His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Forty Three


By the time Fi was able to stand, the rest of the prisoners had run for their lives. Thomas waited for me, thanking me for my courage and determination to help them.

"So what's the plan for you guys?" I ask towards Fi and Lola as we slowly exit the front door. The sun had finally set but the light was still bright, my eyes begun to burn.

Fi clears her throat. "To find my brother," she says. "He probably thinks that we are dead."

Once we reach the cobbled floors we all stop and look at each other. "Whereabouts is he?" I question curiously.

"North but god knows where we are." She sighs before wrapping her arm around her daughter.

My eyes scan over the sky and beyond the trees, trying to remember which way I came from. Raising my finger as I point towards the distance. "That's south," I comment.

Looking back towards Fi as I point in the other direction. "So that's north," I smile at her.

"Thank you Caleb," she sniffles, her eyes beginning to water.

"Don't thank me," I say. "You guys helped me too. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you both."

Glancing down at Lola, her cheeks still stained with tears. "Come here you," I say as I wrap my arms around her tiny little body.

"Please don't tell me this is going to be the last time I see you," she mumbles into my chest, her tears dampening my top.

My heart melts at her words. "You guys can come visit me whenever," I tell her as I gently stroke her back.

Lola's head shifts to look up at me. "Really?" Her lips wobble.


She breaks out into a grin before hugging me tightly again. "Okay champ, you're going to have to let me go." I laugh and Lola pulls away before wiping her eyes.

As I turn to Fi she leans forward to engulf me into a hug. "I wish you all the best with you and your mate," she whispers into my ear, her voice full of empathy. "You deserve so much happiness now."

I clamp my eyes shut and hold her somewhat tighter. "Thank you,"

When we pull away, all of our eyes wet with tears. I take the first lead in walking towards the road where I came from. The sound of Lola sobbing from behind me made me not want to leave but we all had places to be.

I told them where my pack house is situated and to not hesitate coming over for a visit. Even if Fi's brother is no longer where he said he would be, if they needed somewhere to live I was going to offer.

My legs carry me for what felt like days, dehydration was kicking in and my vision becoming hazy. By only using my sense of direction and instinct, I started doubting myself. Did I know where I was going?

The pain that pounded inside my head was almost unbearable, I needed water and I needed rest. Feeling physically exhausted from using my powers against Ryker and the lack of ability to mindlink Felix, I was struggling.

The only thing that was keeping me going was the desperation to see Evan, to know that he was okay.

My mind switches off and I walk by default, letting my legs carry me endlessly. When my eyes land on a familiar road that I had driven down multiple times, I manage to take a gasp in disbelief.

As I glance around quickly, my eyes trying their hardest to fixate on what is around me. I knew where I was, my speed begins to pick up even though my legs are a second a way from giving in, my knees ready to buckle.

Barely managing to reach the front door before I collapse down onto the ground, my hand raising to bash on the wood with all the strength I had.

A few moments pass before the door opens and I fall through, my head hitting the floor.

"Caleb?!" Zara's high pitched voice screeches.

I groan from the cold ground as I hear her scream for Felix desperately.

"Shit," I hear Felix's voice from down the hall.

Two pairs of hands grab my arms and pull my limp body into the house.

"Zar, get him some water," Felix says and I mentally thank him, not having the strength to speak.

Felix props me up against the kitchen island, my eyes falling droopy. A glass of water appears in front of my face and Zara helps me take sips. Hardly being able to swallow as the water drips out of my mouth.

"Come on Caleb, drink," she demands, her hands shaking slightly.

Using the last drops of strength I have to drink the water, my head falls back onto the island. My eyes felt like they could be cemented shut I was so tired, I felt like I was falling and falling.

. . .

Snapping my eyes open as I lurch up, taking a few deep gasps. Trying to calm myself down, I realise that I am okay. It wasn't a dream, I really managed to get myself home.

Falling back onto the couch behind me, my body feeling like I'd taken a thousand beatings. I groan as I rotate onto my side and reach for the cup of water sitting on the floor.

I didn't dream that I escaped, I did escape my father. Struggling to remember my memories over the last few days, did I manage to get myself home?

So many thought race around my head but I have to force myself to stop to allow my mind to have a rest.

"Caleb," Zara's voice enters the room. "You're awake."

Felix follows closely behind her, his lips offering me a small supportive smile.

"H-How long have I been asleep?" I croak before swiping my tongue over my dry lips.

"About a day," Felix comments before folding his arms over his chest.

"I hate to say this Caleb but you reek," she says as she cups her hand to her nose.

My eyes glance up at her in a deathly stare. "Really Zara?"

"Sorry," she shakes her head. "I just thought you should know."

