His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Fifty Six


The rest of the day went by quickly which I was selfishly happy about because I couldn’t wait to share my surprise with Evan. Feeling mostly excited but the tiniest bit nervous, the surprise could go one of two ways.

Evan floated between people before coming back to me multiple times, his smile never fading.

By the time most of the food had been eaten and the alcohol and drinks consumed, I could sense that Evan was tired. Talking to so many people was taxing on him and everyone could see it. He attempts to help clean up but Ava tells him to stay with me as she knew what I had planned.

Evan gives me a side eye before smiling and follows me out of the kitchen. “What’s happening?” He questions.

I flex one of my eyebrows at him. “Now that would be telling,” I smile.

He lets out a soft sigh before nodding his head. “Fine,” he says as we enter the living room.

Shutting the door behind him and locking the door, Evan stands still and looks down at the decorative blanket in the middle of the floor and the numerous lit candles around the room.

“Caleb I—”

“Shhh,” I say quietly as I wrap my arms around his body and rest my head onto his.

“What is all this?” He asks after a few moments.

My arms drop from his body and I latch onto his warm fingers, his skin as soft as I remembered. “Just trust me,” I mumble into the back of his head.

Moving from behind him, pulling his hand forward and onto the blanket. “Sit down,” I say before sliding down onto the ground. Evan sits directly opposite me and glances around the room again, his eyes glimmering against the candles.

My hands find his again and we latch onto each other. “I never told you this because I didn’t really think there was a good time to do it,” I admit as I run my thumb over his knuckle. I don’t miss the way Evan’s eyebrow dips but quickly recovers, like I’d been hiding a horrible secret from him.

“When my father locked me up, I discovered that I have his powers,”

Evan doesn’t blink for a few moments, trying his hardest to let my words sink into him. His shoulders then slump and he stares back at me dumbfounded. “Caleb that’s crazy,” he breathes out.

I nod at him and squeeze his fingers a little harder. “I know it’s completely crazy but not only is it just physical powers but it’s also mental powers,”

Evan’s face flashes with confusion. “What do you mean?”

Slowly I clear my throat and nod back to him. “When my father took me away from here, he went into my mind and undid my ability to mindlink with anyone. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

His eye shoot wide. “H-How is that remotely possible?”

I shrug once. “I don’t know, it’s extraordinary really. But anyway, that’s not the point I’m trying to make.” I say as I shake my head and try to get back to the main reason I was telling him this.

“The last few months you’ve been away, I’ve been practicing with my mental powers. I’ve even been to visit the elders and witches and I wanted to know if I had the ability to get our mate bond back.” My voice is hopeful and Evan’s big eyes stare back at me.

His mouth parts ever so slightly. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah,” I smile. “They’ve guided me and shown me how to take control of my powers, I’ve practiced and practiced mind and connection control.”

“You can go into my mind?” Evan’s mouth falls open in shock.

My head nods towards him. “Yeah, I can reconnect the wires.”

He lets out a short laugh through his nose. “Maybe you could have cured my depression instead,”

“You cured yourself, you didn’t need me,”

Evan smiles back to me. “So how will it work?”

“Close your eyes,” I tell him and watch as they flutter shut. Following his lead and closing my own, I focus on his mind.

My body lights up, the feeling of fireflies flowing through my blood and my veins. Channeling all of my energy into him and his wide open mind.

Evan hums after a few moments, registering my presence in his head. Sending tingling sensations through our arms and to each other’s hearts. It felt so amazing that I was struggling to focus on what was important.

This was the closest thing we’ve been to a bond in a long time and I never wanted it to stop. As I focus onto his mind deeper, connecting all the wires and channeling our inner bond. This was special, it felt so special.

I can hear Evan whimper, the vibe between us making our hands shake in each other’s. I could feel it, I was almost there. My mind felt like it was going to explode into endless amounts of confetti.

“Caleb,” Evan grunts but I don’t reply.

One final push as I clench my eyes as tight as possible, swirling patterns and geometrics flying through my headspace. The pressure enough to make my eyes bulge out of my head. My mouth opens to let out a loud breath as I squeeze Evan’s little fingers once more.

Before I even have the chance to open my eyes, Evan rips his hands from mine and the sound of his footsteps alert me.

I catch a glimpse of him exiting the room abruptly. “Pups?” I call out after him.

Pushing myself up from the floor and following him down the hall. He pushes one hand onto the bathroom door and instantly falls down onto his knees. A small out of liquid splashing into the water as he quickly recovers and wipes his mouth.

“Fuck Evan, are you okay?” I ask instantly as I settle down to his level and reach for his neck.

The second my hand touches his skin, his head snaps to mine and his eyes turn dilated. You wouldn’t even be able to tell his eyes are blue. My whole hand, my whole body on fire just from our touch.

He quickly cups my hand with his and pushes himself into me, his eyes closing in pleasure. I wanted to do the same but I wanted to look at him and admire every little thing about him.

“It’s back,” he whispers softly and I nod towards him.

