His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Fifty Four


The journey to the police station wasn’t anything exciting, I wanted nothing more than for Sam to be locked up and out of our lives for good. Not being able to get the image of Miles laying on the floor out of my mind, dead bodies aren’t anything you want to remember.

As we pull up outside the station, I watch as Sam steps out of the car in front of us. His hands restrained in front of him by handcuffs and two officers at his side. He continues to struggle as he begins to shout profane words, spit flying out of his mouth in all directions.

I quickly pop the car door open and step out to listen to what he’s shouting. “Let me go you fucking piece of shit cops!” He screams through gritted teeth, his saliva now dripping down his lips.

As they tug him up the stairs he turns abruptly causing one of the officers to lose their grip on him. His eyes catch mine for a split second and it was like he saw red, his body rattles and his eyes looked evil. “Once you’re out of the picture, I’ll have my chance with Evan!” He shouts as he flashes me crazy eyes. “He will be mine, trust me I can see it!”

My eyes and ears couldn’t believe what I was seeing or hearing. Sam was officially a psychopath and nothing more. The thought of him even trying to harm Evan made my blood boil. If I knew he was this obsessed, I would have ended him about a year ago. But I knew Evan hated violence and killing him is the easy way out, he wouldn’t have suffered at all.

As Sam continues to struggle against the officer again, his eyes wide and aimed at me. “Dream on,” I mumble under my breath as an officer moves to my side for support.

Sam quickly lunges forward with his hands and grips onto the gun hanging in the officers waistband, pulling it free effortlessly. Quickly fumbling with the gun and taking the safety catch off, he points it towards me. That same smile he showed me in the car. My body stays routed to the spot as I look through the hole in the gun, the events unfolding in a couple of seconds. His desire completely talking over his mind, delusion setting in.

Just as he pulls the trigger, six, seven bullets fly through the air and into his chest and legs. I quickly duck and hide my head into my arms, not knowing where he aimed the gun. Peeking up after all the chaos, the bullet going off towards the floor and bouncing into the road.

My eyes stare in horror as his body falls to the floor, blood seeping out of every gun shot wound. He shouts and clutches his hand to his chest as he drops the gun onto the floor beside him.

The officers rush around me and I’m quickly escorted inside. They talk through their radios and look down to Sam’s body, checking for a pulse. Shouting code numbers into their receivers and trying their best to corner off the area before bystanders became too nosy.

I finally take a breath once I’m inside, not even realising that my body is shaking continuously. The officer takes me into a room and proceeds to check me over but I don’t know what to say. My body still in complete and utter shock.

Sam was dead.

They just shot Sam dead.

“Sir, are you alright? Do you need me to get you some water? Call a relative?” She asks calmly but I don’t look at her. I stare directly at the wall in front of me.

I stay silent for a few moments, trying to replay what just happened. He was going to shoot me, he tried to shoot me. My fingers run through my hair at the thought, distress creeping onto my shoulders and weighing me down.

“Sir?” The officer calls from in front of me and I finally look at her.

“Water would be great,” I say after a few moments, my mouth dry like sandpaper.

She sends me a empathetic smile and nods before curtly leaving the room.

Felix, will you come to the police station and get me? I ask, my voice completely shaking.

Of course. Are you okay? We have been so worried. What has happened?

Taking a deep, deep breath. I’ll explain later.

Okay man, see you soon.

When the woman enters again with a cup of water and a supervisor, I prepare myself for a conversation I wasn’t sure if I was ready to have. But I wanted to bury the hatchet, I didn’t want to talk about Sam or Miles ever again. The negativity was not needed for my life or Evan’s.

. . .

Feeling drained was an understatement, I wanted to sleep for the rest of my life. Felix was already waiting outside for me for over an hour as the officers were reluctant to let me go. Offering support for what I had witnessed today but I didn’t want support, I just wanted my mate.

Right now I wanted him, to hold him and be close to him. A fucking hug would make me feel okay.

As I open the car door and slip into the passenger seat next to Felix. His eyes instantly analysing my face, darting to the heavy bags under my eyes. My unbelievably pale skin.

“Should we talk when we get home?” He questions as his eyes flick over me again, his lips falling into a concerned frown.