Zara perches on the couch next to me, her eyes full of empathy like she was ready to listen to everything I had to say. Felix on the other hand had a look of stone, unreadable and cold.

"What happened Caleb?" Zara asks softly. "Where did you go? Why did you leave?"

My eyes flick up to Felix, his jaw tight as he waits for my response.

"My fathers dead," I say as I turn my attention back to Zara.

Her eyebrows furrow towards me like she was missing something. "Dead?" She repeats.

I nod. "I killed him,"

Felix swipes his hands in the air. "So you left us for what?" He says sounding confused.

"Felix!" Zara hisses as she sharply turns her head towards him.

"I didn't leave you," I breathe out slowly.

"You didn't even bother to let us know? To mindlink us?" Felix begins to pace in front of me, his hands shaking.

"My father fucking forced me to go with him, alright?" I say harshly to silence the air.

Felix stares back at me, his eyes cold and confused.

"He told me to break things off with Evan otherwise he would have killed him," I pause for a moment. "When I returned he was here, he undid my mindlink abilities with his powers and took me to his pack."

Zara's eyes glimmer slightly, her lips pulling down into a deep frown.

"I had no choice, I had to go with him." My head rests into my hands. "But when I got there, he was running this prison. He kidnapped innocent people, children! And would sacrifice someone every month."

I push myself up from the couch and rest my eyes on Felix. "I had no way out, I had no way of contacting anyone. Please believe me when I say I didn't leave here by choice."

Felix's eyes soften after a few moments. "I believe you," he says eventually.

"My dads powers," I start and Felix nods back at me. "I have them."

Zara gasps from the couch. "Are you serious?" She asks suddenly.

I nod towards her. "That's how I escaped, without them I would have perished. I would have been there forever."

"Holy," Felix says in disbelief.

"I would never leave you guys, I did it to protect Evan. But Ryker's dead now and he isn't going to hurt anyone again." I state and Felix offers me a smile.

Zara stands up and walks next to Felix. "I'm glad, I'm so glad you're okay. I was thinking of the worst. I have to say the pack didn't take it very well."

I groan escapes my lips. "Well I'll have to sit them down and explain,"

"Why don't I make you some food and you can take a shower and we can talk more?" Zara suggests with a grin.

My stomach growls loudly at her words. "I've missed your cooking Zara I have to say,"

"Great!" She claps her hands together and turns to walk away.

When I focus back on Felix I had so much to ask him. "Have you heard from Evan? Or anyone?" I ask desperately.

Felix chews the inside of his mouth like he didn't want to say what he was going to say. The gesture made bile rise up in my throat and it wasn't pleasant.

"Tell me Felix," I ground out.

"We haven't heard from them in months Caleb," he sighs before rubbing his eyes with one hand.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, we found out about you rejecting Evan and ever since they just cut us off, they wanted nothing to do with us." Felix explains and I can tell he struggled with his words.

"You haven't spoke to them since?" I let out and refuse to let tears sting my eyes.

Felix shakes his head slowly.

"Oh my God," I say as I walk back and forth in front of him. "Oh my God."

"Look Caleb—"

"I have to see him," I shout suddenly.


"I need to go and see him now."

Felix grips my shoulders to stop me from walking. "Caleb, listen to me," he hisses in my face.

"You turning up right now is going to do more harm than good, they despise us. Evan was not okay, alright? He was struggling and Ava was in despair." He explains as he looks in my eyes. "Going there right now is going to backfire. You need to get in contact with Jaxon or someone."

"But I need to—"

"You're tired, dehydrated, hungry. You are in no state of mind to see Evan, Caleb listen to me. You have no idea what's going to happen and you need to think about this logically. You cannot just go there all guns blazing, okay?"

My eyes stream just thinking about seeing him.

"What you did has caused a lot of damage," he lowers his voice. "I know what you did was because of him and you did it to keep him safe. But you rejected him in the hospital Caleb, you left them to pick up the pieces."

"I know what I did Felix, I know!" I scream out at him. "Don't you think I spent every single second hating myself for what I did to him?"

Endless tears escape my eyes and Felix's face falls as he watched me. "Fuck," I curse out as I run my hands through my hair.

"I know this is hard," Felix tries to calm me down. "But know that I'm going to be there for you, no matter what."

My hand raises to wipe my nose, my eyes burning from the tears. "He's going to hate me isn't he?" I croak out.

"You just need the time to sit down and explain to him what happened, calmly. It might take sometime and yes he might hate you right now but he loved you once. He probably still does, you just need to get him to understand." Felix reaches out to rest his hand on my shoulder and gives me a gentle squeeze.

"Yeah," I sigh feeling defeated.

"But first you need to eat, shower, rest."

My eyes flick between Felix's. "Thank you," I say genuinely.

"You're my brother, I'm gonna look out for you."

. . .

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