Skyheart Ranch

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One month later, Katie received an express mail delivery at the ranch. Since she and Ruby were the only ones in the house, she decided to wait until dinner, when everyone was together, to open it. That night, as Ruby was placing pies on the different tables, Katie stood up and cleared her throat. Everyone immediately turned to look at her.

“I, uh, I got something in the mail today,” Katie said a little nervously. “I haven’t opened it yet. I, uh, I thought you should all be here when I do.”

“What is it, hon?” Rocky asked.

Katie took a deep breath and pulled off the tab keeping the envelope closed. She pulled out a stack of documents and quickly read through the top page.

“‘The marriage of Damien Crawley and Katherine Beauchamp is officially dissolved and both parties are again legally designated as single,’” Katie read. There was a huge cheer, causing Katie to grin. Cash stood and kissed her soundly, eliciting a chorus of wolf whistles.

“Oh, shut up!” Cash laughed as he sat back down.

“Wait, there’s more,” Katie said, reading. “‘The restraining order granted to Katherine Beauchamp in Chicago, Illinois has been extended to include Skyheart Ranch, Montana and the surrounding lands and properties. This order...’”. Katie paused, her eyes widening. “‘This order now includes Thomas Crawley, Rebecca Crawley, and their immediate family members.’ Jesus.” Katie flipped through a few pages before stopping.

“‘During the upcoming trial of Damien Crawley, it has been decided that the restraining order will still be in effect. Therefore, Katherine Beauchamp will either testify without the defendant, Damien Crawley, in attendance or testify via video-link. ... The charges against Damien Crawley in Chicago, Illinois have been assigned a special prosecutor and, if the need arises, a new trial will take place. If Ms. Beauchamp is called to testify, the previously set rules regarding the restraining order(s) will still apply.’” Katie’s hands shook as she straightened the papers and slid them back into the envelope.

“Well, I guess that’s that. I’m single again and I’ll never have to see Damien or the rest of his family again.

“Okay, this calls for something more celebratory!” Ruby called out. “Cash, come and help me.” Cash nodded, kissing Katie’s head as he walked out to the kitchen. Rocky slid over to sit beside Katie.

“You doing all right, hon?”

“I think I’m in shock,” Katie laughed. “I just... I never really thought I’d be rid of him. And now... I’m free.” Katie laughed again, tears in her eyes. Rocky smiled and pulled her into a big hug before cheers from the hands made them turn around. Cash and Ruby were carefully carrying in a huge cake with icing on top reading “FREEEEEDOM!”, making everyone laugh.

The party lasted much later than most of them were used to staying up, but Cash couldn’t bear to kick anyone out, especially with how happy everyone seemed. Eventually, the party started winding down, the hands returning to their bunkhouses and Ruby and Rocky setting off toward their cabins, after everyone had hugged Katie.

“Time to lock up?” Katie asked.

“Not just yet.” Cash walked over, drawing Katie into his arms. “Come watch the stars with me,” Cash whispered, causing a pleasurable shiver to go down Katie’s spine. She nodded and they put their coats on, sitting together on one of the porch swings.

“You remember when we first started doing this?” Katie asked, causing Cash to laugh. He pulled her closer to him and rested his chin on the top of her head.

“You’d come out for five minutes, then ten, always running back inside as soon as you got nervous. But then we started spending hours out here, just talking.”

“I loved that,” Katie said, snuggling into Cash. “You never pressured me or scared me, you let me come to you when I was ready. And we became such good friends before we became anything else. I’d never had a relationship like that before. Heck, even my torrid love affairs of elementary school began because someone had a crush, not because we were good friends.” Cash laughed, gently tilting Katie’s head up so they were looking at each other.

“I would have waited forever, angel. You’re worth it.” Katie smiled up at Cash, her eyes filling with tears.

“I’ll never be able to thank you for everything you’ve given me. A home. A family. Someone who loves and respects me.” Cash gave Katie a gentle smile and kissed her softly. Pulling back slightly, their lips still touching, Cash whispered-

“There might be one thing you can do for me.” Cash kissed Katie again, then slid off the porch swing, kneeling on one knee in front of her. Katie gasped, her hand covering her mouth and tears starting to fall. “Katherine Beauchamp, I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you and I love you more every day than I did the day before.” Cash pulled out a ring box and opened it toward Katie. It was a beautiful circular diamond surrounded by rubies in an Art-Deco setting.

“This was my momma’s ring. She told me once I would know the woman I was meant to spend my life with with just one look. She was right. You’re a part of Skyheart, angel. And you’re a part of me. The very best part, the part I closed off after my folks passed. You opened my heart again and showed me it was safe to fall in love and entrust my heart completely to another person. I love you, angel. Will you marry me?” Katie let out a soft sob, then slid off the porch swing, holding his face in her hands.

“Yes. Yes, I’ll marry you. Yes, yes, yes!” They were both laughing and crying as Cash slid the gorgeous ring onto Katie’s finger. She stared at it, breathless, then turned and tackled Cash to the porch, placing kisses all over his face. He laughed and grabbed Katie by the waist, then leaned down, throwing Katie over his shoulder. She squealed in laughter.

“Cash, what’re you doing?” Katie asked as Cash carried her inside, locking the door behind him. He practically ran to their bedroom and dropped Katie on the bed where she bounced slightly, still laughing. Then Cash started prowling up Katie’s body, removing any clothing in his way. He placed a gentle kiss on Katie’s still-flat abdomen, then started sucking on her tender nipples, making her whimper. Once Cash had finally reached her face, Katie was completely naked under him.

“I love you,” Cash said. Katie smiled and cupped his cheek with her hand.

“I love you,” Katie replied. “More than anything. But, um...”.

“What?” Cash asked, sitting up. “Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Katie shook her head and crooked her finger at Cash so he’d come closer.

“You need to fix our clothing to naked ratio. This seems to be a problem with us,” Katie whispered. Cash grinned and hopped off the bed, hurriedly stripping, then climbed back over Katie.

“Now you’re sure this won’t hurt you?” Cash asked.

“I’m positive,” Katie replied, pulling Cash down to kiss her. Before she could, he pulled back.

“And the baby? This won’t hurt the baby?”

“Cowboy, if you don’t make love to your fiancée in five seconds, the only thing that’s going to hurt is your persistent blue balls.”

Cash laughed and grabbed his cock, moving it up and down Katie’s slit. He pushed slightly so just the head was inside her, groaning. He pulled back out and moved his cock up and down her slit again, hitting Katie’s clit and making her shiver. Finally, as their eyes locked, Cash slowly entered Katie, making them both moan. They kept their eye contact as Cash slowly thrust, picking up speed.

Katie groaned and widened one leg, placing it flat on the bed as the other hooked around Cash’s hip. Cash started moving even faster, nearly pulling himself out before reentering Katie’s wet sheath. They both were breathing hard and Katie ran her nails down Cash’s back, causing him to jerk forward with more force. Katie moaned, Cash groaned, and they spent the night celebrating their engagement and the fact that they each had found their perfect person.

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