. I cry out at the feeling as he presses them in deep, my fingers grip onto the bedsheets as he moves quickly.

“F-Fuck Caleb,” I moan out as my eyes look up at the ceiling.

“Is this what you want, my fingers fucking you?” He asks gruffly as he leans down so our chests are touching, his eyes watching mine.

No I want your cock, I beg in my head.

Caleb smirks instantly. “You want my cock huh, pups?”

Oh fuck.

His hand pushes my throat down to the bed as he goes even faster. My dick stings with how hard I am, precum dripping out of the tip and onto my stomach.

Caleb brushes his lips over mine as he smiles. “If you want it, beg me.” He states simply.

I was in no position to fuck around because I wanted him more than I’ve ever wanted his cock in my ass, I was going to fucking explode.

“Caleb,” I pant out as my eyes rim with tears of pleasure. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Fuck you with what?” He challenges, torturing me completely.

My back arches on the bed as I whine. “Fuck, I want your cock Caleb. I want you to fuck me with your cock.”

He pulls his fingers from me and I shudder. He smiles down to me as he pulls off his boxers. “All you had to do was ask,” he says slowly and it just makes me want him more.

Coating his dick in lube before he lines it up with my hole, one quick thrust and he was inside me. I clutch onto the back of his neck my fingers lacing through his hair.

Pushing his way into me as he fills me completely. He’s deep and he’s big and my heart was going to give out any second. He pauses to look at me and I lean up to kiss him. Caleb’s hips finally buckle as he moves in and out of me slow, agonisingly slow.

“Faster,” I beg as I throw my head back down to the bed.

He has a glint of control and satisfaction in his eye. “Patience,” he whispers across my jaw.

“Fuck,” my voice moans gently, I couldn’t take this. I wanted all of him now.

Caleb’s hand reaches down to grip my throbbing dick, pumping me slowly. All I know is that I’m whimpering pathetically into his ear, blood rushing to my face.

He pushes his hips forward with a sharp thrust and I gasp quickly, clutching onto his shoulders. Caleb picks up his pace quickly, his cock stretching my hole and filling me with so much pleasure.

“Oh God,” I moan out as I throw my head back down to the bed.

“You wanted me to fuck you like this pups?” He growls out into my ear as he slams himself into me.

My mouth opens as I let out a shaky breath, my whole body turning to jelly. Caleb’s mouth find mine as he bites down onto my bottom lip, his thumb brushing over my sweet spot. I quake into his mouth, my chest quivering at his touch.

The sound of my headboard bashing into this brick wall was all that I could hear, Caleb grunts harshly occasionally and it only makes me want to come over and over.

He moves his hand from my cock and wraps it around my throat, levelling our eyes together. “Or did you want me to fuck you like this?” He questions as he thrusts in to me even quicker than before.

My eyes almost roll into the back of my head, his cock pressing into my prostate with such force it almost pushes me over the edge. The sound of our skin slapping together and my moans, it felt like I was in a daze.

Caleb’s hand tightens around my neck and I’m close. “Answer me,” he demands and he continues to pound into me, my ass pulsating like mad.

“Yes, I want you to fuck me like this,” I pant put, my eyes clamped shut. Caleb moves his hand to stroke my dick again, his wrist flicking quickly.

He sucks onto my mark making my neck burn in pleasure. “I’m so close,” I whine out.

I can feel as he smirks into my skin, his hips slamming into me. “Come for me,” he whispers slowly.

My eyes snap open to look at his, maintaining eye contact with me. God he was going to absolutely kill me. “I want you to come all over my hand,” he kisses the tip of my chin.

A loud moan escapes my mouth as Caleb’s dick hits my spot perfectly every time, his hand pumping me in rhythm to his thrusts. My member twitches before laces of cum squirts out my tip, various curse words coming out of my lips. My orgasm takes over my whole body as I shake against him.

My body erupting into what felt like flames, my skin was on fire. Caleb slows down before leaning up to look down at my body, gripping my hips as he flips me down onto the bed. My cum smothering into my bedsheets as Caleb pulls my ass up, pushing my head down.

His fingers dip into my throbbing hole, clutching to them for a need of pleasure. “Fuck,” Caleb grunts as he grips onto my ass cheek, his fingers squeezing my skin.

He positions himself at my entrance, teasing me with his thick cock. “Mmm pups,” he groans as he pushes himself into me. “You haven’t seen nothing yet.”

. . .

Caleb leaves me to go back downstairs to make it not look suspicious, I take a shower ridding myself of the smell of sex.

My hands drag through my wardrobe to find something suitable to wear as my shirt and trousers were currently ripped on the floor. So instead I pull on a black jumper and a black pair of jeans before heading towards the stairs.

As I approach the kitchen I stop dead in my tracks as Ava stands looking through a box of alcohol on the floor. Her eyes flick up to mine as she pulls up her dress. “Oh Evan could you help me,” she begs.

“Sure,” I say as I walk towards her.

“The other half of the Prosecco order only just turned up and they asked for my signature.” Ava says as she stands up in a huff.

“Yeah of course, why are you doing this? It’s your wedding day!” I exclaim as I rush to her assistance.

“If you want something done, gotta do it yourself.” She sighs before smiling at me. “Jax and Kayden are helping me, I just want to get it down there quickly.”

