His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Forty Two


"It's time to sacrifice yourself to me."

Wes instantly opens their cell with the keys attached to his belt, my eyes remain on Lola as she shakes her head violently. Tears sprouting out of her eyes in fear.

Lola is grabbed aggressively and ripped away from Fi who cries out for her, sobs echoing against the walls. "Lola!" She yells helplessly from the ground.

"Please don't do this," Lola murmurs as her tears reach her lips. "Please don't kill me."

Ryker smirks at her. "God I love it when they beg for their lives, it only makes the sacrifice sweeter." He says as he dips his head down to her level, his eyes full of excitement.

Lola screams out as she is pulled out of the cell and the door is locked behind her. Fi rushes to the bars and yells for her daughter, pain evident in her voice.

Lola's eyes catch mine as she passes and I finally letting out a breath that I didn't know I was holding. Scurrying to my feet and rushing to the door as I attempt to get their attention.

"Wait," I reach out through the cell.

Ryker stops dead in his tracks and cranks his head towards me.

"Sacrifice me," my voice hoarse in desperation. "Let her go and you can sacrifice me."

The air turns eerily silent in shock. Ryker stalks forward to my cell and grins at me, his teeth thick with dirt. The stench of his breath was enough to make my lungs contract for a few moments.

"Oh my sweet, sweet boy," he chimes. "I was saving you for a special time but if you're so desperate then I'm all for it."

I resist the urge to strangle him but instead I keep myself under control. "Anything to stop you taking the life of a fucking teenager, you sick fuck,"

Ryker's jaw ticks and he smirks to himself. "Well that's great," he nods at me enthusiastically. "Because once you're dead the opinion you have on me sacrificing Lola will be non-existent."

"You fuc—"

"Let's go," Ryker calls as Wes reopens Lola's cell and shoves her inside.

Lola hits the floor and snaps her head to look up at me. Wes moves to unlock my cell and grabs me, his fingernails digging into my skin. "You're a fucking idiot," Wes laughs sourly. "Grab him George,"

Lola grips onto the cell bars, tears continuing to stream down her face. "Caleb," she cries out, her body shaking.

"I said let's go!" Ryker roars and I'm pulled down the hall by Wes and George.

"Matilda," I mouth to Lola and she nods back at me, her eyes burning.

Dominic stands at the end of the hall, his arms crossed over his chest. Our eyes meet and I couldn't tell what he was thinking, just wishing that this will go to plan otherwise I am going to be dead.

When we reach the top of the stairs and I look towards the entrance of the house, my eyes begin to burn from seeing light for the first time in ages.

Attempting to shield my eyes as I'm pulled away from the light instantly. Watching as Ryker's thick boots click against the floor whilst he pushes open two wooden doors. A cold rush of air hits my face quickly and I look forward at the stain glassed windows.

Wes and George instantly push me down onto my knees, my bones hitting the block of stone harshly. They both hold a hand onto my shoulder to keep me down, Ryker pacing back and forth was making me feel uneasy.

He takes slow and steady steps over to a cabinet, once opened the amount of knives and deadly weapons made me want to throw up. Ryker's fingers gingerly pick up a smooth machete, sliding his hand over it a few times.

"Why are you doing this?" I question, my voice catching us all by surprise.

Ryker's dark eyes glance up at me as his hand stops moving. "Doing what?" He questions.

"Being a fucking asshole," I grit out. "You never needed to be such a nasty piece of work. Killing innocent people is disgusting and vile."

He walks towards me and stands opposite, his hand raises to smack me round my face. My cheek begins to burn, his strength like no other.

"Who do you think you are talking to me like that?" He growls out at me.

"Someone who is not a fucking psychopath," I spit out to him.

Ryker reaches for my wrist and runs the sharp blade down my arm, my crimson blood raising to the surface in an instant. I clamp down on my bottom lip as the pain burns harshly, my blood now dripping onto the floor.

