His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Forty Nine


The day that followed my encounter with Evan was truly tortuous. When I left I wanted them to know that I was not going to get in the way of their business, I didn't want them thinking I was giving Evan an unfair bias. He had to stand up to Miles himself and show that he deserves to be treated better.

It was approaching the evening and I still hadn't heard anything from Jaxon, I don't know what I was expecting but it was something. Some kind of recognition for what happened but maybe they thought telling me wasn't important.

I just wanted to know that Miles got what was coming to him and he wasn't manipulating Evan into believing that I was lying.

A million different scenarios run through my head and I couldn't sit here and ponder any longer. The anticipation was killing me and I needed a distraction, something that would make me forget until I could sleep.

"Felix," I say across the kitchen island. His brown eyes instantly flick to me, startled at my sudden outbreak. "Lets go for a run. I need a run."

Pushing the stool out from underneath me and signalling for Felix to follow, he instantly nods and says goodbye to Zara.

By the time I reach the front door Felix is right behind me. "Is everything okay?" He asks and I nod quickly.

"Yeah, I just want to go for a run. I haven't actually been out since being back and I think it will be good for me," I say as I open the door and let Felix close it behind himself.

"I agree," he tells me. "I bet your wolf is itching to get out and run for miles."

I glance at him briefly and he furrows his brows at me in confusion.

"Oh," his eyes go wide at his choice of words. "No pun intended but you know what I mean."

A short laugh escapes my lips and I shake my head. "No you're right, he is itching to get out."

I pull my t-shirt off my body and throw the rest of my clothes onto the floor by our front door. As we approach the woods, the hairs on my arms begin to stand at the thought of running freely. Clearing my mind and doing what I love most.

Without hesitation my body cracks and bends and I shift, my paws his the ground running and I never look back. Felix follows close behind me as I weave in and out of the trees.

The air felt good and the dirt felt even better. My heart races and for minutes on end I run without stopping, I forgot how amazing it felt to be in my natural form. My paws halt into the mud and a deep howl ripples through my chest as I extend my head up at the darkened sky.

Felix stops beside me and begins to do the same thing, the echo of our howls syncing. The last breath of air escapes my lips and I turn to Felix.

You have no idea how much I missed this. I mindlink Felix.

He nods back at me, his eyes gleaming with pride. I missed running with you. It was never the same.

Warmth spreads throughout my heart at his words. Just as I'm about the push off my back legs and charge through the trees again, Zara enters my mind.

Caleb! Her voice is completely panicked.

What's wrong Zara? My senses instantly become alert.

Evan, h-he's just turned up at the house and he's covered in b-blood and oh my God. Her voice begins to break and I crank my head towards Felix.

The worry in her tone made my paws begin to shake.

We need to go home. I ground out to him and pound my paws against the floor as fast as I could.

Is he okay? I ask towards Zara.

She hesitates for a few moments. I-I don't know, it looks like he's hit his head and his arm is bleeding. Something is wrong Caleb, he doesn't look okay. It's like he's drugged or something.

I'm coming. What ever you do, do not let him leave. I demand.

I won't. She reassures me.

Adrenaline kicks in and every inch of me just wanted to know what had happened. The thought of him being hurt and taken advantage of made my blood thrash inside me. Why could I never protect him?

What's happened Caleb? Felix asks as he races along side me, beating me at my own performance.

I don't know but Evan's turned up at the house and he's hurt.

Just even saying those words in my head allowed my legs to run faster, blood pumping around my body like my veins were about to burst and it felt painful but I didn't care.

It takes a few minutes to get back to the house, as soon as I see my pile of clothes I shift and yank on my t-shirt and sweatpants. Almost falling through the door as I get my head through the hole in my top.

Zara stands a few metres from Evan, his body vibrating as his hands run through his hair over and over.

"Hey, what's going on?" I take a few breaths as I approach them.

Evan's dark bloodshot eyes find mine, he takes a step back and sways. He grips onto the counter to balance himself. There was a big gash in the side of his head, crimson blood smeared across his neck and cheek.

His hands covered in dirt and dried blood, along with his swollen bottom lip that looked like his tooth had almost pierced his skin.

My fists begin to clench and I wanted to murder whoever had done this to him.

"Y-You said I co-could come," he murmurs weakly. His words barely audible as he clamps his eyes shut for a few moments before he shoots them wide at me.

Evan's dilated pupils looked like dinner plates, sweat covering his forehead as it glimmers in the light.

"I know," I say as I step forward slowly.

His eyes almost roll into the back of his head as he takes a step away from me.

"S-should I have not come?" He furrows his brows harshly and flashes me a look of annoyance. "Maybe I should g-go,"

His feet begin to walk towards the front door but I stop him before he falls flat on his face. "You are not going anywhere Evan," I say as I place my hands onto his shoulders. "What happened, did Miles hurt you?"

