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When I first met Evan, I had no idea that I would feel the way I do about him. I had no idea it was possible to feel dizzy when I heard his laugh or the way my heart physically flutters when I see him smile. The butterflies in my stomach when I hear his voice or the way my body raises in goosebumps when he touches me.

I had no idea I could fall so hard in love with someone, I had no idea I was capable of such thing.

But today, right now, I knew exactly why I fell in love with him. Knowing that I didn’t need our bond to know how I felt, that I fell in love with him for him and not because of the bond.

Evan is the strongest person I know, stronger than I will ever be.

The last year has been utter bliss. His recovery proceeded to go well, completely finishing his medication and no longer going to therapy. It was like he was himself again for the first time in a long time. It was a beautiful transition to see and I couldn’t wait to see him flourish even more.

Evan invited me to go out with Ava and Kayleigh, a play date trip to the park.

Kayden and Kayleigh welcomed baby Cody into the world. Her pregnancy was not the best by any means, multiple miscarriage scares and emergency trips to the hospital.

Some days we sat up all night for them to get home, no one being able to rest until we knew that they were okay. We knew how much this baby meant to them and how hard they tried to get Kayleigh pregnant.

But four months ago Kayleigh gave birth to the most perfect little human, I’m not one for baby fever but seeing them together made me dream of Evan and I’s future.

Aurora was off playing on the swings, baby Cody sat in a pram next to Kayleigh as she gently pushes him back and forth.

Evan wanted to be involved in the children’s lives more than ever, he wanted them to look up to him like he was a real uncle and it melted my heart.

Ava is telling us a story about one of Aurora’s friends from school. Evan nods his head towards her as he listens carefully, the sound of tiny footsteps charge at us.

A little girl with the curliest blonde hair I’ve ever seen, she waddles towards us before bending down in front of Evan and picking up a set of keys.

“You dropped this,” she mumbles before clutching onto the keys and eventually handing it to Evan.

“Oh,” Evan says as he leans forward. “Thank you, I didn’t even see that I dropped them.”

The little girl grins before dropping them into Evan’s hand. “You’re welcome,” she says before flashing a big grin with gapped teeth.

“Where is your mom?” Evan asks sounding concerned as he leans closer to him.

“Ummm,” she hums as she twists from side to side.

“Phoenix!” A woman shouts loudly. “Phoenix!”

The girls eyes widen as she turns to the lady who is running towards us. “Oh my God, Phoenix you gave me a fright. Do not run off like that ever again!”

Her lips frown slightly. “I’m sorry Lara,” she sighs before lowering her head to the floor.

“I’m so sorry if she’s bothered you,” Lara says as she takes Phoenix’s hand and pulls her to her side.

Evan shakes his head instantly. “Not at all,” he beams up to her. “In fact she helped me find these.” He holds up the keys.

Phoenix smiles again and pushes her frizzy hair out of her eyes.

“Aw,” Lara squeezes her hand. “You clever little girl,”

Evan smiles so brightly that my heart pangs at his joy.

“I’m sorry, I’m usually not this bad with the kids,” Lara laughs as she flicks her eyes between Caleb and I. “There is just so many to keep an eye on but we all want them to have the time to go out,”

I watch as Evan leans forward to listen. “Time to go out?” He questions.

Lara nods. “We work at the foster care home down the road,” she points behind her. “We try and take them out when the weather is good but boy is it hard.”

“I could imagine,” Evan agrees.

“Well anyway, sorry again for interrupting you,” she smiles. “Let’s go Phoenix,”

“Bye,” Evan waves towards her, her little hand waving back.

His eyes fixate on mine after a few moments, his pupils dilated with sadness. “How could someone give up such a sweet little child like her?” He asks in disbelief.

I sigh and place my hand on his shoulder. “Really, really nasty people who don’t deserve the good things,” I say.

“That makes me so sad, they deserve such a good life, they’re so innocent and vulnerable,” his eyes close for a brief second as his shoulders drop.

“They’re probably in better hands than their birth parents,” my hand moves from his shoulder to the back of his neck. “They are most likely safer without them.”

Evan thinks about my words for a moments before he nods. “Yeah, you’re right,” he says as he smiles at me.

