His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Forty Seven


The bathroom door hits the wall so hard that the people in front of me jump and turn towards me suddenly. Stomping past everyone, nudging a woman's shoulder as her drink goes flying over my sleeve.

"Hey!" She yells out at me but I don't stop. If I stop I'll end up losing my shit.

My eyes scan the room and I quickly find Felix and Zara. As I approach them Zara instantly catches my eye before flashing a look of concern at me.

"Caleb, what's wrong?" She demands, noticing my distress.

A hand runs through my hair over and over. "We need to go right fucking now," I growl out as I pace back and forth in front of them. I had to keep myself doing something otherwise I'd turn around and punch the shit out of Miles.

"What's happened?" Felix steps forward instantly, his voice dipped with worry.

As I glance at him my jaw clenches. "We need to go now before I do something that is unforgivable,"

"Okay, okay," Zara panics as her hand touches her temple. "Let's go."

I turn and walk as fast as I can towards the exit, trying my best not to focus on anyone incase it was someone who I wanted to hurt.

The sound of Zara's heels clicking against the floor as she tries her best to catch up with me rings in my ears. As soon as I get to the doors and nudge my way past the waiters, my feet skip down the steps.

"Caleb wait," Zara huffs as she grabs onto my shoulder to slow me down.

When I turn I don't realise how hard I'm breathing until Zara's eyes dart to my chest, her brows pull down into a soft frown. "Calm down," she says as she grips onto my shoulders.

"Where the fuck is Felix?" I curse out to her.

"He's just telling the rest of the pack that we're leaving, he'll be here in a second," she nods towards me.

A deep groan escapes my lips as I look up, the sky now turning into a dark blue. Bile was rising up my throat and my skin crawled at the thought of Miles touching me, the things he said about Evan. I wish I could dig my fingers into his throat and rip out his veins, watching him bleed out.

"Caleb," Felix snaps me back into reality as he nods his head towards the car. "Lets get out of here."

I nod and climb in, slamming the door behind me harshly. Felix drives quick and no one says anything. Zara spares me a few glances making sure that I hadn't completely lost my mind.

My hands run over my face endlessly, trying to rack my brain with what the hell happened tonight.

How was I going to get Evan to believe me?

As we finally pull up outside the pack house, I swing the car door open before Felix stops. I hear Zara quickly undo her seatbelt and attempt to follow me inside. Barely managing to put my key in the door before I ripped it off the hinges, I hear Felix kill the engine behind me and they both follow inside.

My feet carry me to the kitchen island where I rest both my hands down onto the ledge and squeeze.

"What the fuck happened?" Felix asks as he shuts the door after Zara.

I spin sharply. "Miles, fucking happened!"

"Who is Miles?" Felix questions, confusion written all over his face.

"Evan's fucking drooling boyfriend!"

Felix and Zara share a glance at each other.

"Caleb, I know it's hard seeing him with someone el—" Zara starts but I shake my head towards her and cut her off before she finishes her sentence.

My eyes flick between theirs, my eyelids completely hooded with rage. "Miles groped me in the bathroom and proceeded to tell me how vulnerable and easy and desperate Evan is,"

Zara instantly gasps at my words, her hand raising to her mouth. "That little—" her mouth swishes side to side like she's trying to find the perfect word to say. "Toe-rag!"

Felix sighs. "That's fucked up," he says after a few moments.

"And the worst part is, if I go running to tell Evan, they're not going to believe me! It's literally my word against his and right now, I don't have a leg to stand on." My hands rest on the top of my head as I look up at the white ceiling.

"What about Jaxon?" Zara quickly suggests.

"And that's gonna get back round to Ava quicker than Usain Bolt," I groan out. "She's gonna have something to say, that I'm trying to sabotage their relationship because I'm 'jealous'."

