His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Fifty Seven


Evan didn’t want to go to sleep, we talked and talked all night. My eyes felt so heavy and as much as I wanted to stay awake, I eventually fell asleep with him in my arms.

It was the deepest sleep I have had in a long time, comfort and happiness buzzing around my body. We didn’t move the whole night, Evan still firmly in my arms, his back to my chest and my fingers laced through his.

I wake up a few times but find myself dozing back off again. I felt so content that I had him back. Our bond back.

Evan shifts in my arms, it just about wakes me up but I don’t open my eyes. He rotates and gently brushes his fingers against my lips and my chin. The feeling setting fire to my skin, wanting him to touch me like this forever.

I enjoy the feeling as his other hand brushes down my arm. Eventually I open my eyes and peek at him, my brain feeling tired but content. My eyes felt crusted shut and I have to blink a few times to see Evan’s face clearly.

“Good morning,” I groan deeply.

Evan’s eyes widen slightly before he swallows, his hands continuing to dance along my skin.

“Are you okay?” I ask as I move my hand up to his curls.

He nods but doesn’t say anything, his eyes completely fixated on my own. I wanted to know what he was thinking but I could feel the radiation of happiness from his body into mine and that was good enough for me.

Evan drops his hands from my body and pushes himself up from the bed. I study his actions, expecting him to get out but instead he kneels and swings his leg over my torso. His body hovering over mine as his hands press onto my chest. A soft whimper escapes my lips as he lowers his crotch down onto mine, only the thin layer of material between us.

My hands slide up his sides and rest just below his ribs. His eyes move from my belly button to his own hands to my neck to my eyes. He looked like he was in awe and that just made me want to flip him over and take him right now. But I didn’t, I contained myself.

Evan gently lowers his head and presses his lips to mine, my hand now moving to the back of his head as I pull him into me. His hips grind down onto mine, my member becoming hard almost instantly. I have dreamt of this moment more times than I can remember.

His hands grip my neck as he kisses me, his lips devouring mine. With every kiss he grinds down on me harder, having to break away to take a breath of pleasure. “Oh fuck,” I groan as I feel my blood rush.

Evan smiles against me as he attempts to kiss me again but I pull back. For a brief moment we glance at each other. “What’s wrong?” He asks me.

I lean up onto my forearms and shake my head. “Nothing,” I tell him. “I just want to make sure you’re comfortable if you want to do this.”

His lips curl up into a smile as he pushes me back down to the bed with his hand, the dominance surprisingly turning me on. “Caleb,” he breathes out against my lips. “I want you to mark me and I want you to do it now.”

His words made me flip him down onto his back as a reflex, I wasn’t to be played with right now. But as I look down to Evan, his eyes glisten with success because he knew that I couldn’t resist to take charge.

I place my hand on the centre of his chest and run my fingers down his torso, his skin raising in goosebumps and he shudders continuously. Looping my fingers into his black boxers and pulling them down his legs, Evan’s eyes watching my every move. His member springs free and I instantly wrap my hand around it, pumping gently.

His hands bunch into the bedsheets almost instantly, not having the chance to be able to touch each other like this in a long time felt so overwhelming.

I watch as his eyes clamp shut and he throws his head back to the pillow. Shuffling my body up to his and I lower my head down to his dick, my tongue gliding over his tip. Evan pushes his head up from the bed, resting onto his hands. His mouth opens as he lets out an inhuman sound, my eyes peek up to him as I slide my mouth down him.

Evan’s body shakes, his eyes trying to close in pleasure but he forces himself to look at me. His eyes turning dilated, his chest panting heavily. His hands moves to grip my hair as he guides my head on his length. “Oh my God,” he moans aloud. “Fuck Caleb, that feels so good,”

I wanted to smirk but instead I went faster and start using my other hand to pump him again. Every part of his body begins to jolt and it was the best sight, I wanted to see him like this all the time. He moans again and it sends blood shooting to my cock, he sounded so unbelievably sexy.

“Fuck Caleb,” he whimpers. “I can’t take it anymore, just fuck me please,”

He didn’t have to tell me twice.

I pull my mouth from him slowly and stand up from the bed. My eyes watch over him as he lays on the bed, his hands running through his own hair continuously. Quickly pushing my boxers down and off my legs, climbing back onto the bed as I position myself between him.

