His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Forty Six


Pushing myself through the crowds of people, my eyes trying to find the nearest exit. It was far too hot in here and the sweat running down my back felt like a river. My head aches at the thought of Evan not wanting to listen to what happened in the time I was gone, desperate for him to come alone and not be influenced by others opinions. He can think for himself.

My hands press down onto the glass door and instantly the cool crisp air swarms me, my body shudders at the gust of wind but I found it calming. Walking forward to the little railing that looked over the garden, a few people dotted around taking drags of their cigarettes.

Inhaling the air, trying my best to calm all the anger that has bubbled up inside me. My fingers tightening on the metal rail and releasing every other second.

"Caleb?" I hear behind me, their voice sounding shocked.

My head turns in the direction and I already knew who it was. As my eyes meet Jaxon's, his instantly light up at the chance of seeing me.

He steps forward to give me a hug and for a moment it surprises me because Ava hated my fucking guts. After a few moments I return the gesture and slap my hand down onto his back.

"Holy fuck man," Jaxon says in disbelief. "I honestly wasn't expecting to see you."

My hand raises to brush the back of my head with my fingers. "Yeah I've had a rough few months," I admit.

"Tell me what's happened," Jaxon says, his eyes open like he's about to sink in every word I say.

I nod back towards him. "After my dad blackmailed me into breaking things off with Evan, he undid my mindlinking abilities and pretty much kidnapped me."

Jaxon's face falls, his brows pulling down into a confused stare. "Kidnapped you?!" He repeats as he grips his arms with his hands.

"Yeah," I confirm. "He took me to his pack but that's when I discovered that it wasn't a pack, it was a prison. He was keeping innocent people and children in cold, dirty cells. There was physically no way to escape, he had a few guards keeping everything in check. It was fucked."

My chest hurts to repeat all this information and Jaxon stands there not knowing what the hell to say.

"H-How did you get out?" He asks suddenly, stepping closer to me.

My eyes glance down to the floor before meeting Jaxon's eyes again. "I made some friends and we set up a plan, I also discovered that I have my dads powers too."

His eyes widen instantly. "What?"

I nod back to him slowly. "I learnt how to use them and one day he tried to kill one of my friends, she was only thirteen. So I told him to kill me instead, he took me upstairs and that's when I attacked."

Jaxon leans back before swiping both of his hands through his dark hair like he doesn't know what to do with what I told him. "Is he dead?" He questions.

"Yeah, I killed him."

"Is that true?"

His voice startles me and I turn towards the door, Evan stands with teary eyes listening to us talk.

"That he kidnapped you, held you prisoner and then you killed him?" His voice comes out barely above a whisper.

My eyes flick between his, trying to read his emotions. "Yeah, it's true," I nod towards him eventually.

We continue to stare at each other for a few moments, nothing but tension that lays between us.

"Is there anything else you wanted to tell me?" He asks before stuffing his tiny hands into his trouser pockets, the coldness suffocating him.

I turn my body towards him and take the tiniest step closer, he doesn't flinch or move. He just watches me.

"I never wanted to reject you, doing it was the only way to keep you safe. I know I did it in the most blunt and harsh way but I couldn't risk Ryker hurting you again." My voice dips slightly. "I did it so we could be together again in the future, where he no longer rules our lives and we live in happiness."

Evan's eyes glimmer and he closes them before looking away slightly.

"I am so sorry Evan," I plead. "I know I hurt you so much but I thought about you everyday, every bloody second. I hate myself for what I did to you."

He glances back at me one before nodding, his nose sniffling slightly. There is an uncertain atmosphere between us and I wanted him to forgive me but I knew it wouldn't be that easy, it never is.

Evan nods at me once more before turning around slowly and walking back into the manor. A deep sigh escapes my lips and I hang my head in shame.

Jaxon's hand rests on my shoulder and after a few moments I turn to him, he offers me a smile but I couldn't force one back.

"Give him time," he tells me. "He's been through a lot."

He drops his hand and wraps them around his body again. "We've all been through a lot," Jaxon admits. "And I'm not taking away what happened to you Caleb at all, I'm really not. It's just that when we didn't hear from you for months, Evan was convinced that was it. You were gone forever."

I dig my fingers into my eyes and rub harshly. This whole situation was fucked and I don't know how it's going to be put right. "I put him through hell mentally, didn't I?"

Jaxon half smiles at me. "He struggled a lot," he explains. "But Caleb, anyone would have done what you did. If anyone was threatening Ava and I knew I couldn't defeat them, I'd do anything to keep her safe. You don't need to beat yourself up about it, Evan will come round. He's just still hurt from the rejection."

"And I feel it too," I direct quickly at him. "The way he's feeling, I'm feeling too. I've suffered with so much guilt and heartbreak that if he doesn't even give me another chance then—"

"Then what?" Jaxon says harshly.

My head pounded with aggressive thoughts. "I dunno," I say as I rub my eyes again. "What's the point?"