“It is,”

Evan enjoys touching my hand for a few moments before he opens his eyes and looks up at me. His own hand wanting to reach for my cheek, I watch as his eyebrows furrow towards the side of my face. His fingers brushing the outside of my ear.

“Caleb, you’re bleeding,” he says suddenly as he retracts his fingers and crimson blood glistens against his skin.

I grip onto his fingers, electric sparks flying between us so powerful you could almost see it. “I know, it’s okay. The pressure sometimes is too much.” My voice is slow and calm.

Evan’s eyes watch me before his facial expressions soften. “I didn’t know you had to go through pain to do it,”

I shrug quickly. “It wasn’t that painful, I didn’t know it was going to affect you. I’m sorry,”

“Don’t apologise,” Evan says instantly. “It was worth it.”

He pulls our hands together and presses them to his heart, warmth spreading throughout. Evan closes his eyes again and smiles to himself. “I almost forgot what this felt like,” he admits. “But now I don’t think I could ever forget.”

I loosen one of my hands and run it down the back of his head gently, over and over. The need to touch him was making me itch, like we needed to make up for all that lost time.

“But there is one thing pups,” I tell him as he opens his blue eyes and stares up at me. “To complete the mate bond, we need to mate again and I’ll need to mark you.”

Evan’s eyes blink quickly as he drinks in my words.

“But that doesn’t have to happen any time soon, it will happen when you want it to happen. When you’re comfortable and content with it.” I tell him as I raise his hand to my lips and I kiss his soft skin.

“Okay,” he nods towards me. “Do you want to stay tonight?”

My lips stretch into a smile. “Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,”

. . .

It was dark by the time Evan and I go upstairs to bed. His room still smelling strongly of fresh cotton and sweet cherries, it almost made my heart stop the second I walked inside.

“Ava said that she changed my bed last night, so don’t be thinking these bedsheets are six months old,” Evan says with a slight laugh as he loops round to the side of his bed.

I nod towards him but he doesn’t see, he tugs his flannel shirt off his shoulders before lifting his T-shirt up and over his head effortlessly. He kicks off his shoes and I can’t help but watch.

My eyes gravitate to his shoulders and his arms and his chest, he was so healthy and I just wanted to smother him with affection.

Evan catches one of my glances before he smiles. “What?” He questions before pulling off his distressed jeans and kicking them onto the floor.

I open my mouth to speak but I can barely find the words. Evan’s smile spreads even further. “You just look so good and so healthy and it just—just makes me happy to see you like this,” I tell him.

“You want to know the secret?” He flexes an eyebrow at me before perching on the bed and resting his back on the headboard.

“Do tell,” I say as I begin to pull my own clothes off.


A sharp breath of air escapes my nose.

“Don’t laugh,” he says as he lays on his side and rests his head in his hands.

“I’m not laughing,” I say straight. “I’m impressed.”

“You are?” His voice increases.

I nod again before joining him on the bed, my hand reaching over to grip onto his bare thigh. That warmth reminding us both how far we’ve come.

“Of course,” I say. “Your body looks incredible, all big and strong.” My fingers reach up to his lightly sculpted arm.

“Not sure about the big part,” he laughs as he looks down to my hand.

“Perfect for me,” my eyes glance up at his and they sparkle, something I’ve never seen before.

Evan flashes me his gorgeous smile. “Shut up,” he mumbles before pushing my shoulder.

“So do you have to go back at all?” I question. “Are you still on your medication?”

He hums briefly. “Yeah, I’m still on medication but a very, very low dose. They wanted me to adjust to the outside before I came off them but I can already feel a difference and I’m excited to feel like I don’t need anything to make me feel right.”

“It’s all about timing though,” I say as I raise my hand to brush his curls out of his eyes. “Nothing needs to be rushed, you’re home now and you have all the time in the world to be happy.”

“Of course,” he agrees instantly as he nuzzles into my hand. “I know that but I’m just ready to start living and to build a life and a family in the future with you.”

My heart pulsates painfully, all of my veins stopping for a brief second. “A family?” I smile.

Evan’s face is unreadable for a split moment. “Yeah,” he pauses. “Don’t you?”

“Yeah I want a family with you more than anything,” I let out as I brush my finger over his cheek. “I want to fucking marry you right now.”

His cheeks begin to bleed redness as he sinks in my words. “Marry me? Twenty one is a young age to get married.”

I flex an eyebrow towards him. “You think you’re gonna find someone else?”

He shakes his head vigorously. “No,” he says. “I just mean in the future I’m talking about these things.”

“I know pups,” I say softly. “I guess I’ll have to wait a little while to eventually call you Evan Vella.”

Evan grins again before leaning forward to catch my lips with his. My stomach plummets as the sparks between us almost shock me, the need to mate with him and mark him at the front of my mind. But I didn’t want to pressure him, I knew he needed to be comfortable.

He pulls away but leaves our lips just about touching. “I am so excited to become Evan Vella.”

. . .

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