His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Five

It has been three weeks since Jaxon agreed to let Caleb and his pack train with us. Three whole weeks of torture I had to endure because I was constantly around my mate, who didn’t want me. But at least the feeling was mutual.

We barely spoke, maybe a word here and there occasionally but Caleb didn’t want anyone to know about us and to be honest, neither did I.

I was confused as to why he wouldn’t just reject me and just let us both forget this and move on. Being around each other was almost killing me inside regardless of the fact I didn’t want him, my wolf did. Our bond did.

I could feel it growing and I tried so hard to ignore it but I felt the pull towards him every second of the day. My attempt at not showing it was impressive, his was even better—that’s if he even felt it at all. He was so cold hearted I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t even capable of experiencing a mate bond. Maybe that’s why he hates me so much.

Both our packs had become stronger and built more stamina. I was finally on a level where Jaxon was proud to have me in his pack, I no longer struggled to breathe after a few minute run. I stopped feeling sick after intense cardio. We even learnt how to fight properly, something Jaxon never let me do because he said I was always too much of a weak opponent. He had a point and I was glad he didn’t make me suffer the pain of being beaten with no hope in winning.

It was obvious that Caleb’s pack were a million times better than us, they ran circles around us and to be honest I was embarrassed.

Caleb was a strong headed and determined leader, he would push and push his pack members. He knew exactly where their breaking points were and he would use them to get the best out of them. He knew what he was doing, he’d use their strengths wisely and absolutely demolish their weaknesses in attempt to make them perfect.

They all would be perfect the candidates for The Hunger Games, Caleb was a good Alpha to them as much as I hated to admit it.

Ever since our encounter in the kitchen, Ava has been suspicious of him and it feels like she can’t trust him. I have no idea if Jaxon spoke to him but maybe he did because Caleb hasn’t bothered me since. If anything, he’s attempted to stay out of my way more.

During training today Jaxon and Caleb agreed that we were going to train outside our usual spots and go further out for a challenge.

They loved competition more than anything, even though our pack usually lose it was all about learning from our experiences.

“My pack and I will head West down to the stream,” Caleb clarifies to Jaxon and our pack.

Jaxon nods as Caleb’s pack disappear through the trees and down to the stream.

“I have a game plan,” Jaxon whispers the second that the others leave his eyesight. As we all crowd round and listen to his plan, it was a lot to take in. He was asking for a lot from us but how would we ever get better if we never tried to make things hard for ourselves?

“Let’s go guys,” Jaxon nods at all of us before we shift and move between the trees.

My paws pounce on the floor as I run to the edge of the woods, Jaxon wanted us to patrol the outskirts in case people were hiding away.

I carefully listen out to the sounds of any leaves or movement around me. In the distance I can hear wailing and I instantly become alert, my wolf hides behind a thick tree as I peer my head just behind it.

In the distance I can see a naked woman struggling against two men, my heart hammers away in my chest and I feel sick.

Narrowing my eyes I realise that it’s Zara, Caleb’s beta’s mate.

She’s squirming in their arms but one of the men clamps a hand over her mouth, that’s when I notice she’s wrapped up in silver. One man says something into her ear and smiles evilly, Zara cries.

They begin to lure her away. My chest heaves quickly, I needed to do something and I needed to do it now.

Clamping my eyes shut for a split second, I try and gain all the confidence I have in my body. Emerging from the tree I begin to charge towards them, acting as aggressively as I can.

They both hear me behind them and turn in my direction. Their grip is loosened on Zara as they gasp at me, she falls to the floor and she scurries away.

I pounce on one of the guys and send him tumbling to the ground. My eyes look to my side and directly at Zara.

Go. I demand in my head.

Just as I watch her shift and run away my fur is pulled from behind me and silver is wrapped around my neck.

A distressed cry leaves my lips at the pain, my wolf no longer strong enough to handle it I shift back to my human form and collapse onto the floor.

They both pin me down and wrap me up in silver, it burns its way through my skin and I hiss at the contact.

One of the men laughs down at me. “Brave what you did but now I guess it’ll be you we’ll be experimenting on.”

As I attempt to fight them off the other guy just punches me straight in the nose, my head hits the floor with a thud and I groan.

“I wonder if there are more,” the guy beams at the other.

“Most probably,”

“This is amazing, I knew werewolves existed.” They both laugh together.

My head spins from the pain of being punched.

“Let’s go,” one says as he tugs at the silver on my body.

I struggle against them which only earns me more punches, blood drips down my nose and onto my lips. Whimpering, I let them drag my limp naked body through the dirt.

I wasn’t sure if I was hearing things but the low sound of growls surrounds us, my eyes are slightly open as I look down to the brown leaves by my bare feet.

When the two guys look around one mutters, “holy shit.” In less than a second I fall face first into the floor, the screams of the two men echo amongst the forest.

I groan into the hard ground, my head feeling dizzy. The silver is unwrapped from my body and I’m turned onto my back. Warm hands cup my face and it sends shivers down my spine, the smell of gasoline makes me relax.

“Hey,” I hear his voice.

My skin raises in goosebumps and I almost moan.

“Hey,” there is a tap on my face. “Look at me.”