Raising my wrist to check the time, it was later than I thought. “I hate to love you and leave you, but I got to go,” I say as I bring my lips to his forehead.

Evan remains close to me. “Thanks for coming out to spend time with us today, it means a lot to me,” he says before flicking his blue eyes up to me so innocently.

“I know and it was fun, I had a nice time,” I tell him as I push myself up from the bench.

“Oh Caleb, are you going?” Ava asks and I quickly nod.

“Yeah sorry, I promised Felix I’d do something with him,”

Ava smiles. “It was nice to spend time with you today,” she says sweetly.

“You too,” I nod. “Goodbye Kayleigh,”

Kayleigh waves at me before returning to her conversation with Ava.

Leaning down to catch Evan’s lips with mine, his skin feeling warm. I kiss him once, then twice. “See you at home,” I whisper against him before pulling away.

. . .

Felix has been planning on proposing to Zara for the longest time, so I promised that I would help him set up the perfect proposal.

He wants to do it soon, he is so eager to settle down and I know she is too. I couldn’t wait for them to start their own little family.

After Felix and I finished, we sat downstairs at the kitchen island as Zara made dinner. They tease each other and they laugh and their happiness is radiant.

The sound of the front door opening alerts me and I turn my head to it instantly, Evan slips his body inside before shutting it behind him.

“Hey guys,” he says as he waves and walks towards the island.

“Evan!” Zara yells as she embraces him in the tightest hug.

“Hey,” he says into her shoulder.

Evan loops round the island and sits on the stool next to me, shrugging off his denim jacket. Placing one of his hands onto my forearm, he leans up to press a delicate kiss to my lips. “How was the rest of your day?” I ask him.

He nods. “Good, it was nice to spend time with them,”

“I hope you’re hungry Evan!” Zara exclaims as she places a hot plate of lasagne in the middle of the table.

Evan grins. “You bet I am,”

. . .

It was late into the night and Evan and I finished watching a documentary on animals in Africa. As the credits begin to roll, I reach for the remote to turn off the TV.

“You wanna go bed?” I ask and Evan nods as he settles into the duvet.

Leaning to turn off the bedside table, our room swarming into complete darkness. Evan instantly cuddles into me, his fingers resting on my bicep. His lips pressed to my chest, he kisses my skin softly.

“I’ve been thinking,” he whispers to me.

I latch my hand around his back and clutch the back of his head. “About what?”

“In the future, when we are ready. We should adopt.”

Pausing for a moment to register what he said. “Adopt?”

Evan hums instantly, shifting his head from my chest. His lips grazing the edge of my chin. “After today it’s confirmed everything I’ve been thinking about,” he says quietly. “We should adopt someone who needs us, give them a better life.”

“You mean a human?” I question.

He shrugs gently in my arms. “I don’t know, just someone that needs our help. We physically can’t have kids, maybe we should think about it. I know we have a long way to go but it’s just got me thinking. It’s definitely an option, right?”

My lips press to his forehead. “It’s an option,” I agree with him. “But it’s going to be hard work, especially if it’s a child from a tough background.”

“But that’s why I want to do it,” Evan says confidently. “I know it’s not going to be easy but it sure is going to feel rewarding. Imagine if someone had a brother like mine or a dad like yours, we can help them grow into a person without their past lingering over them.”

“You’re too good for this world, you know that pups?” I say as I slip my fingers into his curly hair.

A soft laugh escapes his lips. “I’m really not,”

“We can definitely talk about it when we feel like we want to settle down,” I say as I pull him closer to my body.

“Okay good, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there,” Evan mumbles softly.

“Like I said, I can’t wait to start a family with you but I know it’s going to be at the right time.” I whisper as I push pieces of hair away from his forehead.

“Well yeah, considering we’re going to be spending the rest of our lives together,”

I smile instantly. “Exactly, we have all the time in the world.”

Evan’s little hand clutches onto the side of my neck, his body melting into mine. My heart feeling like it was about to burst with the happiness I was feeling.

And I couldn’t wait for it to last forever.


. . .

Guys I’m sad. My babies are finally happy together! Woy has it been a long fucking ride!

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