I can’t even bring myself to say anything, all I can do is nod.

Felix quickly puts his foot down and occasionally glances at me out of the corner of his eye. He attempts to find a suitable radio station but just ends up turning it off all together. Watching his actions was a good distraction because my brain hurt and I didn’t want to think about anything right now.

As we pull up to the house, Felix kills the engine and we sit in silence for a few moments.

“Felix,” I find my voice. He turns to me as he undoes his seatbelt. My tired eyes find his. “I feel like any given second I’m going to have a breakdown and I—”

“Come here man,” he says instantly as he pulls my body into his and hugs me tight. “You’ve been through so much shit Caleb.”

My eyes close at his words, the feeling finally sinking in. “I was not expecting to experience what I did today, like what the fuck just happened?”

“It’s okay man,” he sighs as he pulls away and holds onto my shoulder. “What did happen?”

“God, this is going to sound so crazy and even I can’t wrap my head around the fact this all just happened in the last two hours,” my hand finds my forehead, my chest becoming tight from all of the thoughts.

“Calm,” Felix says gently. “Breathe and tell me slowly.”

Digging my fingers into my eyes as I rub harshly trying to control my breathing. “I came home from seeing Evan at the hospital, Miles was—fucking dead on our doorstep.”

Felix holds my stare as he nods slowly.

“That’s why I told you to call the police, then when we got to the station. He—” my throat tightens and I felt sick to my stomach. “—grabbed one of the officers guns and tried to shoot me but they all shot him before he got the chance. He literally died there and then Felix, he tried to shoot me. Kept saying he was going to get to Evan.”

“Oh man,” he shakes his head towards me. “Fuck Caleb, that’s so fucked up. What did the police say, have they offered help?”

I nod but then end up sighing. “I just want Evan, all I want is him right now and I might not even be able to see him for six months.” My heart sinks when I say these words. “Do you know how fucking hard that is to accept?”

Felix’s dark eyes fall sad at my sudden change in tone. “I know it’s going to be hard but me and Zara are going to be there for you. You’ve been through the toughest year of your life and we are going to help you get out on the other side.”

“I wasn’t sure if everything had hit me yet but now I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom, I feel so awful and I hate it,” the burning sensation in my throat made me want to cry.

“You haven’t hit rock bottom,” Felix squeezes my shoulder. “Your emotions are just a bit everywhere, not being able to see Evan is probably playing a big part in it. But trust me when I say these next few months are going to fly by.”

My eyes clamp shut, feeling painful for them to be open. “I want to believe you Felix but I just can’t,” a distressed sigh leaves my lips.

“Okay, you don’t have to believe me now but in a few weeks when we’ve got you back on your feet. Training with the pack and talking to us about what is going on in your head, then it will fly.” Felix’s voice was determined and his tone strong.

I nod towards him, knowing he cared so deeply was a feeling I would never get used to. “I don’t say this enough but honestly I’m so lucky to have met you Felix, the things you and Zara have done for me. I would be completely lost without you.” My voice floods with honesty and Felix smiles back at me.

“That’s what brothers are for,” he tells me as he squeezes my shoulder for support. “Now, do you reckon we should order pizza or order pizza?”

A laugh passed my lips and Felix smiles even more. “See I knew you’d want food,” he says.

I shrug. “Who wouldn’t want pizza after the day I’ve had?”

“Lets get the pack together tonight and have a real family night, what do you say?” Felix suggests as he finally takes his keys out of the ignition.

“We haven’t had one of those in forever,” I say as I lean back onto the car door.

“Exactly, let’s connect our pack bond and enjoy each other’s company tonight. I know they’ve missed you, they want to spend as much time with you as possible and know that you’re okay.” Felix pokes my arm with his car key, a glint of hope in his eyes.

“I guess it will be nice to actually spend some time together,” I agree with him.

“We’ll keep your mind off things and be there when you want to talk about those things.” Felix smiles towards me, a genuine smile and I wouldn’t be able to get a friendship like this anywhere else.

A true connection. A real bond. That’s when I realised I couldn’t take anything for granted, it’s time to live whilst you’re alive.

. . .

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