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Finding Trust and Honesty (bxb)

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Nikolas has never been much of a sharer, he keeps to himself and deals with his problems alone. He's always found it hard to trust, he keeps secrets without meaning to, he's cautious with what he tells others. He also doesn't believe in relationships, he doesn't want the commitment and sappy romantic crap, doesn't want the expectation to be open and honest with another. He's quite happy sating his urges with one night stands and he used to sate it professionally. In the past he worked as an actor in erotic films and he gets a call from his old boss, who directed him during that time. His old boss and friend Laurent asks him for a favour, one of his actors has called in sick at short notice and he can't find a replacement in time. He asks Nikolas to take his place, for old times sake, and as a favour to a good friend. Whilst he's in the area Nikolas visits Max, a good friend of his, they meet up with a group of Max's friends for a night out. He meets someone, someone he never knew he needed and it opens up a whole world he never knew about. They change his world as he knew it, his views and his heart, they help him in finding trust and honesty.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Sweat dripped down bare chest, my thigh muscles burning as I continued to run on the treadmill, it set to a brutal uphill climb with a fast pace. Music blasted from my ear buds, my breaths coming out in deep pants. The music suddenly cut off due to an incoming phone call. I looked down at my phone, which I’d left perched on the treadmill, seeing the name ‘Max’ flashing on the screen.

If it was anyone but my parents, Max or my boss I would of ignored it but Max was my best friend and had been for many years. I turned off the treadmill and wiped myself down with a towel as I stepped off. I took out my ear buds and answered the phone, placing it to my ear.

“What’s up Maxie?” I wondered, sounding slightly breathless.

“Did I interrupt something Nikolas?” he questioned, and I could practically hear him cringing.

I let out a small laugh. “No, I’m just at the gym Maxie, get your head out of the gutter.” I heard him huff. “So why’d you call?”

“Do I need a reason to call my best bud?” he challenged and was quiet for a few moments. “But I did call you for something. My friends and I are going to a club tonight, I thought you might like to come.” he offered and a took a few gulps of my water as I thought.

Maxie had moved away from our hometown a few years ago to move in with his boyfriend Jeremy. I was in town at the moment for work and had mentioned it to him in case he wanted to meet up. We hadn’t seen much of each other since he moved away and I knew he felt a bit bad about it. We’d been inseparable growing up and suddenly being without each other had been harder than we’d both expected. Sure we still called often but it wasn’t the same. I had a shoot to do this afternoon, hopefully it shouldn’t take too long. I say I’m here for work but that’s not entirely truef, I’m in town because I’m doing a favour for my old boss, he was an awesome guy and I was getting paid anyway so it was worth the trip and I also had the chance to see Maxie.

“Sure, sounds good. When and where?” I inquired and he rambled off the time and the name of the place they were going. “Ok, see ya Maxie.” he said goodbye back and I hung up, going back to do my usual morning workout.

Most people don’t know this about me but I used to work in the porn industry. Not even Maxie knew what I used to do for a living, it made it a lot easier that he moved away as he knew a lot less about my schedule. I told him that I worked on a set of a film, just not what I did on said set or what film(s).

My old boss had called me up last night, saying one of the ‘actors’ had fallen ill and couldn’t come into work. The other co-star was from another company and wouldn’t reschedule, so he’d called me in the hopes that I’d fill in just this once. I didn’t work weekends and my current boss was lenient with my hours as long as I completed the job, I was a writer so I could work anywhere as long as I had my laptop.

After I’d gotten back from the gym I had a proper shower rather than a wash down in the locker rooms. I made sure I was shaved down there and on my chest, not that my chest was particularly hairy but it what was expected. I pulled on some tight white boxers with some tailored dark blue jeans and a tight fitting dark grey v-neck t-shirt with some comfortable trainers. I packed a small bag with a clean set of clothes, towel and toiletries before leaving the house, making my way to my old bosses new studio. It had moved about a year ago, this town was booming at the moment, turning into more of a city. Mostly the reason I left the job was the move, it was a bit of a commute and I took the chance to focus on my writing some more, which was going well.

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