His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Eight

A few days had passed and I had finally accepted that Caleb doesn’t want me. I already knew this because over the last three days, he hadn’t even spared me a look. Didn’t even recognise that I was alive. My heart broke every time and I hated myself for it.

I was confused as to why he kissed me. My lips still tingle every now and then when I think about his firm lips on mine, the way he tasted, his body pressed against mine. I find myself thinking about it a lot and every time I scold myself.

That’s when I lost count how many times I poured out my pot of rice and prayed to the moon goddess. I did it so much that I had pierced the skin on my knees and made myself bleed. But I deserved it, I deserved this pain, the rejection of my mate. This was her way of punishing me, for those bad things I did years ago. Every time I think back to it I feel sick, I panic.

During training I had been pushing and pushing myself to do better, to distract myself from the agonising pain in my body. Jaxon recognised my efforts but he wasn’t the one I wanted to win over, again I scolded myself for thinking this way.

My appetite had reduced but I forced myself to eat to keep my strengths up for when I trained, I couldn’t be throwing up like last time.

Sitting in the kitchen my eyes are trained on the window in front of me, rain hits the window softly. My hand twiddles the fork in my bowl, playing with the pasta that sits in front of me.

I don’t even notice anyone else enter the room until Ava sits on the stool next to me. I’m instantly startled as she leans forward on the island and rests her head on her fist.

She doesn’t say anything so I clear my throat. “Hi?” I say.

“You’d tell me anything right?” She instantly questions.

My brows furrow towards her as I nod eventually. “Yeah?”

“You wouldn’t lie to me would you?”

I furrow my brows even further. “No,”

“Then what happened that night we went over to Caleb’s, you disappeared for ages.” Ava challenges me.

My cheeks begin to rise with heat. “Nothing,” I speak.

Ava raises her eyebrows at me. “Are you lying to me?”

I shake my head too quickly and too aggressively.

“What did you just say about not lying to me?”

“I just—I mean,” I struggle with my words.

“Don’t even think about making up some bullshit story,” she cuts me off. “The second you came back down to the kitchen Caleb’s scent was all over you.”

My voice got stuck in my throat.

“These idiots might not have smelt it but I did and there is no way you would be covered in his scent like that from just being at his house,” Ava’s eyes train on mine hard. She never breaks eye contact once and I find it hard to keep staring at her.

I purse my lips at her words.

“So tell me right now, what happened?” Ava’s voice drops to a softer tone.

It takes me a while to find my words because talking about it made me feel ashamed. “He caught me in his room and I don’t know something weird happened between us and he kissed me,”

Ava silently gasps and she doesn’t know whether to be happy or annoyed.

“And what happened?” She drops her hand from her head and scoots closer to me to listen.

I shrug. “He pushed me away and told me that it shouldn’t have happened and I should go.”

“That fucking asshole,” Ava mumbles under her breath. “I am so sorry Evan, he doesn’t deserve you anyway. God I wish I could fuc—”

“Please don’t tell anyone,” I rush, my eyes flick between hers quickly.

“You told me not to tell anyone you’re mates and I didn’t, I won’t say anything I promise.” Her hand comes up to cup my knee gently.

“I’m just embarrassed I guess,” I admit.

“Don’t be embarrassed, if anyone should be embarrassed it’s him. He will regret this for the rest of his life, I promise you that.” Ava gives me a supportive look as she smiles at me.

A deep sigh leaves my lips. “Since he’s done that the bond has grown so much, every time I see him my heart shatters into pieces. He literally ceases to know that I exist.”

Ava watches my lips as I speak and she frowns.

“I fucking hate that I’m feeling like this towards him, you’re right he is an asshole. The biggest fucking asshole.” My hand slaps down onto my forehead and I groan.

Ava rips my hand from my face and grips my other wrist tightly. She shakes me and my eyes widen at her actions. “You don’t need that idiot okay? You deserve so so much better. You will find someone who treats you like an absolute king. If Caleb is going to be acting like this now, imagine what would happen in the future? I’m scared you’re going to get hurt.”

I begin to nod my head. “You’re right,” I say quietly. “It’s just hard, the bond is killing me.”

“Maybe you just need to reject him and don’t look back,” she suggests.

The idea destroys every bit of my soul, my wolf whines at the thought of pain and heartbreak. So instead of disagreeing I just nod, “maybe.”

Ava smiles at me. “Whatever you decide to do, I’ll be here for you. You know that.”

I force a smile back to her. “I know,” I whisper.

. . .

We are back to training as usual, Jaxon matches us up with people from the other pack to play cat and mouse.

That’s when Jaxon decides to challenge me and pair me up with Caleb. My heart darts to my throat and I cannot even bear to look at him, instead I look at Ava who gives me a sturdy nod. I know she wanted me to be strong.

