Skyheart Ranch

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We Wouldn’t Want to Waste Water


The rest of the day in Billings flew by, with Katie and Ruby wandering around the mall, laughing and joking, picking up presents and decorations for Skyheart. Ruby also convinced Katie to buy a fancy, new dress for dinner that night, which caused poor Cash to lose the ability to speak when he first saw her in it. Katie, Cash, Ruby, and Rocky had a wonderful time at dinner, talking and laughing. Katie couldn’t stop smiling all the way back to the hotel that night,

“I don’t think I’ve seen you so happy before, angel,” Cash commented as they entered their hotel room, waving goodnight to Ruby and Rocky. Cash was pulling off his tie and unbuttoning his white dress shirt, while Katie was sitting on the edge of the bed, taking off her heels.

“”Today was so much fun!” Katie exclaimed. “I really love when the four of us are together, even if it’s just sitting at home. All of us, together, it... It feels like family. I’ve missed that.” Cash smiled softly at Katie, watching as she massaged the arches of her feet. “Ugh, remind me again why I wear high heels?”

“Pretty sure it’s because you fell for Ruby’s peer pressure.” Katie chuckled, standing up and reaching for the zipper on the side of her new dress. Cash slowly walked over to her and placed his hands over hers.

“Let me,” Cash whispered in Katie’s ear, making her shiver. He slowly slid the zipper down and pushed the dress off the top of her shoulders. The dress pooled on the floor by Katie’s feet, revealing a black, lacy bra and black panties with bows on the sides with dark blue garter belt and black stockings. Cash took in a ragged breath, staring at Katie.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Cash murmured. Katie blushed and shook her head, staring at the floor. Cash gently laid his hands on her neck and lifted her head with his thumbs under her chin.

“You. Are. Beautiful,” Cash said forcefully. “I’ll tell you everyday for the rest of our lives just so you’ll know.” Katie’s eyes filled with tears and she blinked rapidly to stop them from falling.

“You’re too good for me. You know that, right?” Katie asked. Cash grabbed her around the waist and pressed her body tightly against his. Katie could feel his hard chest through her thin bra, causing her nipples to tighten.

“Don’t think that,” said Cash. “I know it’s hard, thinking you’re not enough. But you are perfect for me. There isn’t a single thing about you I would change.” Cash leaned down, capturing Katie’s lips with his own, kissing her hard. He pulled back after a minute, both of them breathing hard.

“Well, there is one thing I would change,” Cash whispered against Katie’s lips. She frowned and looked up at him, but Cash just smiled, placing his big hand on her bare abdomen. “I’d change this. Make sure everyone could see you’re mine.”

Katie went up on her toes and gently bit down on Cash’s lower lip. “Shower. Now.”

Cash grinned and lifted Katie, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist as he carried her to the bathroom, both of them clothed. Instead of stopping, Cash carried Katie straight into the shower, gently kissing and biting her neck as he blindly reached for the knob to turn on the water.

“Cash, no. No, no, no!” Katie squealed as freezing cold water came out of the shower head, immediately soaking her bra and panties and causing Cash’s open dress shirt and slacks to cling to his body. As the water warmed, Katie pushed Cash’s dress shirt off, letting it fall to the shower floor.

“I kinda hate you right now,” Katie said, shaking out her long hair and causing droplets of water to hit Cash’s face and bare chest as he laughed.

“No, you don’t,” Cash said. “You love me.” Katie just shrugged, making Cash growl and slowly letting her body slide down his until her feet were on the floor.

“Say it,” Cash demanded. Katie shook her head, grinning, as she opened Cash’s slacks and let them fall, leaving him in just his boxer briefs.

“Say it,” Cash said again. Katie just smiled and unhooked her bra, letting it fall onto the pile of clothes gathering on the shower floor. Cash pushed himself against Katie, her back up against the cold tiles, her breasts pushed against Cash’s hard chest.

“Say it or I’ll make you say it,” Cash threatened with a grin. He started running a finger back and forth across the top of her panties, slowly pulling them lower. Katie looked up at him through her lashes, water droplets sliding sensually down her body. She bit her lip, then said -

“Make me.” Cash growled again and shoved her panties down her legs. He tore off the garter belt and Katie’s stockings fell to the shower floor. Cash gave her a mischievous grin, then suddenly knelt in front of her.

“Cash...”, Katie said, sounding nervous.

“You told me to make you, angel. Well, this is me making you. The only thing I wanna hear from you are screams of pleasure and my name on your lips.”

“Cash, I’m not sure-”. Katie suddenly gasped as Cash lifted her leg and placed it over his broad shoulder, opening her to his gaze.

