His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Book 4: Myla and Jake's Story

. . . SWEET DREAMING . . .


When Myla is adopted into a new loving family after she was neglected by her mother at six years old, she grows up with two werewolf fathers.

Having moved away from her dads werewolf lives until she was eighteen, they move back to their pack house for Myla to discover what she truly wants in life now she is an adult.

Although Myla struggles to show emotion, her past constantly having a hold on her, she refuses to let it define her. Having struggled with maintaining any friendships as a child and growing up feeling lonely, Myla wants to take a step out of her comfort zone.

Myla’s personality cold and sassy, she doesn’t take shit from anyone. Holding her head up high and not letting anyone bring her down, she opens up to the idea of letting people in, having blocked out all of her emotions since childhood.

Spending the summer with the Alpha’s werewolf son, there is a first for everything.

Her first party, her first kiss, her first love.

It just shouldn’t be this complicated being so young.



- Mature themes

- Physical and emotional abuse

- Strong language

- Drug use

This book is not going to be as dark as my others stories, this is going to be more upbeat and lighthearted than serious. I think we all need a break from the depressive storylines!

This story is complete and on my profile now!

See you guys very soon, Sav x

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