His hand runs down my arm, smothering his skin with my blood. Raising his fingers to his mouth as he gently licks off my blood, his eyes roll into the back of his head and I pull a face of disgust.

What sort of fucked up vampire shit was this?

Ryker snatches my right wrist and quickly runs the blade down my skin, blood oozing out of the wound. He drops the machete onto the floor, clanging against the stone ground. Grabbing my wrist with both hands before he sucks on my arm, his throat growling out in pleasure.

A loud crash echoes from behind us and Ryker rips his mouth from my arm, his teeth doused in my blood. His eyes open and alert to the sound, he looks towards Wes. "Go find out what that was," he says gruffly.

Wes nods and his hand leaves my shoulder before he leaves the room. Ryker turns and walks towards the cabinet, his eyes slowly looking over each blade taking his time.

My eyes flick down to the machete that is a few inches from my knees. I slowly glance up at George who has a hold of my arm but his eyes lay firmly on Ryker.

In a flash of a second I grab the machete before swinging it with my right hand, slicing straight over George's neck. Blood squirting out of his wound like a waterfall, his eyes almost bulge out of his head as he grasps his neck desperately.

He falls onto his back which causes Ryker to turn and look towards me, his eyes turning dark with anger.

A scream comes from down the hall and my ears ring with the sound of pain, a howl of a wolf.

"What the fuck have you done?!" Ryker yells at me as he holds his hand up and walks towards me.

Before he has the chance to strangle me with his force, my hand moves quickly to grip his. Ryker takes a breath, struggling to understand how I was currently doing what I was doing.

The force starting to make my head pulsate with discomfort.

"Doing what I should have done a long time ago," I yell out to him.

The dagger that Ryker was holding in his hand somehow flicks up and flies through the air. Stabbing right into my arm causing me to drop my hand and letting Ryker free from my force.

Footsteps rush behind me, a choir of pattering.

My hand raises up to rip the knife out of my arm before Ryker beings to strangle me with his powers. My airways being squeezed, there was no room to breathe.

"Oh Caleb," Ryker taunts. "You stupid, stupid boy. How did you think you could defeat me?"

"Caleb!" Fi's voice calls from behind me as multiple people's voices can be heard behind me.

Ryker raises his other hand and focuses on Fi, slamming her into the wall as her body buckles onto the cold floor.

"Mom!" Lola screams out for her.

My bulging eyes almost pop out of my head as I attempt to crank my neck towards Fi, her body laying lifelessly on the floor. Lola at her side desperately crying out for her.

Ryker's deep laugh ripples through the air, my attention turning back to him. My face felt like it was turning white with the lack of blood, my lungs almost giving out.

My eyes fall droopy, his force getting tighter with every second that ticked by. Vision becoming distorted, the only thing I could hear was Lola's screams for help.

A growl from behind Ryker almost shakes the room, his body flying across the floor with force as he is mounted by a dark brown wolf.

I drop to the floor, gasping for deep breaths. Taking a quick glance to Lola, tears streaming down her red face. "Do something Caleb," she mumbles across the floor.

The look in her eyes broke my heart and I knew that this wasn't just my life, it was everyones.

Standing up, shaking myself off as I watch Ryker struggle against the wolf on top of him. Continuing to dodge his sharp teeth that were aiming for his neck.

"You didn't want to fucking mess with me Dominic," Ryker screams out at him.

Ryker grits his teeth before launching Dominic off him with his hands, his wolf crashing into the stone pillar. Grabbing a sharp dagger from the cabinet before propelling it towards Dominic on the floor, stabbing him right in the heart.

A shaky breath leaves my lips as Dominic yelps out in pain, his wolf fitting from his injury. Ryker raises both his hands and aggressively snaps his wrists, Dominic's neck snapping in unison.

A feeling of hatred rushes through my body.

