His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Thirty Seven



Caleb’s father, Ryker stood in between the doorway, the look on his face harsh and cold.

Caleb’s hand pushes Evan behind him protectively but Evan was tired of hiding from his fears. He was desperate to live his life in happiness.

“Who’s this?” Ryker asks as he flicks his eyes down to Evan.

The room goes silent for a few moments as the painful tension builds. Caleb swallows harshly as he stares back at his father, his nails digging into his palm. “This is my mate, Evan,” he tells him, his eyes staring hard.

Ryker takes slow steps towards them, his broad shoulders and thick legs making both of them look tiny. A laugh leaves his lips but he didn’t find it funny, in fact he felt betrayed. “And in what world did you think that was acceptable?” He loops around them and Caleb keeps his eyes trained on him as his fingers entwine with Evan’s.

Caleb’s chest moves quickly as he registers his dads words. He knew this was going to happen, no matter how much he tried to believe his dad would be supportive of him being homosexual, he knew it would come down to this.

“It’s my life dad, I don’t care what anyone else says.” Caleb says, his voice full of confidence.

Ryker hums as he holds his hand behind his back, continuing to pace around the room. “You never once stopped to think what that would do to my reputation?”

Evan senses Caleb’s distress so he places a kiss to his back gently. “Disown me then,” Caleb starts. “I don’t care, I’m not leaving him.”

“Do you not care what people would think of you?” Ryker narrows his eyes towards his son.

“I don’t care if people know that I’m a homosexual, dad. Because I am and I’m tired of hiding who I really am to please people like you!” Caleb spits out to him, aggression clear in his voice.

“Oh but you don’t have a choice in the matter,” Ryker stops to smirk at them.

Evan’s stomach twists in knots as he hears him speak. Caleb begins to shake his head, his jaw clenching in the process. “Yes I do,” he grounds out angrily. “You can’t stop me.”

Ryker eyebrow rises like he’s accepted a challenge, the smile that played on his lips haunted Evan and he didn’t want to leave Caleb’s side.

“Maybe you’ve forgotten what I can do,” Ryker tells his son.

Caleb grips onto Evan’s hand tighter like he never wanted to let him go. Ryker’s hand raises up to them, his fingers bending into a claw in their directions.

“Dad, don’t!” Caleb warns him, his voice alerting Evan. He was confused what was about to happen, blood rushing to his face instantly and a panic almost setting in. What was Caleb’s dad really capable of?

“Go on,” Ryker mocks him. “Show me that you can stop me.”

Ryker’s hand rises further and swipes it to the side of him, Evan’s body is ripped from Caleb’s and flies across the room, hitting the wall harshly. Caleb shouts out for him as he runs to help but Ryker’s other hand moves to stop Caleb from reaching his mate, suffocating his throat.

How could Caleb possibly forget his fathers powers? The powers he abused in getting his own way, they are unfair to any regular werewolf and could not be defeated.

Evan winces on the ground, his hand moving to rub his back quickly. Ryker’s hand moves to the balcony and Evan’s body rushes through the air and through the glass, shattering it into tiny pieces. Caleb’s eyes rim with tears as he watches his mate fall through the door and outside onto the ground.

Ryker releases his hand from Caleb and he falls to the floor gasping for air. “You want to tell me now that you can stop me?” He asks, his tone nothing but power and dominance. He sounded so pleased with himself.

Caleb’s throat burns and he shakes his head, he would do anything to keep Evan safe. Ryker grabs Caleb by the back of the shirt and whisks them down to where Evan’s body lay, taking them there in less than a second. His ability to move quickly was like no other, he was unstoppable.

Evan’s body was bloody from the glass, his nose bleeding, his eye bruised. Caleb feared the worst as he looked down to his mate, unsure if he was even breathing.

Evan! He cries out desperately through the mindlink.

Ryker lunges his foot forward into Evan’s stomach over and over, enough to make Caleb want to throw up at the sight. Barely being able to move as his father holds him to his place again, Evan chokes out blood from his mouth. His body developing in dark purple bruises.

“Stop fucking hurting him!” Caleb yells helplessly from the side. Attempting to push his father off his mate was a stupid idea because Ryker slams him into the ground using his force without even looking in his direction.

Nothing had hurt Caleb this bad, watching his mate not being able to fight back was heartbreaking. Ryker takes Caleb by the shirt again as he squares up to him, his dark eyes full of vengeance. “You reject him or I swear to God I’ll rip his little body apart, piece by piece,”

If Caleb knew one thing it’s that his father always meant business. Looking up to the man who had no remorse, sweat was dripping off his forehead. Ryker’s hands push Caleb down to the floor as his arms slide against the grass. “I’ll be back for you next week, if I don’t find you here I will track you down and I will track him down. There will be a blood bath so don’t even try to test me.” He growls out before speeding off through the trees.

Evan’s body lay completely still on the floor as Caleb rushes to his side. “Pups,” he says as he grips his face desperately. “Evan, look at me!” He yells.

Tears drip down Caleb’s face, he couldn’t remember the last time he had cried. Evan wasn’t going to die, Caleb wouldn’t let that happen because there was no way he was going to lose his mate. Evan’s eyes part slightly before they shut again.

“Shit,” Caleb curses as he digs out his phone and calls for an ambulance, praying in his head that his mate would be okay.

. . .

Ryker left Evan fighting for his life, for the first two days in hospital he was on a ventilator. His bones were broken, he struggled to breathe without help. But more importantly he hated the fact that he’d been here a week and Caleb hadn’t shown.