Ava picks up a box before meeting Jax at the back door and takes it from her hands. She looks back towards me, her eyes flicking down at my jumper. “What happened to your shirt?” She asks.

“Oh—I spilt some juice down it,” I say quickly before offering her a smile. “You and Jaxon go down, I’ve got this.”

Ava’s eyes go soft at me. “Thank you,” she says as she tilts her head. Her feet take small steps towards me as she wraps her arms around my body.

Quickly hugging her back, her hand pats me on the shoulder before pulling away. She leaves the kitchen and the door shuts behind her, leaning down to open the last box with a pair of scissors. Removing the cardboard packaging with a convenient handle.

Standing up straight as I turn towards the door, a hand grips onto my wrist. My eyes look up and I blink back in shock when I see Sam standing in front of me.

I flinch at him but his hand doesn’t move from my wrist. “What the fuck are you doing Sam?” I say instantly as I let go of the Prosecco box. “What are you doing here?”

Sam sighs before looking down. “Jaxon said I could come if I didn’t make a scene,”

My head shakes at him. “Then what are you doing?” I ask confused as I try to pull my wrist away.

His eyes find mine again, a look of sympathy and guilt. “I’m sorry for what happened between us Evan, I just wished things were different.”

My brows furrow at him. “What are you talking about?”

Sam groans before gripping both of my wrists with his hands, squeezing tightly. “For how I acted towards you, for trying to intimidate you.” His eyes look tired.

Pulling my arms from his grip but he doesn’t let me go. “It’s fine Sam, just let me go,” I tell him, this whole situation seemed strange.

“No it’s not fine,” he says, his jaw tightening. “I left it too long and now you’re with—” he cuts himself off to quickly glance out the window.

My eyes study him carefully. “If you’re trying to say what I think you’re saying then,” I pause for a few moments. “It’s too late. You treated me like shit, you taunted me for being gay and now you try and pull this on me?”

Sam looked like he was going to burst into tears and the sight was making me feel sick. What was going on?

“And Caleb treated you any better?” He moves his face closer to mine.

I stare him back as my chest heaves, anger building inside me. “Caleb didn’t shun me for being abused, for not being able to heal, for not being good enough.”

Sam laughs like what I said was funny, a sick joke to him. “Keeping your relationship a secret for so long is him treating you good?”

“Let go of me,” I demand as I pull away from him, his fingernails now digging into my arm.

“It’s true isn’t it?” He shouts.

My eyes narrow towards him. “You know nothing about us,” I growl out at him.

“Oh but I do,” he says as he leans back slightly and smirks.

“I said let go of me,” my voice grounds out my words harshly.

“You think tha—”

Sam’s body is ripped from me in a flash, I almost fall back from the force. Caleb has Sam up against the wall, his back slamming into the bricks. Caleb’s body was shaking and I could tell that he was seething.

“Touch my mate again and I’ll fucking kill you,” Caleb spits in his face, his arms restraining him to the wall.

Sam’s face flashes fear for a split second before he recovers. “Now you want to play the heroic mate?” Sam challenges him.

Caleb tightens his hand as Sam’s face turns red. “I swear to God,” he says through gritted teeth.

“Caleb stop,” I say. “He’s not even worth it.”

He drops him from the wall but continues to square up to him. “If you don’t leave right now I won’t hesitate to help dig your grave for you,” his voice is deep and didn’t stutter once. His tone was cold and almost made me shiver.

Sam slaps his hand away. “I’m going,” he says before stepping away and walking out of the kitchen.

Caleb turns to me instantly his hands finding my wrists, his fingers gently rub on my skin. “Did he hurt you?” He asks quickly.

I shake my head. “No, he just worried me a little. He was being so weird,” a deep sigh escapes my lips as I move my hands from his to rub my eyes.

“It’s fine pups,” Caleb’s arm loops round my body, his lips pressing down onto my head. “Nothing will happen to you whilst I’m around.”

“I know,” I whisper as I clutch onto him.

“Come we should see Ava and Jaxon,” he tells me. “And besides I need a fucking drink.”

I can’t help but laugh. “You gotta help me carry this though,” my hand points down to the cardboard box full of Prosecco.

“Anything for you,” he flashes me a smile and I turn giddy.

. . .

After the wedding reception Caleb and I drive back to his house with Zara and Felix. Wanting to give the newly-weds as much alone time as possible, not that they ever get any.

I was exhausted to say the least, my body felt heavy and my eyes were fluttering shut. The need to crawl into Caleb’s bed and be surrounded by his scent and his warm body excited me.

“I had a good day,” I comment as Caleb sits down onto his bed taking off the watch on his wrist. “Did you?”

My hands peel off my black jeans as I stand in front of the bed. Caleb instantly nods towards me. “Yeah I did.” He says as he walks towards me slowly.

“I’m trying to ignore that encounter with Sam,” I tell him as he holds my face between his hands.

“Me too,” he agrees. “He’s irrelevant.”

My head nods as Caleb dips his head down to kiss me. He pecks me over and over before smiling, my stomach dancing with butterflies.

The door screeches open from behind Caleb and it instantly catches both of our attention. He turns to look and I peek round the side of him. My heart drops into my stomach and no air comes out of my mouth. Caleb’s body language turns rigid and neither of us know what to do.

A shaky breath leaves my lips as I never take my eyes off him.

Eventually Caleb speaks.


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