His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Thirty Eight


I wasn't sure what hurt more. The pain in my heart or hearing Evan cry out for me. My stomach twists in knots of regret and a wave of nausea washes over me, I can't believe I did that to him.

No matter how much I knew it was the best thing to do, it was hard to accept seeing him like that. He's going to hate me for the rest of his life but I know for a fact I will find him again at some point, later on in our lives. This isn't the end for us, it was just the beginning. I had something to take care of first to make sure we wouldn't be separated again.

On the drive back to the house my mind is clouded with a million different thoughts, my head starts to pound harshly. I had to tell someone what I did, the thought of Ava and Jaxon thinking I had done this because I didn't want him was a terrifying thought.

Jaxon... My mindlink calls out to him.

Caleb, what the fuck is going on?

I angrily wipe away with my tears with my hand before slamming it back down onto the steering wheel.

Tell Evan I'm sorry. I'm doing this for him and I need you guys to look after him.

Caleb you need to explain right fucking now! Jaxon demands in my head.

It's my dad, I had to do this Jaxon. Believe me it was the last thing I wanted to do but I have to keep him safe. Please look out for him. I plead.

Jaxon's reply takes a few moments before I hear him speak, okay.

Shutting off our mindlink before I pull into the drive. A strange feeling runs down my spine as my skin raises in goosebumps, something wasn't right.

As I climb out of my car I am instantly met by my father, he looms by the front door. His eyes are narrowed towards me as he watches my every move. I wanted nothing more than to rip his eyeballs out and feed them to him, just looking at him made me want to throttle him.

"Is the deed done?" His deep voice asks as I stop in front of him.

My eyes watch him for a few moments, I feel my fingers twitch at my sides. "Yes it is," I barely make out.

Ryker tilts his head towards me like he didn't believe a word I said. "Are you sure about that?" He taunts.

Having to ball my hands into fists to stop myself from shaking. "Yes I'm sure," I say through gritted teeth.

"Maybe I should get one of my men to go check him out," Ryker shrugs casually, his gesture nothing more than to get under my skin.

"No," I growl out. The thought made my skin crawl, this wasn't part of the deal. "You don't go anywhere near him. No one goes anywhere near him."

Ryker smirks before looking down to the floor. "You look like shit," he comments. "So I already know you did it."

I wanted to smack that stupid fucking smile off his face.

"In a way I kind of wish you stayed so I could have ripped his throat out in front of you," he smiles at me evilly.

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up." I pant between my words. My wolf was ready to shift and I had to try my hardest to keep him at bay. "I did what you said, so you don't lay a finger on him."

Ryker's chuckle fills the air which adds to my fuelling frustration. "Don't worry," he says cheerily. "You won't ever find out what happens to him because I'm taking you to my pack."

I instantly shake my head at him. "No," I stand my ground.

Ryker moves towards me in less than a second, his hand aimed towards my neck. He clenches his fist and I'm instantly choking, my hands reach up to my neck but it was useless because it was forced energy.

"Now you listen to me you ungrateful little swine," he spits at me. "You're coming with me to my pack. You'd think I'd leave you here knowing you'd go running back to your little mate?"

My face felt like it was turning blue, my lungs about to burst. I struggle to shake my head as I attempt to breathe knowing that it was physically impossible.

"Don't worry though," he grits his teeth. "You won't be able to contact anyone because I'm wiping your ability to mindlink. What a better way to start your new life!"

His hand moves down and I fall to the floor, my lungs taking large gasps for the air. "Do—n't," I choke out as I hold my palm up to him.

Ryker laughs again, he sounded sorry for me for being so weak. "Try and stop me," he says. I hated those words, every time he would abuse his powers he would say 'stop me.' It was like a sick form of dominance knowing that I couldn't do anything, he loved others misery.

He swipes his hand again and for a few moments my vision goes, he was in my head. He starts to disconnect all the wires that matched up my mindlink, he knew exactly what he was doing. He knew how to edit someone's brain as a form of control, it was a disgusting invasion of privacy.

I had to stop this. "Felix! Feli—"

Ryker's slams his hand around my mouth to stop me from shouting. "You do that again and I'll go straight to the hospital now and murder that little mate of yours."

His hand pushes me down to the floor, my vision still completely black. My head falls to the floor as I regain my vision. "There," he says. "Good as new."

Peeking my eyes up to him, I despised every thing about him. How he was blessed with such powerful abilities was beyond me, I wished they could have gone to better use. Someone who deserved them.

Ryker leans down to me so that our faces are level. "Best behaviour for my people," he grins directly at me. His grey eyes bore into mine, lifeless and cold.

