His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Forty One


My powers have become stronger, Lola helped me build up my abilities by being my motivator over the last few days.

Using my powers fucking hurt, my head felt like it was going to combust and my brain was going to squirt out my ears. The pain was bearable by the time I was stronger to move bigger objects but keeping myself going was a struggle. Lola was in my ear constantly telling me to not give up and she knew how strong I was. Occasionally she splurged a sassy remark when I struggled, which only made me laugh and want to try harder for her.

I slept a lot, my body feeling exhausted from overworking it. Every inch of my skin felt sore and tender, never have I felt like this. It was such an alien feeling as wolves repair quickly but this reminded me of Evan and how he would have felt like this every time he got hurt. He truly was a fighter because this was a new found pain that I never wanted to experience again.

Lola and I also tried the mind control that Ryker used to disconnect my mindlink abilities but I soon came to the conclusion that it would take years of practice to even know where to begin. It was complicated and required a lot of strength and right now, I didn't have much of it.

In the mean time I was watching the guards and keeping an eye out for Dominic, he hadn't come round for his shift in a few days and it was making my skin itch, as I anticipated when I would see him.

Fi tells me that when Ryker takes his next sacrifice, that is when we should attack. Most of the guards go upstairs with Ryker leaving only one guard downstairs, an observation that gave us an advantage point and I praised her for her watchful eyes. It's probably easy to turn a blind eye to everything when you're stuck between these walls, not watching what's going on outside.

She did know this place like clockwork.

The plan is to let Ryker take his victim upstairs whilst Dominic stayed downstairs, thats if he even wanted to take part in our getaway.

I knew Dominic and this wasn't him, he was the kindest soul. My father must have brainwashed him into a sanctuary here, scared that if he leaves or rebels he will be killed.

We needed more recruits which is why I had to get Dominic to help me, this was our only hope. I needed the support of others, we needed to create an army and take down Ryker once and for all.

Sitting with my back pressed against the harsh wall, I listen out to Wes and Dominic. They mention it's August which makes me almost shudder, how had I been here for four months?

"You good for the night shift?" I hear Wes' voice subtly.

"Yeah all good," Dominic replies.

I wait for the sound of Wes' footsteps up the stairs before I shoot up and look through the metal bars. My eyes glance from left to right in the dim lit hall barely seeing what's in front of me.

"Dominic?" I whisper out, my voice echoing slightly from the silence.

For a few moments I hear nothing until he appears in front of me all of a sudden, I take a quick breath. He blinks at me a few times, his face free of any emotion.

"We're not allowed to talk Caleb," he tells me. "You know that."

"I need your help," I say lowly, as quiet as possible.

Dominic glances towards the stairs before lowering his head. "You need to shut up," he mumbles.

A croaky sigh leaves my lips as I flick my eyes over his face. "Please hear me out," my voice pleads to him.

"Caleb," he narrows his eyes towards me. "I'm warning you."

My hands wrap around the bars and I push my mouth between them so I can get somewhat closer to him. "I know this isn't like you," I say sincerely. "I know what you were like growing up, doing this isn't you."

His eyes burn red with anger. "You don't know me," he says through gritted teeth but there was an unsettling feeling in his eye, like he knew I was telling the truth.

"I know you're scared," I nod towards him. "Trust me we all are but I want to get out of here and I'm sure you don't want to live this life forever. Being used like a puppet by my dad to fulfil his needs when you don't enjoy what you're doing whatsoever."

Dominic's Adams apple bobs for a moment, he chews on the inside of his mouth before he lowers his head to the floor again.

"If you've ever felt like you don't belong here or you wished that you could lead a different life then help us," my words shake slightly. "Please, please I am begging you."

Dominic clamps his eyes shut for a short moment, his body language making me assume that he doesn't know what to do.

I needed to earn his trust and the only way I knew how was to be open and honest.

"You should know something," I say to get his attention again.

His eyes look up at me and he nods once for me to carry on.

"My dad's powers," I pause. "I have them."

Dominic's eyes flick between mine quickly, I had no idea what he was thinking. This could easily go one of two ways; he helps us and we get out or he gives me up to my father knowing that I was planning an escape.

