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In His Bed


Cash held himself above Katie, staring down at her in that ethereal, white lingerie set and was certain he was dreaming.

‘No man can be this lucky,’ Cash thought. ‘To capture an angel. An angel in my bed.’ Cash frowned all of a sudden, causing Katie to tense beneath him. He smiled gently at Katie, that crooked smile that seemed reserved for her and no one else.

“Angel, we need to move,” Cash said. Katie lifted herself up on her elbows, staring at him.

“Move?” Katie asked, confused. “What’re you talking about? Move where?” Cash didn’t even answer, just got off the bed and carefully picked Katie up in his arms again. As he started walking towards the door, Cash leaned down to whisper in Katie’s ear.

“I’ve been dreaming of you in my bed for months now. That black hair spread across my pillows. That gorgeous body wrapped in my sheets. My bed, angel. That’s where we’re going.” Katie giggled and shook her head.

“If it means that much to you, cowboy, then let’s go to your room.” Cash grinned, kicking open the door to his bedroom, then closing it with the heel of his boot.

“Cowboy, huh?” Cash laughed. “I like that.”

“Good, ‘cause I’m gonna keep calling you that,” Katie said, mimicking Cash’s way of talking, making him laugh again.

Katie glanced around Cash’s room. It was the first time she had ever seen it. He kept his door open during the day, but Katie never felt right looking around his room. It felt like she was violating his space, his privacy, if she did that. Now, though, Cash had literally carried her into the room. It was pretty bare. A dresser with a few pictures and some knickknacks on top. Two side tables, one with a few more pictures, a watch, and some small boxes that looked like jewelry cases that obviously held some significance to Cash. The other end table was completely empty except for a lamp, as if it was just waiting for someone to move in and use it. Cash’s bed was enormous, covered by a beautiful, handmade quilt. Cash carefully laid Katie down on the bed almost reverently.

“I’m the only person that’s ever slept in this bed,” Cash said, gently moving a piece of Katie’s hair away from her face. “And you’re the only person I’ve ever wanted in here.” Katie gave Cash a gentle smile and reached her arms up toward him. He braced himself on the bed, his knees on the outside of her legs and his hands planted by her head.

“I’m ready,” Katie whispered. “I want you, Cash. I want all of you.” Katie wove her fingers through his messy hair and brought his face down to hers, kissing him slowly. The kiss grew stronger, harder, and Cash nipped Katie’s lower lip, causing her to open her mouth and let his tongue explore inside. Katie arched her body up towards Cash, moaning slightly.

“Fuck, angel,” Cash breathed against her mouth, his lips touching hers as he spoke. “I wanted to go slow, gentle. I wanted this to be romantic.” Katie leaned up and captured his mouth with hers again. She pressed her body firmly against Cash, her breasts squeezed between the two of them. Cash could feel how hard her nipples had become through his shirt as she slid against his torso.

“I never said I wanted slow and gentle, Cash,” Katie said, undulating her hips beneath his. “I just want you. I want you however you want to give it to me.” Cash let out a shaky breath and Katie could tell he was worried.

“You’re not going to hurt me, cowboy,” Katie said, cupping his cheek in her hand so he would meet her eyes. “I’m made of some pretty tough stuff and however we do it, it’ll be romantic. It’ll be right and real and us. In here, in this room, on this bed, no one else exists except the two of us. I love you and I trust you.” Cash shook his head, pressing his forehead against hers.

“I don’t know what I did to earn your trust or your love, angel,” Cash whispered. “But I promise you, you won’t regret giving them to me. I will love you and protect you the rest of my life, if you let me.” Katie smiled and pressed herself even closer to Cash. She moved one of her legs between his and started slowly rubbing her stocking covered thigh up and down between his jean covered ones.

“Maybe let’s discuss the rest of our lives later,” Katie said, leaning up to kiss Cash’s neck, causing him to groan. “I’m much more focused on right now.” Cash laughed and slowly slipped off the bed. He stared down at Katie, her cheeks flushed and her lips swollen.

‘God, she should always look like this. Beautiful and wanton, just spread out for me... On second thought, she should only ever look like this for me. Just me. No one else sees her like this. She’s mine. Only mine.’ Cash unbuttoned his shirt, dropping it on the floor. His abs were even more defined in the low light, the shadows and contours making it look like he was carved from marble. He kicked off his boots and unbuckled his belt, slowing down when he saw how eagerly Katie was watching him. Cash dragged the zipper on his jeans down, revealing a pair of boxer briefs that were barely containing his cock. He let his jeans fall slowly to the floor and just stood there in his underwear, watching Katie watch him.

“Your turn.” Cash’s crooked grin had returned and he was fully enjoying teasing Katie. She was breathing harder, her breasts almost spilling out of the cups holding them. She smiled slightly, then crooked her finger at him, causing him to step closer.

“I’m going to be honest with you, cowboy, I’m not quite sure how I got into this thing. So I think I’m going to need your help getting out.” Cash gulped, making Katie laughed. He stepped even closer to her and ran his finger up and down the shoulder strap.

“How expensive was this?” Cash asked offhandedly, focused more on slowly pulling down the cup holding her breast than listening to Katie.

“No idea,” Katie replied, subtly arching into Cash’s touch. “Ruby bought it without telling me.” That got Cash’s attention and he laughed.

“Of course he did. He can’t let anything happen on this ranch without getting involved. Well, angel, are you super attached to this?”

“Nope. And I’ve got seven other pairs in a variety of colors. Ruby was quite thorough.” With that, Cash snapped. He grabbed both sides of the bodice and just ripped, ruining the lingerie and revealing Katie to him. She was even more gorgeous than he had imagined. Her breasts were a little large on her frame, but still high and firm. Her nipples were the size of raspberries, the color a deep pink, already hard and just waiting for his mouth.

Cash slipped his fingers under the garter belt and pulled again, causing the seams to break and the garter belt and stockings to slowly fall down her long legs. All Katie had left was a white thong which barely covered anything. When Cash reached for it, she shook her head.

“Together,” Katie said softly. She slipped her fingers into the sides of the thong, then stared at Cash, very deliberately looking between his face to his boxer briefs. Cash, finally understanding, put his thumbs on either side of his underwear and pulled them down, his cock pulsing, the head already wet with precome. Katie slide the thong down her legs, kicking it off once it reached her feet.

“Your move, cowboy.” Cash just smiled and climbed back on the bed. Katie spread her legs so he could settle between them. He again placed his hands on both sides of her head.

“You might wanna quit with all the ‘cowboy’ talk, angel. You’re gonna make me make some horrible pun about a ‘wild ride’ and ‘you better hold on tight’.” Katie laughed, then wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and brought his head down lower.

Katie then whispered in his ear, “Well, don’t say the puns unless you’re going to back them up. Let’s see what a real cowboy can do.” Cash grinned, thanking every star in the sky for bringing him this woman.

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