"I never wanted anyone else but him and now he's already moved on with some boy that looks like he's stepped out of One Direction!" I exclaim as I throw my hand in the direction of the manor.

God, I sound so fucking pathetic.

"Miles?" Jaxon questions and I almost gag at the sound of his name.

I lean forward onto the railings and look out at the grass, my eyes wandering from person to person.

"He's only been around for a month or so, I don't even know if they're actually together, together. But he's really helped Evan." Jaxon joins me on resting his elbows on the railing.

I scoff instantly at his words. "And is that meant to make me feel better?"

Jaxon sighs and lowers his head for a moment. "Evan was hurting, Miles helped him. I'm sorry that it's a shitty thing to hear but it's the truth. This last month we haven't worried about him so much."

The feeling in the pit of my stomach wasn't a good one. "So what you're saying is that I'm too late?" I reply, my tone sounding condescending.

"Trust me I want you guys together, you balance each other out but if Evan is set on Miles then you have to let him go." Jaxon's honesty was brutal but it needed to be heard.

If Evan was happier without me then who am I to come in the way of them?

But on the other hand he is my mate, he is mine and I wasn't going to leave without putting up a fight.

I turn my attention to Jaxon, my eyes settling on his. "He's my mate and I'm going to fight for him." My hands tighten on the railings before I push myself away and walk inside the manor.

The roar of conversation hits my ears as I try my hardest to locate the restroom amongst the sea of people. As I squeeze myself past groups, I almost sigh a sigh of relief as I push the toilet door open and the whole room is empty.

Leaning onto the basin as I quickly run the cold tap and drench my hands. I let the water cool down my skin before I reach up and press them to my face, the droplets trickling down my cheeks.

The door creaks open and I don't even bother giving a glance, instead my eyes rest on my own in the mirror. I couldn't ignore how tired I looked, fatigued. This wasn't me at all.

My senses become aware the second someone settles at the sink beside me, my eyes wander to theirs in the mirror. It was him, Evan's little tag along boyfriend.

He doesn't look at me, he straightens out his tie in the mirror and smirks at himself. What the fuck was he playing at?

"You know what I love most about Evan?" He questions suddenly as he continues to ogle himself in the mirror.

I clench my jaw at his words and my eyes narrow into slits, staring him out.

Miles turns to me suddenly. "He's so emotional and so—desperate," he smiles to himself as he emphasises every word. "Vulnerable."

My fingers clench onto the side of the basin as my eyes begin to burn from the anger inside me.

"He's so easy," he laughs humourlessly. "Desperate for attention. You know any kind of attention, especially the intimate kind."

My feet shuffle forward as I square up to him, my body towering over his own. "You better watch your fucking mouth," I growl out.

Miles' dark eyes glimmer up to me, happy that he had got under my skin. "He's always gagging for it, literally,"

The thought of him taking advantage of Evan was sickening. Taking him by the throat and throwing him up against the wall. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" I spit towards him.

Miles relaxes into my hand. "I've heard all about you," he dazzles me crazy eyes. "Big and dominant."

My hand instantly releases his throat realising that he was enjoying it. Blood rises to my face and I resist the urge to slice his throat clean.

"Oh come on," he smiles as he narrows his eyes towards me. "Don't act like you don't want it," he says leaning forward to cup my member in my trousers.

I pull away from him before slamming his head into the wall. "Are you fucking kidding me?" My voice shouts, the veins in my neck feeling like they were about to pop out. "Do not touch me."

Miles laughs as he presses his hand to the back of his head, blood seeping out of the wound. "Evan was fun because he was so easy but I guess I'll accept this challenge," he croaks out.

My hands ball into fists at his vile words, my chest heaving aggressively. "Like you're gonna get away with this after I tell Evan and Jaxon what a low life piece of shit you are," I growl out before pushing past him.

"Oh you won't want to do that," he sings immaturely from behind me.

I stop instantly in my spot and turn on my heel. "And why wouldn't I?" I yell towards him.

Miles shrugs childishly. "Like they're gonna believe you. Big, jealous ex-boyfriend who will do anything to get back the love of his life. Beat me up in the toilet, chatting shit about me to try and break us up." There is a glint of evil in his eye, he was beyond fucked up. He was sick.

"Trust me, no one is going to believe you." He smirks before crossing his arms over his chest.

I hated that he was right, he literally had me in the palm of his hands and I wanted to smash his face into the floor over and over.

"You better watch your fucking back, Miles." My eyes hold his, resisting the urge to shift and tear his body apart.

"Don't worry, I'll be minding someone else's later," he presses his tongue to the roof of his mouth thinking he looked like a sweet innocent boy.

A growl ripples through my chest.

"Or you could come mind mine?" He winks causally.

Before I lose my tempter, I turn sharply and charge out the bathroom door. All I could see was red and I knew I had to get out of here before I did something I regret.

. . .

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