His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Forty


"Come on," I say to Evan. "Just try it."

He walks towards me on the grass, his hands entwined on top of his head. "Caleb, I have no physical strength. This is embarrassing." He rolls his eyes.

"I don't care what you say," I tell him as I look up to him from the ground. "Let's just try it, I know you can."

His blue eyes flick between mine for a few moments and I can tell that he was debating his options in his head. "Okay fine but you don't get to laugh at me," he grumbles as he sinks down to the floor in front of me.

"When would I ever laugh at you?" I question as I flash a grin towards him.

His eyes shoot me daggers for a moment. "So tell me what we're doing," he says as he rubs his eyes.

"Well you need to gain some core strength, that's where your physicality should lie. So let's practice planking." My hands instantly press to the floor and dig the tip of my shoe into the ground, my stomach muscles contracting.

Evan watches me before trying to recreate what I am doing. Our eyes meet as he comes down to my level, his face is scrunched up and I couldn't help but think that he looked constipated but I didn't tell him that, he was too cute. "Fuck," he breathes out. "This hurts."

"It's meant to," I breathe out. "Exercise isn't meant to be easy."

"Why can't we do yoga or something?" He groans and I can't help but laugh.

"Right, lets do hand taps."

Evan's face falls at my words. "What?"

A smile creeps up onto my face as I look at him. My hand reaches up and my eyebrows indicate down for him to touch my hand with his.

"Are you kidding?" He says before raising his arm to touch my skin. I notice his elbows are shaking and he was trying hard to make a good impression which I found so fucking adorable.

"A few more," I encourage him.

"Caleb," he whines, his face completely red. "My heart is going to stop."

I have to resist the urge to roll my eyes at him because I knew that wasn't the kind of reaction he needed. "When did you get that Oscar?" I question deeply.

His eyes narrow at me, his face full of confusion. "What?"

"That Oscar for being so damn dramatic," I say before cracking a smile towards him.

Evan stops instantly. "You did not just call me dramatic," he says as his legs buckle and he falls onto his knees.

"You bet I did," I grin up to him as I relax down onto my front.

He pushes himself up from the floor and rubs his palms into his thighs. "You're lucky I love you," he warns me. "Otherwise you wouldn't have got away with that."

I let out a sharp breath through my nose as I move to sit properly in front of him. "Oh really?" I challenge him as my hand raises up to push back a few of his blonde curls.

"Yeah, really," he says harshly as he raises his eyebrows once in my direction. As much as he tried to act tough, I knew he was a little sweet puppy at heart.

"Oh shut up and come here," I say as I reach my arms out to him and pull him into my body. He instantly relaxes into me as we topple over onto the grass behind us.

His soft laugh vibrates against my skin as my hands rub up and down his back, there was no better place than having him in my arms.

. . .

I don't even realise my mind had switched off and I started to daydream until something prods my arm. Turning my head to the right as I see Lola knelt down beside me, her eyes wide realising that she had caught my attention.

"Sorry," she mumbles. "I was just looking at your tattoos."

My lips twitch up into a smile as I shake my head towards her. "That's okay," I say quietly.

Her eyes trail over my arms and she looks content. "This is honestly the most exciting thing I have seen since being here," she admits.

"Lola," Fi warns from behind us. "Leave him alone,"

"It's okay," I tell her with a smile. "I don't mind."

She nods back to me gratefully as her daughter takes my wrist so she can inspect the ink sitting on the inside.

"Do you want any tattoos?" My voice comes out quiet.

Lola shrugs as she continues to trace lines through my skin. "Sure," she says. "But I don't know what. I don't want to regret it."

I nod at her words as her little finger comes to a stop. "That's true," I agree. "You should definitely think about it before you get inked with something you barely wanted."

Lola asks about specific tattoos and what they meant, occasionally having to pretend we were sleeping whilst guards walked by the door.

"I think they're so cool," she grins at me.

"Thanks," I tell her as I push myself into the wall.

Lola's eyes stay on me, her fingers picking at the skin on her nail beds. "Can I," she pauses for a few moments. "Can I ask you a question?"

I lean forward and nod my head. "Of course,"

"Your dad has those powers right?" She asks as she pushes her dark blonde hair behind her ears.

"Yeah, he does," I clarify.

"Do you have them?" She asks curiously, her eyes lighting up like a sense of hope.

My head begins to shake at her. "I don't," I sigh as my head falls back onto the bricks.

Her lips turn into a little frown. "Have you ever tried?"

I think about her question as my eyes move away from her and to the opposite wall. "No," I say eventually. "I haven't."

Lola grins at me like she just got a lightbulb in her head. "Maybe you have powers but they're repressed like Matilda's,"

"Who?" I ask as my head tilts at her.