Ava and Jaxon had to postpone their honeymoon and as soon as they heard what happened to Evan, they were the first ones at the hospital.

On the seventh day of Evan’s stay, Caleb walks through the hospital doors. He had a lot to think about, he had a lot riding on his and Evan’s life and he needed to make the right decision. One that he didn’t make lightly.

As Caleb walks down the halls to find the room that Evan was staying in, he spots Ava walking towards him. “Where the hell have you been?!” She yells out at him, her voice raising harshly.

Caleb could barely meet her eyes. “Evan has been in despair waiting for you to turn up!” She continues.

“I know,” he says into the floor. “I’m going to see him now.”

Ava folds her arms over her chest and shakes her head like she’s disappointed. Caleb walks past her and stops outside Evan’s door, pausing as he presses his hand to the glass panel. It takes him a few moments to build up the courage to face his mate.

The door opens as Caleb pushes on it, his eyes finding Evan as he lay in the bed. Caleb thought his injuries would have at least almost healed by now but his face was black and blue with bruises and that made Caleb want to cry. He was attached to many different wires and the heart monitor beeping every so often from beside him.

Evan’s eyes instantly light up as they see Caleb which only fuelled his nausea even more. “Where have you been?” Evan cries out to him.

The bond between them was almost visible and the need to touch each other was stronger than ever before.

“Please come over here,” Evan says as a tear slips from his eye. “I need you.”

Caleb tilts his head up to the ceiling and shakes his head. “I can’t Evan,” his voice wobbles.

“What?” Evan sniffles. “Why?”

Caleb’s jaw tightens as he prepares to say the words that he dreaded. “We can’t do this anymore,” he says before looking away.

The sound of Evan’s cries fill the room and shatters Caleb’s heart into a million pieces. “What are you talking about?” He panics, his breathing becoming erratic. The machine begins to beep even louder at his distress.

“Us, Evan.” Caleb clenches his eyes shut as he tries to shut out the painful cries of his mate. “My dad said that he would kill you if we continued what we have.”

Evan’s eyes flick between Caleb’s quickly as his bottom lip quivers. “Why don’t we run away? Go and start our lives somewhere else?” He rushes, a sob getting stuck in his throat.

A hand runs over Caleb’s face, he knew this was going to difficult but he didn’t think it would hurt this bad. “Because he will find us, he will take you away from me and he will hurt you.” Caleb tells him seriously, he was trying his absolute hardest to be strong right now but it was proving difficult.

Evan continues to shake his head like this was a sick joke. “No,” he whines, his tears dripping over his lips. “I don’t care, I just want to be with you.”

Caleb knew that no matter how much he loved Evan that he was not going to change his mind. “The next time I see you isn’t going to be in a body bag, Evan!” Caleb yells out at him, his tears building with thick tears. Evan buries his face into his hands and chants, “No, no, no,” over and over.

“I would rather be without you knowing that you are alive than stay with you and have you killed!” Caleb exclaims to him but Evan wasn’t going to understand.

Evan’s head snaps up towards Caleb, his eyes burning red. “I would rather die than be without you!” He shouts, his voice straining like he’d been yelling all day.

Caleb’s legs turned to jelly, he felt like he was going to collapse. How has his life come to this?

“You don’t mean that,” Caleb tells him, his voice softening.

“I have no one!” Evan cries desperately, his words barely audible. “You came into my life and you gave me everything and now you’re just going to take it away!”

Caleb looks up to the ceiling and lets out a difficult sigh as a tear rolls down his cheek. “I’m doing this for you Evan,”

“No,” he shouts out. “You’re doing this for yourself. How could you do this to me if you loved me?!” Evan’s face turns red with the crying and frustration.

“I am doing this because I love you!” Caleb shouts back. “My father will torture you, he will hurt you. He almost killed you Evan! He won’t hesitate to do it again.”

“Please, please,” Evan begs, his voice cracking.

The pain that raced through Caleb’s body was so numbing that he wasn’t sure how he was going to cope after doing what he was about to do. Caleb wanted nothing more than to give him one last cuddle but he was afraid that if he did he wouldn’t be able to let go, that he would stay with his mate.

“Please Caleb, I am begging you. Don’t leave me,” Evan’s voice wails.

“I’m doing this because I’d never forgive myself if I got you killed, I want you to understand that,” Caleb says slowly before wiping away his stray tears. “I’m sorry for what I’m about to do.”

Evan’s eyes widen at his words. “Wh-what do you mean?” His voice is desperate.

“I, Caleb Vella—”

Sudden realisation washes over Evan’s body and he begins to panic. “No!” Evan’s voice screams over Caleb’s. “Please don’t do this!”

“—reject you Evan Wolfe as my mate.”

Caleb’s heart felt like it had been squeezed and splatted against his bones, he could barely see the second his words leave his lips. His ears started to ring loudly, the room was spinning.

He could still hear the muffled sound of Evan crying as he pushes himself out of the bed and falls onto the cold, hard floor. Attempting to crawl his way to Caleb, his body shaking in pain.

Caleb hated himself for how much he had hurt his mate but knowing he will still be alive after this is how he knows what he’s doing is right. Endless tears escape Caleb’s eyes and this time he doesn’t even bother wiping them away, turning on his heel he walks out of the hospital room with nothing but guilt sitting on his shoulders.

The sound of Evan calling out Caleb’s name was enough to haunt him for the rest of his life. To remind him how he shattered Evan’s heart and rejected him when he needed him the most.

All Caleb cared about was keeping him safe and if that meant they couldn’t be together, then Caleb was going to make that choice.

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