His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Four

After I prayed to the moon goddess, I fell into a deep sleep. I wake up feeling lost, like I had been asleep for eternity. The clock read 10:34PM.

Damn I had missed most of the day.

My stomach rumbles and I quickly throw off the bed sheet covers and make my way downstairs. I needed to eat to help recover and build strength again, my body felt physically weak.

No one should be awake at this time because I know Jaxon had worked the pack out hard and I don’t doubt that they’re all absolutely exhausted.

All the lights are off downstairs and I feel glad that I’m alone, I switch on the lights under the counters and proceed to the fridge.

My eyes scan all the food but I didn’t fancy any of it. I wanted pop tarts.

When I find the chocolate flavoured box I pull it down from the cupboard and place two into the toaster. I wait patiently beside it and begin to fumble with my fingers.

Turning back around to get a plate down, I place it onto the counter.

When I look round to the toaster I instantly jump out of my skin. Caleb stands in front of me leaning back into the kitchen island, my body shakes at his presence.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I ask, my voice wobbles slightly.

Caleb’s eyes are hard and trained on mine. He removes himself from the island and walks agonisingly slow towards me.

My initial reaction is to move away from him until I’m backed up against the wall.

Caleb looks down to me like a small child and I despised feeling this weak compared to him. “If you tell anyone that we are mates I will make your life fucking hell,” he grounds out to me, never missing a beat in his voice.

I can’t help but scoff at his words, confidence completely taking over my whole body. The words “make your life fucking hell” triggered me. I had already experienced what a living hell was like and was I strong to survive it.

“When will you get it into your thick skull that I couldn’t give a shit that you’re my mate.” I push my chest out up to his, I wasn’t going to cower away from him.

Caleb growls out at my words and steps even closer to me. He’s trying to intimidate me and it isn’t working. “Don’t you dare disrespect me like that,” his eyes turn dark and they flick between mine rapidly.

I laugh sourly. “What? Like how you’ve disrespected me?”

“I’d keep that fucking mouth shut pups,” Caleb grits his teeth at me, anger was building up inside him like there was no tomorrow. The veins in his neck were protruding out of his skin, he was trying to keep his wolf at bay.

My body was enjoying the feeling of being able to get under his skin, I could make him this angry.

So I shrug at his threat which only angers him more, his fists ball at his sides. “You don’t want me as your mate so realistically you’re nothing to me. Regardless of the fact that you’re an alpha, but you’re not my alpha and you never will be.”

Caleb lets out his wolfs growl and slams his hand down onto the wall right beside my head, I don’t flinch. I maintain his stare. He wasn’t going to win this game.

“Don’t fucking test me,” his voice is hard and low, it makes my body shiver slightly.

My head extends up to him and my eyes never leave his. “You don’t scare me, I’ve been in the hands of some vile grotesque men to ever set foot on this earth. You threatening to kill me or make my life hell doesn’t make me afraid of you. My life has already been hell, I’ve wished I was dead before. So try harder Caleb, I dare you.”

His eyes flick between mine and I watch as the gears churn in his head, he’s trying to grasp what I’ve just said. After a few moments he pulls back slightly and a small laugh leaves his lips. “I don’t feel sorry for you, I could never.”

“I don’t want your sympathy,” I begin to grit my teeth.

“Let’s get one thing straight pups—”

“What’s going on?” Ava’s voice stretches into the kitchen. She rubs her eyes and it’s obvious that we have woken her up. She looks towards Caleb and I confused. “What are you doing here?” She asks Caleb.

He removes his hand from the wall and steps back from me, I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding.

“You woke up Aurora,” Ava directs at Caleb as she walks closer to us.

My eyes watch Caleb carefully and wait for him to explain to Ava why he’s here. No doubt he’s going to make up some excuse that portrays him in a good light.

“Evan decided he would take it upon himself to try and taunt one of my pack members, that’s why he got that nasty cut on his back. Just came here to tell him to not try it again.” Caleb says calmly. He didn’t stutter or pause once, if he was telling anyone but Ava then they would definitely believe him. He has a strange persuasive tone in his voice that could easily manipulate anyone into anything.

Ava scoffs almost instantly and crosses her arms over her chest. “Uh huh,” she flexes as eyebrow at him and let’s her tongue poke the inside of her cheek.

“He needed to be taught a lesson,” Caleb says as he looks back at Ava.