Dread rises to my throat as I realise how much of a possibility this could be but I knew deep down without him we might not escape.

"What do you need me to do?" He replies eventually and I let out a quiet sigh of relief.

"God," I say. "You scared me for a moment."

Dominic moves closer to me. "Tell me what we need to do," he says lowly.

"First I need you to move me to a different cell, I need to get more people in on the plan. We need them to be outnumbered." My hands squeeze onto the railings.

Dominic nods back to me. "Okay," he tells me. "Let's do it now."

. . .

Word of our plan spreads like wildfire, the amount of people that were desperate to get out of here made me want to succeed even more. At first I was worried that people would dismiss my idea knowing what my father is capable of but once I explained about my powers and having Dominic on our side, it allowed people to see that there was hope this could actually work.

The saddest part is that a lot of these people would actually die trying to get out of here, this is no life for them, we're all just rotting away and letting Ryker gain what he feels like is greater power.

When Dominic moved me to a different cell and I bonded with those who were withering away between these walls, I could see the determination in their eyes. They wanted to see Ryker suffer as much as I did and that was the hunger inside me burning, I was desperate for his blood.

Wes asks Dominic why I've switched cells and he quickly covers our tracks by saying that I was causing a nuisance in the last. Wes peers his head into Fi and Lola's cell, his eyes lingering a little too long for my liking. He turns back to me and looks me dead in the eye before smirking.

"What, couldn't control yourself?" He jokes. "I know it's probably been a while since you got some action." Bile raises in my throat and I want to rip his tongue out.

I know what he was insinuating and I hate how vulgar he is, the way that he thinks that talking like that is acceptable.

Resisting the urge to lash out, I just grit my teeth and stare up at him from the floor.

Wes snorts at me before walking off.

"Don't let him get to you," Thomas from beside me whispers.

"Trust me, I won't, " I grit out. "I'll save it for later."

Thomas smiles from beside me as he slaps his hand down onto my shoulder. "My man,"

. . .

The wait for the next sacrifice felt like years, everyone was raring to go and ready to break free from this prison. I missed Lola's company, I missed her sassy personality that constantly kept me on my toes. She made this time seem bearable and she always had some goofy teenage story to tell which kept my imagination ticking over.

Footsteps echo through the hall as Thomas comes alert to the sound. His eyes turn to me wide, "Ryker." He says.

I nod towards him and sit up against the wall as we all watch him walk past each cell slowly. He peers through the bars and smirks, a look that made me stomach churn with nausea. My eyes find Dominic's as he stands closer to the door, two other guards behind Ryker.

"Hmm," Ryker says, his deep voice rumbling through the cold air. "Who will I choose today?"

My head turns to take a quick look as Thomas who was having to take deep breaths at the current situation. They all lived in genuine fear and I couldn't wait to see Ryker's face when I finally end his pathetic little life.

"Whose blood will I drain until you are nothing but skin and bones?" He questions sourly.

His body moves out of view as he walks further down the hall, the sound of his heels digging into the floor clang loudly. He's trying to create fear and suspense, he thrives off other people being scared and I don't even know how he has a heart.

Ryker turns at the end of the hall and walks back, he stops directly in front of my cell and looks over each of us. Thomas looks away like that would make a difference from Ryker seeing him, I was the only person who could look him in the eye.

"Caleb," he greets sarcastically. "It's so nice to see you."

My head shakes towards him as I grit my teeth together painfully.

His head turns into Fi and Lola's cell opposite and I notice how they are clutching onto each other, no matter how hard Lola tries to not look phased she still looks absolutely terrified.

Ryker leans forward to grip onto the railings as he faces them. "I see you've taken a liking to my son," he directs to Lola.

She nervously swallows and doesn't reply.

"What's it like to be a suck up?" He spits aggressively towards her.

Her body begins to shake in her moms arms and I was a second away from reacting.

"You know young blood is the best," he tells her darkly.

She shakes her head and buries herself further into Fi mumbling, "No, no, no," over and over.

Fi's eyes burn with tears as she stares up to Ryker.

"Come on Lola," Ryker slams his hand down onto the railings causing them both to jump. "It's time to sacrifice yourself to me."

. . .

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