My best friend is my mate

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I kept exploring her folds, gently. I would make a mental note each time she would gasp or moan. I finally reached her clit and rubbed it gently with my finger making her bow her spine.

"Maximus..." She moaned.

I growled in answer. It felt so good to hear her moan my name like that. I wanted to hear it again.

I let my finger slide from her clit to her entrance. I caressed it teasingly without letting my finger in, in an up and down gesture. She was getting wetter by the second, spreading her sweet scent in the room and making me crazy.

My wolf was fighting for control as he wanted us to mount her before marking her and impregnating her. No way. I was certainly not ready for that.

I finally let one finger in and she moaned, clenching her walls around my finger and making me twitch harder. I grunted under the feeling and could not wait to feel her around me but she was way too tight. That would hurt her if I took her now.

"Yes Maximus..."

I let my finger in and out faster, stretching her in the process. She started grinding her hips on my hand and I knew that she needed more to reach ecstasy.

I put another finger in and worked her faster. I felt her walls clench and she was dripping wet. I knew that I was doing a good job when she finally cried out.

"Maximus... Oh... Yes..."

Her walls were clenching my fingers hard making me growl. I kept going until her body stopped writhing and I knew that she was ready. I took my fingers out of her making her sigh.

My fingers were drenched and the sweet smell made me put them in my mouth. She tasted so good. Next time I would use my tongue on her. Helena looked at me with lust in her fluttering eyes.

"You taste really good mate." I said my voice low. I knew I was just voicing out what my wolf was howling in my head but that made her shiver and made me want her more.

I spread her legs gently and I felt nervous all of a sudden. Would that be ok? I was big and she seemed so small...

Helena put her hand on my forearm to make me look at her.

"It's fine." She said her voice breathy. "You're mine and I'm yours. You could never hurt me. Well... It will only hurt a second from what I heard."

Of course I did not even think about that. She was a virgin which meant that... I needed to be extra gentle with her.

She looked me down and saw my hard shaft. That made her eyes widen and blush. I knew that I was above average because the hunters did beat me up for it as well. I was bigger than them all and that irritated them most.

"I'll be gentle." I promised.

She nodded as I settled between her legs. I breathed out slowly before thrusting my hard member inside of her. The feeling of her around me almost brought me. She was tight, warm and so wet that it felt almost too good.

I pushed slowly in as to not hurt her but I could not help a grunt. I felt the moment I broke her hymen and she gasped. I stopped immediately feeling her body writhe as it adjusted to me. I kissed her neck to try to ease the pain and whispered sweet words but I felt a tear roll down her cheek. Did it hurt that much? I shot my gaze to her and she was smiling brightly.

"I love you so much Maximus." She said her voice breathy.

"I love you too Helena." I answered my voice husky.

I felt her body relax and I knew that I could keep pushing in.

"We're almost there my love." I said. "Just a few centimeters more."

She nodded and I kept pushing slowly until I felt her on my end. I let her adjust but she had other plans. She started moving her hips to urge me on making me grunt. It felt too good.

"You feel so good Helena..." I moaned.

"Please move Maximus... I want you."

I started moving slowly. I was trusting my instinct on that one. It was telling me to roll my hips slowly until I found my pace. I felt her clench around me and that was so good that I could cum right away but I needed to keep going. I wanted to feel her as I brought her.

"Yes..." She moaned. "Maximus... Harder..."

Was she for real? I looked at her and the pleasure was evident on her face as her lips were parted and her eyes closed. She truly meant it. I was making her feel good and that embolden me.

I pounded harder inside of her. Thrusting my whole length deep inside and I felt her writhe. Was she near?

"Maximus... Now..."

I shifted my jaw and bit the base of her neck. I felt her blood flow inside my mouth making me growl but then she clenched hard around me. The hardest yet and she yelled her pleasure.

"Maximus!" She moaned.

That brought me back to here and now as I licked her wound. I twitched hard as I kept pounding inside of her.

"Helena..." I said my voice breathy as I felt myself near the edge slowly.

She shifted her jaw and she bit my neck sending a sharp pain through my whole body that was soon replaced by immense pleasure. I could not resist this time and I shot a heavy load inside her. She took it all with a moan and kept me firmly in place before I almost collapsed on her. I caught myself on my elbows as I gazed into her deep green eyes.

She looked so happy and I could feel it too thanks to our newly established bond. I could hear her thoughts thrum in my head and that made me feel complete.

She stroked my back slowly and the gesture made me purr. She could bring me on my knees if she wanted to and I would roll on my back like a dog. I did not mind though. She was worth it.

"I'm so happy Maximus." She voiced out her feelings. "How do you feel?"

"Better than ever before." I said before rolling on the side and pulling her in my arms. "You were right. The marking is making me more at ease."

"I'm glad to hear it." She purred stroking the scars on my chest. "How did you get that one?"

It was claw marks and I remembered the day I got them.

"Werelion." I said. "We fought in the arena. Toughest opponent I ever faced. I thought I would die but I prevailed. I..."

I stopped there as I remembered what I did next. I did not want her to know. She felt my fear and kissed my neck softly to calm me down.

"You can tell me anything Maximus. I'm not going anywhere. You know... When they took you from me, I almost lost my mind too. The only thing that kept me going was the pack but I would still have panic attacks where I would lose control over my wolf. Only my mom could calm me down. I'm not really proud of it but it's the truth."

I held her tighter to me. I did not know how much of what she went through was the same as what I felt. I lost it though after a few years as I let my wolf take control but she had help. I was thankful for her mother.

"You know that I had to protect you. I was your Beta. It was my job to make sure that nothing would happen to you."

"I know even if I think it's stupid. I'm Alpha and that means that I protect the pack. You were mine to protect and I failed you. I'm sorry for it but I want to spend my life with you. You're my mate and I'll never go back on that. I'm going to move forward with you. Always."

I was stunned to hear her words but she was right. We had decided to shed the past already with the marking and I intended to keep that promise to her. I would never be ashamed again of what I did to get back to her. She was my other half, the best part of me and I would make sure every day that she was happy.
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