Her mouth hangs open in shock. "You know Matilda, the movie?" She narrows her eyes towards me like I'm stupid. "Her parents treated her badly so she gained powers to help her."

I purse my lips and shake my head not having a clue what she was talking about. "Nope,'

She groans before rolling her eyes, her hand coming up to slap herself in the forehead. "Forget it,"

"I don't really watch movies," I explain.

"It's a bloody classic," she shakes her head at me in disbelief.

I laugh because she had some character and I needed someone to be real with me right now. "I'll watch it when we get out of here,"

Her eyes watch mine for a few moments. "You reckon we will get out of here?" Her voice dips low as she twiddles her hair between her fingers, a gesture that made me think she was feeling anxious.

My hand reaches up to grip her hand that was aggressively pulling at her hair. She stops as she looks at me. "I know we will," I whisper in complete honesty.

Lola looks over her shoulder at her mom, she's asleep on the bed with her back turned to us. I watch her eyes as they fall slightly. "My mom tries so hard to be positive for me," she whispers, her voice croaking slightly. "I think somewhere deep down she knows we'll never be able to escape this hell hole, but she tries to keep me believing."

My heart clenches at her words as I look back over to Fi. "She keeps telling me about how much of my life I have to live and how this is not the end."

"It's not the end," I lean forward and reach for her hand. Her dark eyes glance up at me but I could tell she didn't believe my words. "I promise."

She nods back at me. "Then we should test if you have any powers,"

"Okay," I agree with her. My head knew that if I had powers I would have discovered them a long time ago, surely they would have made themselves known by now.

Lola grins brightly at me realising how much this meant to her.

"Ryker always does that thing with his hand where he can push someone up against a wall by their throat," she explains as she holds her arm out to me in a demonstration.

"I'm not doing that to you," I state instantly as I shake my head.

"I know," she says as she places her hands behind her neck to remove her pendant necklace.

Lola places it onto the floor in front of me and moves out of the way. "Try move the necklace into the wall, I'm sure the ability to do it to a wolf takes a lot of strength so maybe starting off with something small might work?" She suggests.

Her optimism was keeping me going, she was adamant this would work so I guess I needed to try.

My eyes focus on the gold necklace on the floor, raising my hand up to the jewellery. "Keep an eye on the door," I mumble to her.

A deep breath leaves my lips as I channel all my inner feelings onto the necklace on the floor. My brain begins to sting as I focus on trying to push it into the wall, my hand vibrating and it felt like my blood had turned cold.

I relax my hand and let out a croak, my mouth had become completely dry.

"What happened?" Lola asks from beside me.

"Nothing," I say as I lick my lips.

"Please try again," she almost begs. "I know you can do it."

Her dark eyes plead with me and I wanted nothing more than to help her and Fi, if anyone was going to defeat my father it would be me. There was no more time to waste, I wanted to get them out of here, I needed to see Evan. It was now or never.

My jaw clenches as I raise my hand up to her necklace again. I block out everything I can hear and let my mind go blank, my eyes fixate in front of me and I use all the force I have into my body and through my hand. The feeling of an unknown destiny washes over me, my whole body started to tingle and my eyes watered painfully.

Blood rushes to my head and it felt like it was going to explode, my hand shakes violently and Lola lets out a quick gasp.

Her necklace twitches for a moment before I shove my hand forward again, the gold going flying into the wall with a force I never knew I was capable of.

It smashes into the wall and snaps in two, the sound alerting Fi as she turns in the bed and looks directly at us.

My mouth gapes open and what just happened as I quickly tense my fist before releasing it again.

I have my dads powers.

"Holy fuck," Lola curses as she stares down at the necklace on the floor, her eyes glassed over with awe.

"There better be good damn explanation why you're cursing Lola May," Fi's stern voice comes from behind us.

She turns to her mom, a bright smile on her face. "I was right," she whispers.

"About what?" Fi questions as she rubs her eyes and swings her legs around the side of the bed.

"About Caleb having his dads powers!" She exclaims a little too loudly, Fi presses her finger to her lips instantly and Lola's mouth shuts. "He just moved my necklace into the wall without touching it." She mouths.

Fi's eyes shoot wide before they find mine. "Is that true?" She asks in disbelief.

I nod towards her. "Yeah," my eyes close for a second like I couldn't even believe it myself. "It is."

Fi pushes her hair out of her face before turning back to her daughter, she doesn't even know what to say.

"I need your help," I whisper. "To come up with a plan."

Lola nods as she moves closer. "We'll do anything,"

"First I'm going to need someone on the inside," I say as I flick my eyes between theirs.

"How we gonna do that?" Fi says in defeat.

I swallow before looking through the cell door. "Don't worry," I say quietly. "I've got a plan for that."

. . .

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