“So beautiful,” Cash whispered reverently. He leaned forward, then glanced up at Katie’s face. “Eyes on me, angel.” Katie stared down at Cash, their eyes locked together, as he leaned closer and licked all the way up her lips. Katie started breathing harder as Cash took his fingers and spread her open for him. He licked from her core to her clit, gently running his tongue around her sensitive nub. Katie groaned, but Cash just grinned and went back in, thrusting his tongue in and out of her core as one of his fingers left her lips and moved to her clit, rubbing it faster and harder.

“Oh, Jesus.” Katie threw her head back against the tiled wall, closing her eyes and biting her lip. Her hips were gently, unconsciously, undulating against Cash’s face. He moved his mouth up and sucked on her clit, running his tongue over it repeatedly. He eased one finger, then two, inside her, slowly moving them, then thrusting harder. Cash could feel Katie’s inner walls tightening around his fingers, so he flicked his tongue hard and fast over her clit, causing her to explode into his mouth.

“Cash! Oh, god, Cash!” Katie screamed, unable to control her hips as they jerked toward him. Cash slowed down his fingers and gently licked her sensitive clit as she rode through her orgasm. When her walls stopped contracting around his fingers, he slowly withdrew them. Katie looked down at him as he grinned, slipping his fingers into his mouth. Cash lowered Katie’s leg from his shoulder as he slowly lifted himself up off the floor, kissing her bare skin as he stood. They were finally face to face and Katie grabbed Cash, kissing him fiercely.

“Wow...” Katie breathed out, resting her forehead on Cash. He just grinned.

“You still haven’t said it.”

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” After each ‘I love you’, Katie kissed Cash. His hands slide down to her waist, tightening on her wet skin, then lifted Katie as she gave a startled yelp, automatically wrapping her legs around him. Cash pressed Katie’s back against the tiles, the water cascading down their bodies.

“Cowboy,” Katie murmured. She gave a little bite to Cash’s earlobe, making him jerk forward involuntarily. “You’re wearing too many clothes.” Cash grinned.

“Hold onto me,” he ordered. Katie wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and tightened her legs around his waist. Cash slowly let her go, making sure she wasn’t going to fall, then grabbed his boxer briefs and shoved them down his legs, both of them finally naked. He slid his hands under Katie’s ass and lifted her, so she was right above his pulsing erection. There eyes met and held as he lowered her onto himself, her silken walls quivering around his hard length.

“Oh, god,” Katie moaned, her entire body arching back. Her breasts were pushed against Cash’s chest and he felt himself slide even deeper inside her, causing him to let out a slight groan.

“Hold onto me, angel,” Cash whispered in Katie’s ear. She tightened her arms and legs again as Cash slowly slid back out, then slammed himself inside of her, causing them both to moan. Cash kept a steady pace for awhile, but Katie felt too good. He began thrusting into her even harder, Katie’s head thrown back against the wall, gasping after each thrust. Soon, they both reached their climax, Cash falling over the edge first. He felt himself empty inside of Katie, who began to shake, finding her own finish.

Cash held her up, both of them gasping for air. Katie looked into his eyes and smiled, gently running her fingers through his hair, her nails scratching at his scalp. Cash kissed her as he slowly lowered her to the floor, the water beginning to turn cold.

“I think we better get out before we use up all of the hotel’s hot water,” Cash said. Katie gave an exhausted chuckle, still holding onto Cash.

“I’m not sure what to do about our clothes.” Both Katie and Cash looked at the pile of wet clothes on the shower floor. Cash just laughed.

“I’ll hang them up,” Cash said, still laughing. “Hopefully they’ll be a little bit dry before we have to pack them up.” Cash slowly pulled out of Katie, making them both moan and laugh.

“I’ll be honest,” Katie said, leaning against one of the walls in the shower, “I’m not sure I can walk.” Cash grinned and gently lifted her into his arms, stepping out of the shower.

“Lean against the counter for me,” said Cash. Katie obliged, barely keeping her eyes open. Cash grabbed and towel and dried Katie off, then quickly dried the water off of himself. He lifted Katie back into his arms and carried her to the bed, gently laying her down on the sheets. He kissed her forehead as he pulled the blankets over her naked body.

“I’m gonna go hang up the clothes, then I’ll be back.” Katie just nodded, her eyes already closed. Cash went back to the bathroom and grabbed their soaked clothes off the shower floor, hanging them up around the bathroom. He turned off the lights and made his way to the bed, slipping in beside Katie. Cash snuck an arm over her waist, pulling her back against him as they both sighed, settling in together for the night.

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