“Right,” Ava breathes out, she scratches her forehead. “So you’re trying to tell me that Evan was being nasty to one of your pack members? When I doubt that he’s ever laid a finger on anyone in his life?”

“Yep,” Caleb responds quickly.

Ava holds his gaze before holding her hands up in defeat, she looks back to me and I know that she doesn’t believe his bullshit for one second.

“So why did this need to happen at almost 11 at night?” She challenges him, her voice showing no sign of backing down.

Caleb steps to her. “Alpha’s deal with shit the second it happens so it doesn’t happen again,” he tells her confidently. “I apologise for waking Aurora.”

Ava flashes him a sarcastic smile. “Great, now would you leave us in peace.”

“Gladly,” Caleb returns her sarcastic reply, I watch as he leaves the kitchen and slams the back door on the way out.

Ava’s attention is instantly turned to me. “Evan are you okay?” She gushes quickly, her hands place on my forearms.

I just nod at her and look at my pop tarts that have been burnt in the toaster.

“Hey,” Ava brings my attention back to her. “Is he threatening you or something?”

My eyes narrow at her accusation, I shake my head. “No,” I say.

Ava purses her lips and she studies me for a few moments. “Then what’s going on? I know you didn’t taunt his pack member, so why was he here? What was he doing trying to intimate you?”

My body seized up and I don’t know what to do, so I just shrug. “I don’t know, maybe he thinks I did something when it was someone else.”

“Evan,” Ava’s voice is soft but warning. “If something was wrong you’d tell me right?” Her eyebrow raises in my direction.

I nod at her but it doesn’t seem genuine, I’m so awkward in these situations. I am the worst liar alive.

She gives me a side eye and hums. “Okay fine, but if there is ever anything wrong you can tell me okay?”

My head nods, I don’t trust words right now.

“And nothing you say will go beyond me, if you’re worried what Jax or Kayden or anyone will think... whatever you say to me will be safe with me,” her face falls into a look of empathy. “Do you believe me?”

I bite down on my lip to stop tears forming in my eyes. “Yes I believe you,” I whisper.

“Okay,” she pats my arms gently. “See you in the morning.”

My eyes follow her as she exits the kitchen. I sigh and walk over to the toaster discarding the two charcoaled pop tarts.

My appetite was completely gone now, the thought of eating made me feel nauseous. I drag my body which felt like it weighed ten times heavier than it should back up to my room.

As I walk through the hall I notice Jaxon and Ava’s room slightly ajar, my ears prick as I hear harsh whisperings. They were whisper shouting at each other.

I hated the idea of listening in on their conversation but the second I heard my name I had to know what they were arguing about.

“I just caught him downstairs in our kitchen Jax!” Ava says in a hushed tone but exclaims her words.

“What do you want me to say?” Jaxon replies, he sounds tired.

“How much do you trust his Caleb guy?” Ava says. “He was threatening Evan, had him up against the fucking wall!”

“I’ll talk to him,” Jaxon sighs.

“Talk to him?!” Ava laughs sarcastically. “You mean you will tell him he has no right to just waltz into our house and scare Evan, wake up Aurora. Are you forgetting we have two babies that live here? We need to be sure that we are safe!”

“Okay, okay,” I hear Jaxon but his voice is muffled. “I will lay down some rules, but I trust him Ava. He was like a brother of mine when we were kids.”

“People change Jax, you know that,”

Jaxon lets out a deep sigh. “Okay I’ll talk to him and lay down the line, I’ll also make sure that he no longer threatens Evan. When I say I’m cracking down on being a stronger pack I mean it, so this time I will be better.”

“Okay, just as long as you know what you’re doing. I just want us to be safe.” Ava’s voice goes soft.

“Me too baby but I trust my gut, I’m sure this is just a one off.” Jaxon tells Ava confidently.

I can hear a jagged, stressed sigh.

“Chill baby please, I promised that I wouldn’t let anything happen to you again. Not to you or to Aurora, you are both my absolute world.” I can hear him kiss her.

“I know what I’m doing,” he clarifies to her.

“You better,”

I back away from the door and make my way back to my room. When I slip into bed my head races with a million different thoughts.

We just needed to reject each other and maybe it wouldn’t be so painful seeing him, or seeing him so angry.

I needed to show him I was strong and I wasn’t going to give into any of his shit. So far I infuriated him and that’s all I wanted.

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