Caleb’s pack get a head start, meaning that our pack were the cats. Jaxon gives us the go ahead and we shift into the forest.

My paws hit the floor at a quick pace, I fly through the trees and keep my ears and nose alert. As Caleb was my mate it meant that his scent was far stronger than anyone else’s, finding him should be easy.

I slow down and come to a stop and lift my snout in the air, taking in a deep breath I can smell his scent faintly. Through my senses I detect the direction of his scent and I follow it quickly.

My eyes scan the area when I see his black wolf shoot past the tall trees. I focus on him and pound my feet into the floor to catch up with him, I had never had so much determination in my life.

Adrenaline runs around my body as I slow down to hide behind the trees, I rub my body down into the dirt to attempt to hide my scent.

I peer my head around the tree and observe the area, his scent was still strong in the air so I knew that he was close.

Padding along slowly behind the trees, I spot his wolf not far ahead of me. He’s stopped to catch his breath, I find myself smirking.

I inch closer and closer until I time my movements perfectly and I race through the wind and tackle his body into the ground. I use the anger that I have built up towards him to throw him into the floor. We go flying through the leaves and dirt, Caleb seems completely caught of guard considering he’s almost three times the size of me.

My legs and chest hurt from the contact but my body is buzzing with the feeling of strength and dominance. Caleb’s wolf snaps his head towards me and growls aggressively, I flinch and back away.

He moves to pin me against the nearest tree.

Shift. He demands.

His tone makes me obey him in a second. Caleb shifts shortly after me, he towers over me with eyes full of rage. He flicks his eyes down my body until they rest on my face again, my cheeks redden in an instant.

I don’t realise that my chest is heaving until my bare chest continues to hit his tattooed skin. All I can do I look up into those green eyes and not look away, they were holding me prisoner.

My eyes watch as his trail down to my lips, I’m sure my heartbeat can be seen outside of my chest. He doesn’t stop staring at my lips, I purse them because I don’t know what else to do.

Caleb’s hand comes up to rest on the side of my face which startles me at first but the feeling of his skin on mine was bliss and I never wanted it to stop.

This thumb trails over my cheek and moves down to my mouth. He pulls on my bottom lip so that I’m no longer pursing them. Not once does Caleb look away from them, my body rattles with sparks from the bond.

He inches closer to me and I stay routed to the spot. He gently brushes his lips over mine, not enough to kiss me but enough to feel his warmth on me.

He contains eye contact which completely kills me, the air was so tense. Then he presses his lips to mine with more force and I completely forget how to breathe.

My head was a mess, he doesn’t get to do this. He doesn’t get to decide when he wants me and when he doesn’t.

I draw back from him and shake my head. “What are you doing?” I ask quietly as I furrow my eyes at him.

Caleb grabs my face with both hands and pulls me back to him. “What does it look like?” He challenges as he captures my lips with his again. My stomach plummets and butterflies erupt but I couldn’t give in this easy.

“No,” I breathe against him. “You don’t get to pick and choose when you want me when it suits you.” I tell him harshly.

Caleb’s eyes study me as a small smile appears on his perfect lips. “Well I want you now,” he tells me gruffly before kissing me again.

I can’t even fight it this time because he opens his mouth wider and my tongue brushes his. His kisses are firm and hard, like he never wants to let me go. I’m completely breathless as he bites down on my lip.

My hands come up to grip his huge biceps and the contact makes Caleb groan. Holy fuck. That groan only makes me more desperate for him.

We somehow pull each other closer, his hands now sliding into the back of my hair and tugging gently.

That’s when he presses further into me and I feel something poke my stomach. I gasp and break away from the kiss to look down. My eyes almost bulge out of my head at the sight of his manhood.

He was fully hard and thick. His cock twitches as I look down at it. Caleb lets out a groan of pleasure as he tilts my head back up to his eyes. They look heavy and lustful and I have never felt so wanted like this in my life.

He was fucking hard for me.

Still holding my chin with his fingers, he looks deeply into my eyes as he begins to tease me with his lips against my own. He smiles and I can feel it, I almost collapse.

A sound behind us makes Caleb turn so quick he probably got whiplash. Then he turns back to me and says, “Meet me tonight.” He sounded desperate.

“What?” I say breathlessly.

“Eleven at the stream,” he says as his head nods towards me.

He backs away from the tree and shifts into his wolf. “Wait,” I yell out but he had already disappeared through the woods.

I stand there for a few moments as I try to digest what the hell just happened. He wanted to meet me?

Eventually I shift back into my wolf and run in the opposite direction.

Guess eleven at the stream it will be.

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