Felix's hand finds his chin as he talks. "There will be some way around this,"

"God, if I didn't leave there and then I would have ripped his neck clean out in five seconds. But I knew that's what he wanted, he wanted me to hurt him so he could go running to Evan like I'm the bad guy," I huff out before digging my fingers into my tired eyes.

"What a manipulative piece of shit," Felix shakes his head in disbelief as he attempts to loosen his tie.

"Okay, okay, okay," Zara says as she shrugs off her coat and kicks off her heels. She walks to the kitchen counter and looks up at me. "Let's think about this logically,"

She places her hands down onto the marble island and takes in a deep breath. I walk towards the stool and sit down opposite her. "We need to catch him out somehow, maybe you need to go over there and try and egg him on or something,"

"Fuck that," I grunt out. "There's no way I'm doing that."

"Okay, okay," she holds up her hands in defence. "I know you said about Jaxon but maybe you need to just tell him and convince him not to tell Ava,"

Nothing was going to convince me this was going to work itself out. Every possibility came with a problem.

"Fuck," I curse as I lean onto my hands. "There is literally no way to solve this, no one is going to fucking believe me."

The room falls silent for a few moments.


My head turns towards Felix who is standing with his arms out. "What?" I question.

"Lucy," he says again. "She can see into people's pasts can't she?"

I shoot up from the stall sharply and it tumbles to the floor behind me. "Felix, you're a fucking genius," I tell him. "I completely forgot about her powers. This is literally foolproof."

Felix steps closer to me and presses his hands to my arms, a way to try and relax me. "Lets all go to bed and tomorrow we'll come up with some kind of plan, how we are going to approach this."

Zara nods towards him completely agreeing. "Yeah definitely," she says. "Lets not make any rash decisions tonight, lets all sleep and sort this out calmly tomorrow."

I close my eyes and sigh feeling defeated. "Okay," I say. "See you guys in the morning."

Zara offers me a smile. "Goodnight Caleb,"

"Night guys," I nod before heading for the stairs and going straight up to my room.

As I look towards my bed, I missed those times Evan and I would cuddle and watch shitty movies. We'd eat endless amounts of junk food and stay up all night talking, kissing, laughing.

Fuck, I missed him and I wanted nothing more than to feel his skin against mine again.

But I knew one thing for sure, Miles is a dead man walking.

. . .

"Right, so Jaxon knows you are going over?" Zara asks as she slides me a cup of orange juice.

I nod towards her. "I mindlinked him this morning and asked if I could come round and I needed Lucy to be there."

"Did he question it?" She questions as she perches next to me.

Reaching for the glass and taking a quick sip. "Yeah but I told him I'd explain all, he told me to come around twelve, that's when Ava is taking Aurora out."

"Well that's good," Zara nods towards me enthusiastically. "It sounds like he's trusting you."

"Thanks for breakfast Zar, I'm going to get ready," I smile towards her and she smiles back quickly.

The next hour felt like time had stopped, every time I looked at the clock it felt like every second was an hour. Never have I felt anxious like this, concerned about how this is going to turn out.

By the time I was ready to leave, Zara wishes me luck and hope it goes well. I just hoped so too.

When I pull up outside their house I don't even realise how clammy my hands have become, they slide across the steering wheel. As I pop the car door open and proceed to their front door, I wait for a few moments for someone to answer.

Jaxon stands in front of me as he brings me into a hug. "You've got a lot of explaining to do," he says into my ear and I nod.

He welcomes me in and my eyes instantly dart around the house, wanting to lay my eyes on my mate but I knew that Miles would be attached to him.

Jaxon takes us into the kitchen where Lucy is sat on one of the stools. Her eyes study me for a few moments before she nods in my direction. "Hey," I say to her politely and she smiles back.

"What's the problem?" Jaxon asks as he stands in between Lucy and I, his arms crossed firmly over his chest.

"Last night," I start. "Miles approached me in the toilet and said some nasty stuff about Evan."