Before Ryker can even turn to use his force on me again, I charge towards him channelling all my inner feelings into my hands and out at him. I don't even realise that I'm screaming, my head pounding in pain.

Catching Ryker completely off guard as he falls onto his back, my power continuing to push him into the wall.

I could taste iron in my mouth, my nose running with thick blood. My hands shake as I bend my fingers and focus on his mind.

Ryker yells out and clamps his hands over his ears, the pressure was crushing his brain and causing an immense amount of pain.

"You can go fuck yourself," my voice roars.

He can barely open his eyes as I squeeze my hands together even more, my ears bursting with pressure.

My eyes settle on a tall gold candle holder on the mantel piece beside me, using one hand to grab it and kicking Ryker over onto his back.

Gritting my teeth as hard as possible to remain focused on destroying his pathetic little mind.

His eyes open for a split second, a look of nothing but fear and regret. My whole body begins to violently shake. "This one's for Evan you son of a bitch," I growl before impaling him with the candle holder through his heart.

Blood croaks out of his mouth as I pull it out in two tries before shoving it through his throat. "And that was from me. Go rot in hell." His blood squirts so high that it hits me in the chin, his warm blood felt better than it should have.

Ryker stares up at the ceiling for a few moments before his body falls limp. A harsh breath leaves my lips as I push myself off my dead father and wipe my nose with my fingers.

My eyes linger on his body for a few moments, taking in the fact that I have actually killed him. This was the end of his bullshit, I was no longer going to be in fear of him because I defeated him.

"Caleb!" Lola screams from the other side of the room.

The sound of her voice alerts me in a second and I jump to my feet, running directly to her.

Lola whines, tears and snot completely covering her face. Fi lay beside her still unconscious, her body bruised and bloodied. "Caleb," she mumbles. "Do something, she won't wake up."

"Okay, okay," I rush as I fall onto my knees beside her.

Placing my ear over her mouth, I couldn't feel a breath.

"Please, please," Lola screams out. "I can't lose her, I can't."

"Hey," I say towards her. "Look at me,"

Her dark puffy eyes blink setting a fresh batch of tears down her face.

"It's going to be okay," I nod towards her. "Go find some cloths and dampen them."

Lola mumbles something to me before pushing herself up from the floor and rushing out the room. I needed to keep her distracted.

"Fi," I shake her body. "I know you can hear me, I know you're still in there."

My hands move to start CPR on her chest, pressing down firmly and counting. Opening up her lips and breathing deeply into her mouth before repeating the process over and over.

"Come on Fi," I grit out, my arms beginning to burn from the force of my actions. "Lola needs you, okay?"

Blowing back into her mouth.

"Lola needs you. Ryker is gone, George and Wes are gone. You're free, you can both live your lives." I say desperately.

Sweat begins to bead on my forehead and I don't want to give up because I don't want to think about how Lola would take this.

"I know you can do this," I plead. "Don't give up."

When my lips press onto hers as begin to blow air into her mouth, I hear the tiniest gargle of a breath.

My head snaps back and I look down to Fi, her chest slowly beginning to move again. My eyes burn with tears as I fall onto my side and push Fi's hair away from her face.

Fi then starts to gasp for breath and I clutch onto her hand to let her know that I am here.

"Mom?" Lola yells as she rushes to our side. Her eyes leaking with thick tears. "Oh my God, you're okay." She mumbles, her words barely audible.

She sobs uncontrollably as she hugs her mom on the floor. "I thought I lost you, I thought I lost you." Her chest rumbles.

For a few moments I watch their encounter, Fi opens her eyes and weakly smiles towards Lola.

"We're free," she croaks out quietly.

Lola nods back enthusiastically as she wipes her eyes. "We're free mom."

. . .

Okay, I'm kinda crying rn — but pls give me a vote for not killing Lola or Fi hahah

Woy this chapter felt so hard to write, I feel like I'm not very good at writing the action/descriptive violence stuff but let me know how it was!!!
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