His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Part Two: Caleb’s Prologue



When I was born, I grew up thinking that my family was normal. My dad loved my mom, they both loved us and we were a happy little family. I'm not sure what deceptive childhood I had because this was not the case. My dad was the Alpha of the pack, his life revolved around power and telling others what to do. It was easy to see how quickly it got to his head because the disregard for ethics was evident.

Growing up with my brother was hard, especially when our dad would compare us before we had even reached our teenage years. He noticed that I was genetically smaller than Kyle, this angered him because he was worried I would embarrass him when I got older as I wouldn't be strong like them. Not like I could control how I was developed.

My mom would tell him to stop being so aggressive towards me, she told him it wasn't right shouting at a six year old. Six years old I was when he compared us. I would shield myself from him when I thought he would lash out, flinching from him only made him suspect my weaknesses more.

I'd cry to my mom and this was the final straw for her, she was fed up of seeing me cry when he favoured my brother so clearly. But my dad dismissed this, telling her that she wasn't the Alpha, she had no say in what he chose to do. My mom blew up at him and told him that he shouldn't be treating any of us like this.

For a week I dreamt about my mother, I heard her scream and shout for help, sounding like she was being suffocated. I'd wake up gasping for air only realising that it was a dream.

The final night I had that dream, my mom died the next day. I had no idea what was going on, I was confused and scared. Had I killed her in my dreams? Guilt clouded my thoughts constantly feeling too young to understand what had really happened.


After my mom died everything turned sinister. My dad didn't even seem phased, if anything it was almost like he was glad she was out of his way. As I got older I started to realise that her death was suspicious, seeing it multiple times in my dream after my dad was getting angry at her. He must have done something to her, he didn't show any signs of sadness. I didn't see him grieve once.

Every night I cried because I thought I could have done something, I saw it in my dream and I didn't warn her about it.

That's when my dreams became more vivid, my dreams were predicting the future. If I didn't change something in the present, my dreams would be the outcome. I kept my power to myself, afraid that if I told my dad he would have beaten me.

My dad grew closer to Kyle when we got into our teenage years, he thought that the sun shined out of his ass. I was lucky to even get a look from him on a good day.

Kyle was preparing to become Alpha, my dad was going to leave it all to him because he trusted him that much. I kept my head down, trying my best not to make myself noticeable to either of them.


When I was sixteen Kyle drowned. He tried to save one of my dads pack members in an attack, his leg was injured and he floated down to the bottom of the lake.

My father took out his anger and frustration on me. The verbal abuse never stopped, he used his powers to try and control me.

The reason why he was so upset was because he was sculpting Kyle into being exactly like him, he wanted him to grow up being a fearless nasty Alpha. Then his little project stopped with his death, all the manipulation and the brainwashing. It resulted in nothing for him, nothing to show for at all.

He tried his hardest to manipulate me into being like him. Killing innocent people, hurting innocent people. But I couldn't do it, I knew better. I didn't want that kind of power, I wanted power that was fair.

The words repeated in my head every day. I was a let down to him, an embarrassment, I would never be able to raise a good enough pack.

Finding my mate was something important to him, he was adamant that my mate would turn up one day. As time went on he tried his hardest to match me up with wolves who had royal heritage. I knew what he was doing, he was trying to use me as bait to achieve even more dominance but I wasn't having any of it.

He left me alone when I was eighteen because he didn't want me to bring his pack down so I clung to my best friend Felix and we started our own pack with others whom my dad had rejected.

We stuck together because we were all each other had. I didn't need a biological family because these guys showed me what family really meant.


Sometimes my dads anger would get the better of me, I realised I had inherited his short temper and stubbornness. I tried so hard to drop these bad traits but my dad has forced me into believing that is who I really am deep down, even if I didn't want to show it.

My dad has ruined everything good in my life.

I hated him.

And after this I knew that I had to take him down, I would die trying because I wasn't going to live my life like this anymore.

. . .

Hey gang, a little short prologue for Caleb. I know some of you wanted to know more about his past!

Probably isn't the chapter all you guys were expecting but the next one will be the first chapter in Caleb's POV on the current situation!

I know you guys are mad at Caleb and what happened but if you've been with me from the start of His Second Chance and stuck with me throughout all 3 books, then you would completely trust me❤️

As the author I know what I'm doing haha

See you guys very soon, Savanna x
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