His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Forty Four


It takes a few days to regain my strength and get this nasty headache to finally go away. Zara continuously made me delicious food and ensured me that she wanted to be helpful.

In the process of resting I sat my pack down and explained what happened to me, making sure that they knew that I didn't just abandon them. I could never do that.

They questioned why I didn't mindlink them and let them know that Ryker had taken me, they wanted to help. But then I explained that he took these abilities away using his mind control, the pack were shocked and didn't realise that the severity of his powers.

Once the peace was made, they all apologised for jumping the gun before knowing the real story. I was gone for over four months and they thought I never tried to contact them. As much as it hurt me to think that they thought I would just up and leave, the circumstances are understandable.

I was able to reconnect all of our mindlinks, now that Ryker was dead that meant his power had undid his damage.

As I sit at the kitchen island munching down the bacon and egg sandwich Zara made me, I forgot how good real food tasted and not the tinned slob we were fed.

"So there's something I actually need to tell you," Felix says as he perches on the chair beside me.

"What?" I question with a mouth full of food.

"I didn't want to say this when you first got back because I wanted you to focus on resting and calming your mind," he rests his head onto his fist.

"Just tell me Felix," my voice demands.

"So tomorrow we've been invited to the district committee gathering," he starts and I push my plate forward so I can rest my elbows on the table. "And I think that Jaxon's pack is going to be there."

My throat clenches at his words. Tomorrow.

"They might not go, I have no idea. But I thought I should just give you the heads up." Felix says gently.

I nod at his words and take a moment to find my own.

"But if he is there Caleb, you cannot make a scene."

"I know Felix," I say as I sigh and quickly scratch the back of my head. "I wouldn't do that to him."

The idea of seeing him sent off butterflies in my stomach, nerves knotting inside me. Suddenly a rush of nausea washes over me and I felt like I was going to taste that bacon sandwich twice.

"Hey," Felix slaps his hand down onto my back and I glance my eyes up to him. "It's going to be okay, Zar and I will be by your side."

My stomach churns again and I run my hands through my hair. "Meeting this way might be better than just turning up at his door, that way you're not being intrusive and he might be more willing to talk." Felix says as he finally removes his hand from my back.

"You're right," I say as I clear my throat. "God, I'm not going to sleep tonight."

"It's going to be okay," Felix tells me supportively.

I just wished that I believed his words.

. . .

I adjust my tie in the mirror, my eyes settling on my own reflection. The dark circles that lay under my eyes are a good indication that I didn't get a wink of sleep. Instead I spent the night tossing and turning, letting my brain run a million different scenarios in my head.

Felix knew that I wasn't being myself because I barely said two words to him this morning. Zara offers to make me breakfast and I politely let her even though I knew I couldn't physically stomach anything right now. The need to run and throw up was crawling up inside me and I was scared if I even took a bite, bile would rise.

By the time I was ready to go, the rest of the pack wait downstairs for me, their eyes laying on me the second I reach the stairs.

When I approach them they're offering me supportive smiles. Felix steps forward and reaches to grab my shoulder, he gives me a soft squeeze. "We can do this," he nods.

The car journey felt like it took forever, every second that ticked by was torturously slow and my head hurt from concentrating on not thinking about anything.

When the car pulls up I reluctantly get out, keeping behind everyone else. My eyes burned when I looked up at the people waiting outside, my eyes flicked between them all quickly. I couldn't ignore how my heartbeat increased, he could be here and I could bump into him any second.

My hand reaches up to wipe the sweat that had already gathered on my forehead. I didn't realise how nervous I was until I watched my hands shake violently.

Felix and Zara fall back, both walking either side of me. Zara loops her arm into mine and holds me close to her. "Do you want us to stay with you or give you space?" She questions as we walk up towards the manor.

I hadn't even had a chance to look at my surroundings, the nerves got the better of me.

Opening my mouth to talk but nothing comes out and Felix gives me a worried look.

"Stay with me," I say eventually as I turn my head to Zara.

She nods back and smiles which fills me with a bit of hope. We walk up the marble stairs and into the double glasses doors, waiters on each side holding a tray of champagne.

I instantly reach for a glass as I nod towards the waiter. Placing the flute to my lips and throwing the liquid back, swallowing it instantly.

"Woah, woah," Felix's eyes widen at my actions. "Easy, we've got the whole night."

A short breath of air escapes my nose. "Yeah you're right," I agree. "I'm gonna have to get on the harder stuff.

"Caleb," Zara warns from beside me. "The last thing you need is to be drunk and saying shit you don't mean."

I knew she was right but at the same time I wanted to be wasted out of my mind so I didn't have to focus on the aching pain inside of my heart.

Waiting to see if he is here is a big enough punishment as it is, every time a person turns or a person speaks my eyes dart to them like I'm paranoid.

"Let's go over here," Zara suggests as we follow the rest of my pack. On the way I swipe another glass flute from the side and Felix gives me the eye.