He wasn't going to get away with this and I knew that for sure.

. . .

Reaching Ryker's pack house felt like it took an eternity. My eyes instantly look out the window and up at his pack house. It wasn't what I was expecting at all, it was dark and gloomy. Almost dungeon like. Surely this couldn't be where they lived?

"Get out," Ryker yells at me and I hesitantly pop the car door open.

My eyes train on the tall building in front of me, two guys stand on the front door and nod to Ryker to show their respects. We stop directly in front of them, they watch me carefully. "Take him to the basement," Ryker says as he shoves me towards them, my feet stumbling slightly.

They both grip my arms and wrap me in silver, I yell out at the pain and bite down on my tongue to try and redirect the pain but it was no use. Ryker continues to smirk at my reaction and holds his hands behind his back. "A few weeks in isolation I think," he nods towards the guards. "I think he needs to dwell on the bad decisions he has made."

"Wai—" my left leg is kicked before I can even finish talking.

"Shut up," Ryker snarls at me. "Basement. Now."

My body is aggressively pulled into the house and down the hall, my eyes watch every little detail. The peeling paint, endless cobwebs, the wet floor. The guards stop in front of a wooden door and quickly push it open, the sound of shouting and screaming swamps my ears instantly.

"Let's go," the guard to my left grumbles as he yanks me down the stairs.

"What's that sound?" I ask feeling concerned.

The desperate screams of people makes my body go rigid.

"Shut the fuck up," I'm told as I get smacked harshly in the back of the head.

My eyes almost deceive me when I see what is downstairs. Women crying out as they push their hands through the railings of their cells, children screaming and men shouting. My heart rate increases as I look around at them all, crammed into tiny rooms. Dirty, malnourished, scared.

I rattle against the hold of the guards and push myself into the silver wrapped around my wrists. Growling out at the pain as I'm pulled down to the end of the basement. A room that is so far away from everyone else that their cries only sound like distant murmurs.

I'm pushed roughly into the room as I crash onto the ground, my arm scraping against the cold cobble floor. "Sleep tight princess," one of the guards grins towards me devilishly.

My body shoots up to my feet so quickly that I almost fall again, I can hear the guards chuckle as they watch me struggle. Attempting to reach for the door but they shut it before I can get anywhere near it. The door is bolted shut and I scream out, pounding my fist into the metal.

"Let me out you fucking bitch!" I yell loudly.

The door had a tiny eye slit to look outside, other than that it was just these four walls. No windows, no bed, no nothing.

I turn to look out the eye slit again and my eyes meet with someone who I knew looked familiar. "Dominic?" I call out.

I've known Dominic almost the whole of my life, I always knew he was a part of my dads pack but I had no idea it was like this.

His head snaps towards my direction and he quickly looks over his shoulder. "Tell me what the fuck is going on!" I yell at him.

Dominic rushes to my cell door and presses his finger to his lips. "You don't wanna be shouting," he tells me quietly.

"And so what?" My voice raises at him.

"They'll come and beat you Caleb, so I suggest you stop," he warns me.

"I don't fucking care, let me out!" I shout as I look at his dark blue eyes.

"I can't," he says before shaking my head. "Ryker's orders. I've got to go." He says, his eyes don't meet mine and I know something's wrong.

This wasn't right, how could this be a pack?

I watch as he walks away, a deep growl escapes my lips as I slam my hands into the door. The silver still sizzling into my skin, I begin to angrily pull it off my wrists. Not caring that it was uncomfortable, my eyes start to water at the pain.

Time ticks past and no one comes down to the basement. I slide down the wall in defeat and rest my head between my knees. The sound of the roof dripping onto a puddle on the floor was the only thing I could hear and it was driving me crazy.

It was either listen to the dripping water or listen to my running thoughts about Evan. Both felt like torture and realised that I'd end up doing both.

Tears gather in my eyes as I attempt to mindlink Felix, I knew it was useless but I was going to try anything to get out of here.

When I don't receive a reply I shake my head angrily. "Fuck," I curse as I slam my hands into the floor. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

All I can see in my mind is Evan, his heartbroken face, those tears that fell down his broken skin. I sob into my hands as I fall onto my side, my skin feeling damp from the floor. My chest heaves as I struggle to catch my breath thinking about how much pain he was in, the stinging sensation in my heart makes me want to throw up.

The headache I've had all day proceeds to get worse, my wolf crying out to me for rejecting our mate. Nothing I did would have been the right choice because either way he would of been hurt. I hate myself for having to make that decision and rip our bond.

But I was going to see him again and there wasn't a doubt about it.

. . .

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