Evan stares back at me for a moment like he didn't know who I was. He raises a hand to the side of his head and winces when his fingers press deep into his wound. "I-I hit my he-head," his voice shakes.

I grip onto his now bloody fingers and pull them away from his injury before he hurts himself further.

"How?" I ask softly. "How did you hit your head?"

Evan swallows harshly and doesn't speak for a few moments. His skin begins to pale as his forehead beads with more sweat. "He push-pushed me against—" he takes a breath. "—against my bedside t-table. Then he-he shoved pills down-down my throat."

My eyes widen as I take a glance toward Zara, she shakes her head at me feeling completely helpless.

I place my hands onto Evan's face and force him to look at me. His eyes completely droopy and uncooperative. "What pills Evan?" I demand.

"T-The ones he's been g-giving me," his lips barely move, he looked exhausted.

"He's been giving you pills?!" My voice raises and Evan shoots his eyes wide at me before swaying his body into my hands.

"He's be-been looking a-after my medication," he pants between breaths, his words a struggle to speak.

My body burns with rage but I keep calm for his sake. "What pills Evan? Tell me what pills!"

Panic sets over me, concerned about what exactly he has been taking. What shit Miles has been feeding him because he's vulnerable.

"X-Xanax, he said it's g-good for my anxiety," he frowns.

My hand moves from his face to the back of his neck. "Evan you're sweating up and you're scaring me, how many did you take?"

Evan's eyes slowly find their way to mine and they instantly glass over with tears. "I shouldn't ha-have come," he shakes his head and pulls away from my grip. "I'm sorry-y, I shouldn't have co-come," his voice completely slurs.

"Evan, let's just talk about this," I say desperately.

He clamps his eyes shut and tears stream down his cheeks, his fingers gripping into his hair as he cries out. "It-it won't stop," he sobs uncontrollably. "Make it stop!" His back turns to me and he walks towards the garden.

"Hey," I say quickly as I follow him. My arms loop around his body and pull his back to my chest. "Hey, it's okay. I've got you."

Evan thrashes against me, the lack of our bond not helping him to settle by my touch. "Stop it pups, please don't hurt yourself," I beg as he screams out in distress.

"Hey, hey come on," I plead as I sink our bodies to the floor and I rest my back against the counter, Evan between my legs. "Come on," I whisper as I smooth over the back of his head listening to him cry, my other arm securely round his stomach.

"It's going to be fine, everything is fine," I murmur into his ear, I glance towards Zara. "Please get me some wet towels, the first aid kit and some water."

She instantly nods and shoots off through the house.

"I hate this, I hate this, I hate this," Evan sobs as his arms wail in front of him.

My fingers gently grip onto his arms as I attempt to calm him. I pull the sleeve on his sweatshirt up and notice a massive scrape over his skin. Endless amounts of white scars and fresh scars beneath, they were never like this before I left.

A deep devastated sigh escapes my lips as I study the marks for a few moments, my lips pressing to his curls over and over. My hand moves from his wrist to entwine out hands together instead. "It's okay, I've got you pups and I'm not going anywhere," I whisper as I rest my forehead onto the back of his head.

"Do you think he's having an overdose?" Zara says suddenly as she approaches us with all the things I asked for.

The thought didn't sit well with me. "I don't know," I say honestly, that was the last thing I wanted to think about.

Evan groans, a painful grunt. "I-I don't feel well," he moans out uncomfortably.

I press my hand to his back and gently rub over the fabric of his top to soothe him. Evan's stomach gargles before he retches, green liquid coming up and out of his throat aggressively. The warmth of his sick covering my leg with endless amounts of non-digested capsules laying on the floor.

"I-I'm s-sorry," he apologises as he points to my leg and the sick covered ground.

My hand never stops as I rub up and down his back, his sick was the last of my worries. His stomach hurls again and he leans forward, endless amounts of liquid shooting out of his mouth. "That's it baby, get it up."

Zara leans down in front of us and hands me a bottle of fresh water. I undo the lid and raise it to Evan's lips. "Drink," I say softly and he tilts his head back enough for me to pour it into his mouth.

"Are you feeling better?" I question as I lower the bottle to the floor.

Evan grunts which raises my suspicions.

"Do you need to be sick again?" I as his head falls back to rest on my shoulder. Evan's head shakes subtly, his eyes clamped shut.

"He's probably tired," Felix says from beside Zara. "But we should call a doctor to make sure that he is okay."

I nod towards him as Evan falls asleep in my arms. "Yeah you're right, give him a once over. I won't be able to sleep otherwise."

My arms tighten around Evan's little body, my heart pounds in my chest. It was the time to care now and lose my shit later.

I knew one thing for sure and that was Miles is not going to get away with this, no longer am I going to sit at the sidelines and watch people walk over my mate. Anyone that lays a finger on him will wish they were never born.

. . .

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Who wants to kill Miles?

Honestly Evan is literally my little bby and writing this actually hurt me so much😭 he's too precious
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