"Don't," I say as I place it to my lips.

We walk into the main hall, the whole room buzzing with conversation. People smiling and laughing and having a good time.

"What's even the point in these meetings?" I roll my eyes before taking another big swig.

"To create allies Caleb, you know that," Felix tells me, he's trying to ignore how pessimistic I'm being because quite frankly I know I'm being annoying.

"Pointless," I comment. "Waste of everyone's time."

Felix gives Zara a glance, a puff of air escaping his lips. They start to talk but I choose not to listen, I couldn't even pretend to feel normal anymore. My eyes continue to scan the room as new people walk by every second, my heart rate increasing every time I look towards someone.

As I raise my glass up to my mouth to take the last sip, my eyes lay on a familiar face.

"Oh fuck," I curse as I swallow harshly.

"What?" Zara turns to me instantly. "What is it?"

"I see Jaxon," I say as my face feels like it has been drained of blood. My eyes fixate between Zara and Felix. "That means he's gonna be here."

They both instantly look over their shoulders trying to find Jaxon. "Jesus Christ, make it obvious," I hush at them.

Zara forces a half smile at me. "Are you going to go over to him?" She asks as she takes a quick glance at Felix.

"I don't know, should I?" I question back to them.

Felix stays silent whilst Zara shrugs gently.

"Thanks for the support," I say bluntly before turning on my heel and walking straight towards the drinks.

"Caleb!" Zara shouts from behind me.

Felix mutters, "leave him."

The feelings inside my body were making me feel all over the place, I didn't know what I was feeling. I didn't know if I wanted to be alone or around others, I didn't know if I wanted to storm out and never look back.

My body was going to explode with every frustrating emotion rising inside me. Scanning the table quickly before I reach for another champagne glass.

A smell hits my nose but its faint and it makes the hairs on my arms stand up, my feet feel frozen to the spot. That scent, his scent.

He smelt like fresh cotton and sweet cherries.

I turn and I turn, looking around frantically. People stare at me like I'm crazy but I ignore them. Blood rushes around every vain in my body, my fingers tingling from the nausea that was sitting in my throat.

Walking forward until my eyes settle on a head full of chocolate brown curls, his back facing me. His scent was stronger but nothing like it was before.

Being this close to him was enough to make me feel like I was going to pass out. But instead I pluck up the courage and I speak.


My tongue stings from saying his nickname, fuck.

His shoulders stiffen and for a few moments he doesn't do anything. The anticipation to see his face was torturing me, my eyes burning into the back of his head like lasers. He turns around agonisingly slow and I notice that his body begins to shake slightly.

Evan's crystal blue eyes meet mine and for a moment I am completely in awe as he looks up to me. His hair now dyed brown, the curls laying messily in front of his forehead. If I thought I had things for blondes then I'm a fucking liar.

A silver ring sits in his nose, the suit he was wearing fit to his tiny little body. My heart was aching out for me to touch him but I knew I shouldn't.

Evan's eyes glimmer in the light, he swallows harshly and for a minute no one says anything. I glance down to his perfect little plump lips and to his nose and back up to his eyes. Never would I get bored of looking at his gorgeous face.

A taller guy with dirty blonde hair stops beside Evan and looks between us, a sweet smile on his lips.

"Who's this babe?" He questions.

My eyes gravitate to his in a second. Babe. He better be fucking joking.

I feel my jaw tighten as he slips his hand into Evan's before smiling up to me. Having to grip my hands together before I swung them round his face in an act of jealousy.

"Nobody," Evan says lowly, his eyes never leave mine. There is a glint of anger in his eyes when he glares towards me, like he's channelling all his hatred.

My body begins to rattle, his words crushing me entirely.

The boy looks between us confused. "Nobody?" He questions as he notices the tension between us.

Evan tugs at his hand and begins to walk away. "Yeah he's no one Miles,"

Struggling to watch him walk away I couldn't help what I say next. "You're not going to tell him who I am?" I call out to him.

Evan stops and storms straight towards me, his eyes now dripping with tears. "What, tell him that you left me when I needed you the most?" He demands, his voice sour.

I shake my head towards him not able to find any words to say, my throat completely closing up. My eyes flick between his helplessly, his face struck with nothing but hurt.

"That you rejected me whilst I laid on the fucking floor of the hospital?" He yells, his jaw clenching in the process.

He was hurting, he was hurting so bad and I had done this to him.

"So yeah Caleb, you are nothing to me." Evan spits before wiping his eyes and turning on his heel.

Miles glances at me, his eyes narrowing into slits before wrapping his arm around his shoulder and pulling his body into his side.

My heart sinks into my stomach as I watch him walk away. Blinking back the tears that have now gathered in my eyes, not only did he hate me but he was also with someone else and it hurt so much more than I thought it would.

The physical pain of heartbreak made my legs feel weak and my head rush, the ache inside my heart felt like it was now permanent.

. . .

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