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She was the quiet girl, who liked the smart boy, but fell in love with the bad boy. He was the smart boy, who liked the popular girl, but fell in love with the blithe girl. She was the popular girl, who liked the bad boy, but fell in love with the shy boy. He was the bad boy, who liked no one but himself; fell hard for the quiet girl. He was the shy boy, who liked the blithe girl, but fell in love with the popular girl. She was the blithe girl, who liked every other cute boy; fell in love with the smart boy. Six different personas with one twisted fate. The fate that entangles them together. A love like no other, a friendship like no other, a story like no other.

Romance / Drama
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Heart to Heart

“In this world I was all alone, all by myself. I never felt the need to care about anyone, just me and no one.....until you came.”


“It took me long to realize it...but now that I have....I don’t want to ignore it. You were the one for me from the beginning and will be the last until I die.”


“You became that important part of me that I cannot afford to lose…..never.”


“The moment you held my hand under the blossoming cherry tree, my heart belonged to you since then.”


“Even if we started in a wrong way, eventually we found each other, I found you. My Mr. Right.”


“You made my heart flutter in so many ways that I cannot help falling for you. Before I can comprehend, my heart already made its decision.”


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