I have to pause before my blood starts to boil, Lucy narrows her eyes towards me.

"Then he groped me and asked if I wanted more," my voice struggles as my teeth begin to clench as I think back to last night.

"What the heck?" Jaxon says and he looks completely dumbfounded.

I flick my eyes quickly to Lucy's. "That's why I asked for you to be here to look into my past, I know I needed proof and this is me doing that." I tell her instantly.

"I just can't stand around knowing that Miles is a piece of shit who doesn't deserve Evan, he's manipulative and I don't even want to repeat the things he said." My hand reaches up to my forehead as I rub the skin.

"That's a bold statement to make Caleb," Lucy tells me patronisingly.

"You think I'd come here knowing you'll see every detail of what happened?" I ask her as I let out an annoyed sigh.

She watches me suspiciously. "Well I don't know, maybe you think you can cheat it or something. It's a bit suspicious that this happens the first night you see Evan and Miles together?"

I rest my hands down onto the island, my patience getting the better of me. Feeling Jaxon's gaze on me, he was trying to understand what happened. "He's right Luce, he wouldn't come here knowing you can see everything. He wouldn't lie about something like this."

Pushing myself up from the ledge instantly as I nod my head towards him, at least someone bloody believed me.

"I don't want Evan being mistreated, I know he's not been in a great place and Miles is taking complete advantage of him and it needs to fucking stop." My hand slams down onto the counter a little too aggressive for my liking.

Lucy jumps at my action and eventually nods towards me. She stands up and loops the island, in the corner of my eye Evan and Miles enter the kitchen.

We all stop and look at each other, Evan's face instantly falls and he narrows his eyes at Lucy and I.

My eyes move to Miles and he smiles sarcastically in my direction as he wraps an arm around Evan. My fists clench and I let my nails dig into my palm to try and distract myself from swinging for him.

"What's going on?" Evan finally breaks the silence.

I wanted to hang my head, this was not the way I planned on him to find out about this.

"Would you let me see into your past Miles and look at what happened last night?" Lucy flexes an eyebrow towards him.

Miles clears his throat. "And why would I do that?" He replies as he rolls his eyes dramatically.

"Yeah," Evan says as he awkwardly looks around the room. "Why would you need to see into his past?"

"Because I said so," Lucy grounds out and we all notice as Miles swallows nervously.

"No way," he pulls away from Evan and turns to walk out of the kitchen suddenly.

Evan instantly grips onto his hand and yanks him back. Their eyes meet and Evan looks worried. "Do you have something to hide?" He questions quietly.

His voice almost broke and I could tell this was upsetting him. It was fucking breaking me.

"No," Miles spits out to him.

Evans eyes flick back and forth between his, I could feel the tension. "Then why won't you do it?" He asks lowly.

He snatches his hand out of Evan's reach. "Because I refuse to have my privacy invaded for no reason!" He exclaims.

"Well it doesn't matter," I say before he tries to leave again. Both Evan and Miles turn to look at me, Miles' jaw clenching. "Because Lucy is going to look into mine and then you'll be sorry."

"Did something happen?" Evan demands harshly as his head snaps between us.

"I'm sorry pups," I tell him as his eyes fill with anticipation. "I didn't want you to find out like this."

"Find out what?!" He yells at the top of his lungs.

My chest heaves and I didn't want to hurt him. That was the last thing I wanted to do, I couldn't bear to see him upset anymore. "That Miles isn't who you think he is,"

Miles laughs sourly. "Oh shut up Caleb, you're just jealous."

Evan's eyes fill with tears and his expression looking conflicted. "Tell me what you see Lucy," he demands as he looks towards her.

"But Eva—" Miles starts.

"Shut up!" He yells angrily. "I'm sick of being kept in the dark, I want to fucking know what happened."

Lucy nods towards him and then grabs my hands. She glances up to me and offers me a smile. "Close your eyes," she tells me.

And I do.

. . .

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