I was scared to look at him because I knew who it was, he was probably going to taunt me for being weak, for having to be saved.

“I said look at me,” he uses his Alpha tone and within a second my eyes are open.

His dark green eyes are merely inches from mine, I know I’ve hit my head because maybe just maybe for a moment it looked like worry in his eyes.

He blinks and they go back to stone.

“We need to move,” his deep voice tells me. I can’t even breathe right now, he’s so close and the bond was firing back and forth between us. One of the first times I felt this intense. “Can you shift?” He asks me.

My wolf was tired and in pain, all I can do is shake my head.

Caleb sighs and looks up above him, his hands take a piece of clothing and he hands it to me. He helps me put it on and a weird feeling of care stretches throughout my body, he won’t look at me. Every time his fingers brush my skin it feels like mini fireworks exploding in my stomach despite how much pain I was currently in. It was making me feel better and I was somewhat grateful for it.

Caleb pulls away from me and shifts into his dark wolf.

Wrap your arms around my neck. He mindlinks me as he bends down to my level.

My shaky hands reach up to run through his thick fur, I can feel him shake beneath me but he instantly stands up on all fours to stop this. Does he feel that too?

Hold on.

My arms secure themselves around his neck as he follows Felix and darts through the trees.

We safely make it back to the pack house where Jaxon and the rest of the pack are waiting.

Ava and Lucy instantly rush to my side. “Oh my God Evan, are you okay?” Ava rushes.

When I climb off Caleb they both wrap their arms around my small body and help me walk towards the house. I let out a small grunt followed by a nod. My body almost falls limp from the distance from Caleb, it hurt my heart more than I knew.

We make it into the kitchen and Lucy pulls a jumper over my head, Ava begins to wipe my face. They both watch me with concern.

“Good as new,” Ava tells me once she throws away the tissues covered in crimson blood.

“I wish,” I mumble, Lucy hears me and she gives me a quick side eye.

Felix and Zara stand beside me, his arm is secured around her waist and their fingers are intertwined in front of them.

“Thank you Evan, for tackling them down. Without you, God knows what would have happened.” Zara says towards me gratefully, I can tell she’s still shaken because her eyes look sad. I smile at her.

“I owe you man,” Felix slaps a hand down onto my back and squeezes my shoulder. “You saved the love of my life.”

“It’s okay, I had to do something,” I say as I shrug.

Jaxon moves closer and stands next to the kitchen island. “I really underestimated your courage Evan, what you did was truly brave.”

“Thank you,” I nod at him as the corners of my mouth twitch into a smile.

“A true and trustworthy pack member will risk his life for another, especially someone who isn’t even in our pack.” Jaxon’s eyes smile at me, he looks so proud and it melts my heart. Words can’t even leave my mouth because I don’t know how I’m feeling, I’ve never been appreciated like this.

As I look from Jaxon to Felix to Zara, my eyes catch Caleb who is staring at me from across the room. His arms are crossed, his fingers tightly wrapped around his biceps. Jaxon approaches him and I watch as they leave the kitchen together.

Everyone in the kitchen begin chatting again and almost everyone comes up to me to tell me how amazing I did today. Feeling like you actually matter is strange, feeling like you made a change was something that made me experience happiness. What an odd feeling.

“I’m going to go take a shower I announce,” they all nod at me as I begin to leave the room.

When I get upstairs and walk down the hall, I hear talking from Jaxon’s office.

Stopping dead in my tracks as I hear voices mention my name, my ears literally burn whenever anyone talks about me.

“What’s up with the little pup?” Caleb’s deep voice ask.

I hear Jaxon’s soft laugh. “You mean Evan?”


“What do you mean?” Jaxon asks as I hear the sound of chairs moving.

“I can tell he doesn’t belong in your pack, he’s weak, his wolf is barely a wolf.” Caleb explains.

Pain burns through my chest like lava, I knew he thought so little of me. Just a pathetic boy.

“He’s a lot stronger than you think, he’s been through a lot.” Jaxon clears his throat. “You know how I told you Ava had a previous mate, Lucien?”

Caleb doesn’t say anything so I’m guessing he nods.

“Evan is Luicen’s brother, Evan let Ava go. If he never did that I would have never met her, I gave him a rough time at the start but now I’ve realised he couldn’t hurt a fly, he’s pure.”

Pure. I am anything but pure.

“I see,” Caleb says after a few moments.

“He’s had a tough life, he has no family. I’m sure his old pack used to beat him to pulp, he’s lucky to be alive.” Jaxon sighs.

Lucky isn’t the word.

“What he did today just proves how brave he is, he might be weak but he sure has courage. It’s refreshing.”

“Interesting,” Caleb’s hard voice says slowly.

“Why?” Jaxon asks curiously.

“No reason just didn’t know he had it in him,” Caleb admits. “So what did you want to show me?”

My feet slowly begin to move away from Jaxon’s door and towards my room.

When I get into the bathroom I lock the door behind me and press my back against the wood. It takes me a few moments to catch my breath before I wash my body thoroughly and overthink everything that happened today.

Especially the feeling of Caleb’s touch on mine. How much I craved more of it. How much I wish I didn’t feel this way.

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