Double moons *Book 1*

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Olivia Lance goes to Hogwarts after she is transfered from her old school because her parents arent very fond of the idea that their oldest daughter is a werewolf so they moved while she was mid-year at school so she is forced to move into a house over breaks and summer but little does she know that the house she is staying at is the other werewolf at Hogwarts. (A Remus Lupin Fanfic book 1 of the Double Moons series)

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Hi! My name is Olivia Lance but I go by Liv and I am you guessed it a witch! It is currently 1974 and I am in my 4th year already! The only problem is that my parents moved last year without telling me while I was at my school Beauxbatons so I had to transfer to Hogwarts because of well... My problemes. You see I am a werewolf sadly and my parents have never been supportive in any way possible.

__ Time skip brought to you by a writer with writers block :)__

"Wow kingscross is amazing" I stood there starstruck as I stared at the platform but one problem I didnt see "Platform 9 3/4" huh thats weird I thought. "Haha come on Prongs!" I heard coming from in front of me as I was a boy with long black shggy hair being chased by a boy with messy light brown hair and glasses. I noticed they started looking around to see if people were watching they clearly didnt see me then they ran into the 3rd pillar between platform 10 and 9 as I just watched in wonder. "what" I then decided to follow them discreetly as I figured it had to do something with Hogwarts and "Platform 9 3/4". As I ran through the pillar I closed my eyes and readied for impact but it never happened and I opened my eyes and saw a bright red train named "Hogwarts Express" "well thats convenient" I thought. As I boarded the train I showed the trolly lady my ticket as she nodded at me as to chose a seat. I soon found a corridor near the end as I opened the door and sat down I heard the same rambunctious boys. "Come on Padfoot! Dont make fun of me!" the first one said then another one spoke "Prongs you need to stop asking her out she said no." the next one said but then there was a third voice another unfamiliar one a much quieter voice he seemed almost afraid to speak up "loosen up hes gotten rejected at least 50 times by Lily so its not like this is gonna be any different" he said then the first voice spoke up again "Wormtails got a point Moony." I noticed they were getting closer so I pretended to be asleep as I heard the door on my compartment slide open. "whos she?" The voice I heard at the station said. "I dont know maybe shes new?" The first voice said. "Moony why are you staring- OMG MOONY!" The first voice said before he was cut off so I decided now would be a good time to pretend to wake up. "Ugh who are you and what do you want?" I said in my most tired voice possible.

"Well we are the Marauders who are you?" The first voice said. "I am not telling you until you answer my question first" I said as I bit a piece of chocolate. "moody arent we? See Moony shes your soulmate already! I mean shes hot, eats chocolate, and is moody!" The second one said. "Oh shut it Prongs" The third one said. "Anyways my name is Sirius Black" the first one said while smirking flirtatiously. "I'm James Potter" the second one said. "I-I'm M-Moony I mean R-Remus." The thrid one stuttered. "Haha called it" Sirius said as Remus glared at him. "I-I'm Peter" the forth one said quietly. "Well nice to meet you all" I said while smiling brightly. "My name is Olivia Lance but I prefer to go by Liv." I said looking at each of them stopping on Remus. "Hes kinda cute" I thought.

"Do you like olives?" Sirius and James said at the same time. "Umm 1) scary 2) no I despise olives!" I said while making a disgusted face which didnt work because I ended up scrunching my nose cutely. "Your new nickname is now Olive" James and Sirius said. I just ignored them and pulled out my book and started reading. "OMG MOONY! SHE READS!" James shouted. While Remus just rolled his eyes. "Hello- Oh James is here I guess I will make this quick, hello my name is Lily Evans I am a Gryffindor and I would love to be your friend!" Lily said. "My name is Olivia Lance! Nice to meet you!" I said. Lily smiled brightly then her smile turned even brighter if that was even possible once she noticed how Remus was still blushing. "Omg Liv I forgot to ask" She quickly said trying to hide her smile and distract her from Remus blushing. "Why did you transfer?" Lily asked. "Shit I have to think fast they cant find out about the real reason but I need to tell as much of the truth as possible" I thought. "Oh! Umm well you see..."


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