His blue eyes stare up at me, a look of complete awe. He fumbles with his bedside table and pulls out a bottle of lube, squirting some into my hands before I rub it up and down my throbbing member. Lining myself up against his tight little hole, I take one look at him and lock eyes before I push my way into him.

My dick completely stretches him and I have to suppress the overpowering grunt that was about to escape my mouth. Evan moans as his hands latch onto my arms as I begin to slowly pump in and out of him. He grips onto the back of my neck and pulls my lips down to his, filling him deeper.

Evan takes a deep gasp but continues to kiss me, his teeth biting onto my bottom lip. Hard enough to draw blood and I knew that I wanted more. Groaning into his mouth and slamming my hips down onto his, the feeling of his hole tightening around me.

“Oh Caleb,” he moans which only makes me go faster, our lips brushing. I wanted him to scream my name over and over until he couldn’t no more. His fingers dig into my biceps, his headboard bashing into his wall. “Fuck, I missed you,” he pants.

I kiss him hard, leaving him without a breath of air. “I missed you so much,” I say before moving my hands to the side of his face and dipping my lips to his warm neck. Plastering kisses across his soft skin, hearing him whimper from the pleasure.

“Please, please just mark me already,” he begs and I couldn’t hold back any longer. As I pick up my pace, my teeth dive straight into his neck. The taste of blood instantly filling my mouth. Evan screams out as his body shakes against mine, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. My tongue laps up the blood and soothes over the fresh wound, as I kiss against it over and over. His body jolting with every peck.

My face moves to mirror his, his eyes full of life and lust and everything in between. He pulls my neck to him and kisses me with everything inside of him and I felt it. In my stomach, in my heart, in my mind. This was it. This was us now.

Evan pants against me as I continue to move inside him. “I want to mark you too,” he breathes out and I stop my hips from moving.

His eyes practically begging me to let him claim me as his. He presses his palms to my chest so that I fall onto my back at the other end of the bed, Evan mounting me possessively. My dick twitches, the confidence he was radiating making me more turned on than I thought.

“Let me mark you,” he whispers as he dips his head down to my jaw and swipes his lips across my skin. I groan and ball one of my hands into the back of his hair, pulling him down onto my rock hard cock.

Evan gasps out at the friction, a position we have never tried because I’ve always been too in control to let it happen. We catch each other’s eyes for a split moment before Evan moves his hands back to grind on my dick. His mouth opening slightly and the softest moans bouncing off the walls. His skin glistened with a layer of sweat, his body was glowing. Radiant.

After a few moments he faces me again and grinds our hips together quick and hard, never have I had someone ride me. “Oh fuck pups,” I grunt as I smash our lips together aggressively. Our teeth clash slightly but it doesn’t phase Evan.

He pecks down my neck and to my collarbone, licking delicately at the skin. He teases me for a few moments, my whole body on edge.

“Tell me you want me to mark you,” he mumbles into my neck.

My hands explore his back as I close my eyes. “I want you to mark me,”

Evan’s lips smile against me before he plunges his teeth deep inside my neck. I yelp out at the foreign pain but once it reaches my veins, I can’t help but moan and grind our bodies together rougher than before.

He laps up my blood, just like I did to him. My body shuddering in pleasure, fireworks exploding in every part of my body.

My hand finds the back of his neck and I hold him to me as I thrust my hips up quickly. I felt close and I know he did too.

Evan whines at the sudden change in tempo and grips onto the side of my neck, our skin slapping together continuously. He moans breathlessly in my ear and that was almost enough to send me over the edge.

“Fuck Caleb,” Evan cries as he moves from my neck to my eyes. They flick between mine as I continue to pound into him. “I love you.”

I clamp my eyes shut just as I feel my orgasm begin, quickly opening them to find Evan shooting his cum all over my chest. His eyes firmly locked on mine as we climax at the same time, my fingers going numb from all the sensations.

Evan collapses down onto me, his lips against my jaw line. “I love you pups,” I pant between breaths. “I love you more than you could imagine.”

I see the corner of his lips twitch up into the brightest smile. Our chests heave against each other’s as we attempt to regain our strength. Evan’s head pops up from my chest, his eyes looking tired but bright. “Round two?”

. . .

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