Skyheart Ranch

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Pillow Talk


November arrived cold and grey, with a bitterly cold wind blowing across the ranch. The hands would come to dinner every night with chapped hands and red, windburned cheeks. Ruby was making hot meals everyday and had cider ready whenever any hand stumbled inside for a quick break. Katie finally understood why the ranch stopped for December and January.

‘I knew it got cold,’ Katie thought one morning, watching Hank bundling up to head back outside. ‘But I had no idea how harsh the weather could get outside. These guys are lucky for that two month break.’

Ruby had already started elaborate Thanksgiving plans. Cash told Katie that Ruby loved the holidays, and since Thanksgiving was the major holiday everyone on the ranch celebrated together, Ruby would always go all out.

“He can go a little crazy,” Cash said, snuggling up in bed next to Katie.

‘I love this,’ she thought. ‘No pressure, no worries, just talking about whatever pops into our heads.’

“Yeah,” Katie said, “I understand the crazy. I offered to help in the kitchen and I swear Ruby almost incinerated me with his glare.” Cash laughed, pulling Katie closer so she was basically draped on top of him.

“Ruby is very fussy about who he allows in his kitchen,” Cash said. “Momma was the only one he would ever cook with.”

“Were they close?” Katie asked. Cash still didn’t talk a lot about his parents, but whenever he brought them up, it always made Katie smile. His adoration of them was clear in his voice.

“Oh, Ruby loved Momma and Momma adored Ruby. When she found out he could cook, she put him straight to work. Momma had early arthritis in her hands, so she was grateful for the help.”

“I’m sure Ruby was grateful for the work,” Katie said. “He always talks about your parents like they were the most wonderful people to walk the earth.” Cash laughed.

“Well, you know Ruby didn’t have a real home until he came to Skyheart.” Cash started playing with Katie’s long hair as he talked. “When he realized he could be himself here, no judgements or ridicule, he fell in love with the ranch.”

“That I understand perfectly,” Katie said, lifting her head and putting a hand on Cash’s chest. She rested her chin on top of her hand so she could see Cash’s face. Cash smiled at her, twirling pieces of her hair between his fingers. “You know, all this time I’ve never asked what it means. Skyheart. Where’d the name come from?” Cash grinned.

“My grandparents had been ranchers in Texas, but they weren’t doing so well. Some of their friends had moved to Montana and my grandparents decided to follow them. You know Rocky’s cabin?” Katie nodded yes. “That’s the original house for this ranch. My grandpa built it with some help from his friends and he and my grandma bought some cattle. They did really well the first two years, enough that they could expand the ranch. One day, I guess some hand commented that it was strange the ranch didn’t have a name. He said every time he went to town, he could never say, ‘I work on so-and-so ranch’, since it didn’t have a name. Grandpa thought about it and he settled on Skyheart.”

“Why Skyheart?” asked Katie.

“I guess my grandpa used to say my grandma had ‘a heart as big as the sky’,” Cash replied. “I never really knew them. Cancer got my grandma a few years after I was born and pneumonia got my grandpa a few months after that.”

“That must have been so hard on your dad,” Katie said sadly.

“It was,” Cash concurred. “He leaned a lot on my momma and he set about expanding the ranch more and building this big ol’ house. He and Momma wanted a mess of kids, but they only got me. That’s why Momma used to hound me about finding a woman, someone who could help me run this place and fill the house to the rafters with little Buchanan’s.” Cash looked at Katie and winked, causing her to laugh.

“Kids come when they’re good and ready, cowboy,” Katie said primly, “so stop worrying so much.” Cash gave her a slow smile, then grabbed onto Katie’s waist, sitting her on his lap, as he came up to kiss her.

“Wanna practice?” Cash whispered, causing goosebumps to form on Katie’s arms. Cash started kissing her neck, working his way down. When his mouth latched onto one of Katie’s nipples, she threw her head back and moaned at the pleasure.

“God, I love the sounds you make, angel,” Cash murmured, his hot breath causing her wet nipple to tighten even further. Katie started gently moving her hips, feeling Cash’s cock growing under her ass. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted herself up, while Cash held his cock steady. He moved it back and forth through her folds, bumping her clit, causing Katie to moan again.

“You’re always so wet,” Cash muttered, sounding almost awed.

“Only for you,” Katie gasped out. “Just you.” Cash supported her back with one hand, while positioning his cock with the other. Katie slowly slid down onto his long, hard length, gasping at the pleasurable stretching. Cash gritted his teeth over how tight Katie was.

“Nothing has ever felt this good,” Cash breathed out, locking his lips with Katie’s. Their kiss grew passionate as she moved herself up and down, bringing both of them closer to release. Cash broke the kiss and laid back down on the bed, staring up at his angel. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back, causing her long hair to tickle the top of Cash’s thighs. He gripped her hips with his hands, guiding her into a faster rhythm.

“Jesus, Cash, that’s perfect!” Katie cried, moving faster and landing harder on his cock.

“Just like that, angel,” Cash grunted, “just like that.” Cash started thrusting up as Katie moved down, causing her to cry out as he went even deeper inside her. She opened her eyes and looked at Cash, both of them gasping as their rhythm became erratic, both chasing their climaxes. Katie and Cash kept their eyes locked together, staring at each other. Cash suddenly sat back up, pulling Katie closer to him and hammering upward, causing a brief scream to leave Katie’s lips.

“Still...good...?” Cash could barely speak at this point.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Katie repeated, getting louder, then clenching her inner walls around Cash’s cock, causing him to groan and release inside her. They both kept moving, slowly now, still not breaking eye contact.

“I love you,” Katie said. Cash smiled his crooked, beautiful smile.

“I love you, angel. Forever,” he said. They finally stopped moving and Cash collapsed back down on the bed, pulling Katie with him, refusing to withdraw from her. They both were breathing hard and as Katie laid her head on Cash’s chest, she could hear how fast his heart was beating.

“Are you going to let me move so we can sleep?” Katie asked. She felt Cash’s chuckle rather than heard it, the noise moving through his chest.

“I’m perfectly comfortable sleeping like this,” replied Cash. Katie laughed, shaking her head and wrapping her arms around Cash’s shoulders. Cash wrapped one arm around Katie’s waist, the other around her shoulders so his hand could gently cup the back of her head.

“Night, angel.”

“Night, cowboy.”

They both drifted off, tangled up with each other, blissfully happy and satisfied.

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