My best friend is my mate

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Helena's POV
I hoped that my words would help him and I was relieved when I felt peace wash over him. I was happy that I could bring him some peace maybe now he would open himself up to me.

"When I defeated the werelion... I ate his heart." He said softly. "They would never give me enough food. They fed me enough that I would survive but... I was always hungry. The only moment when I could eat to my heart's content was when I won in the arena. I still have nightmares about it while my wolf thinks it's natural."

"I agree with your wolf. It's nature. You eat the defeated one. Is that why you don't sleep?"

"Yes. I have too many nightmares..." He nodded.

"It's ok. You can sleep next to me. I'll watch over you. You're safe with me sweetheart."

"You need to sleep as well my love. You're tired and this pack needs you."

"They need us. You're my mate and Alpha partner now."

"I'm not ready yet for that..." He said his voice shaky.

"I know. We have all the time in the world Maximus. We'll take it slow."

He nodded as I settled back in his arms. It felt so good to be there. I felt at home and safe. I was at peace as well but I knew what I needed to do now. My whole pack would never be safe as long as hunters would come here. I would need Maximus to tell me where their base was so we could wipe them out. He was not ready to talk about that yet so I would give him time.

I snuggled to him and he held me tight as I shut my eyes. His heart was beating steadily in sync with mine thanks to our bond.

"Good night sweetheart." I said sleepily.

"Good night my love."

I closed my eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.

I heard a buzzing sound on my nightstand as my alarm was going off. It was already time to wake up. I felt arms tighten around my waist as a low growl erupted behind me. Shit. I took the phone and cut the alarm before turning around in Maximus' arms. His eyes were gold as he trembled to fight the change.

"It's all right Maximus. Sweetheart. It's just my phone. Easy. I'm here." I whispered as I stroked his face to make him focus on me.

I saw him focus his eyes on me and they changed colours. It turned back to the sunflowers that I knew and loved. How I missed this colour. It looked so eerie but it was the Maximus I knew.

I kissed him fiercely and I felt him respond as he pressed my body against him. We were so close that I felt him grow hard against me making me moan in his mouth. He growled low and made us turn slowly so I was under him. I wrapped my legs around his waist to press him to me and grinded my hips on him. I wanted him.

"Maximus..." I breathed inbetween kisses.

"Helena..." He growled.

He kissed my neck down to his mark making me hot all over and my core drip its juices. I moaned as soon as he licked his mark but he kept going down my body until he reached my breasts.

He put one in his mouth and started licking my erect nipple. The feeling of his tongue on me was electrifying. He sucked on it making me moan. How could he be so good and it was only his second time?

He released my nipple and kept going down. What was he going to do? He kissed his way down until he reached my dripping core. Was he...

He settled between my legs and kissed me down there before spreading my legs. He was about to lick me when there was a knock on the door. Shit.

Maximus growled but he was not the only one. I growled as well. I did not want to be interrupted when I was with my mate. Only my family or Isaac would knock on my door and they knew that Maximus was here. What was wrong with them?

I was about to get up to give them a piece of my mind but Maximus held me to the bed. I looked quizzically at him but his eyes were all on my wet core making me blush.


He licked my folds sending me back on the bed hard. Oh Goddess. It felt like Heaven to have his warm tongue on me down there. I liked his rough fingers yesterday but... It was definitely something else.

"Oh... Maximus..." I moaned feeling his tongue on my good spots. He had memorised them all yesterday. He was definitely a fast learner.

His tongue was working wonders but that was not all he did. Oh no. He sucked on my clit and licked near my entrance teasingly making the heat build inside of me. I needed more.

"Yes... Maximus..."

I grinded my hips to him to make the pressure harder and he finally plunged his tongue inside of me bringing me yelling.

"Maximus yes! Oh..."

He licked it all to help me ride my orgasm. I loved how he worshipped my body. It felt so gentle and so possessive. He was good at it but then again, he was my mate.

He finally let me go when he licked all my juices. He emerged from between my legs and he was licking his lips. That was so damn hot I would never tire of that sight.

"You taste so good Helena..."

I shivered at this words. Damn it. I wanted him. I brought him closer to my body and I moaned as I felt him press against my front.

"Maximus..." I moaned.

He purred as I felt him brush my entrance. There was another knock on the door and this time they opened it. Maximus pressed my body under his to protect me but it made me moan. He felt just so good and the tingles shot everywhere.

"Sis?" I heard and I knew that it was my little sister Circe. Damn it.

Wait outside Circe. Now. I told her through the mind-link.

Why? I want to greet Maximus.

Later. Wait outside. I'll come get you. He thinks you want to harm me right now because we're... Anyway. Wait outside. Now!

Fine. No need to yell.

I heard her close the front door and as soon as she did, Maximus entered me gently. My body writhed under his and I moaned loud.

"We don't have time to go slow my love so I'll make it quick..." He said his voice husky.

"You know Circe... She's not patient." I said breathy.

He chuckled and picked up his pace. He was going a lot faster and harder than yesterday. I did not dislike it though. He was pushing hard inside of me making the heat build quickly and I pressed his body tighter to mine.

"Yes... Maximus... Yes..."

"You're so tight my love... Oh..." He grunted.

He pushed hard on my good spot deep inside bringing me screaming his name.


He kept pushing to let me ride my orgasm and I felt him release himself deep inside of me after one hard thrust.

"Goddess Helena..." He grunted. "You're the best..."

"Everything for you sweetheart..." I whispered against his lips.

He kissed me softly before saying.

"You should go or Circe might come drag you out."

"Actually... She wants to see you."

He tilted his head on the side.


"Yes. Let's clean up and meet her downstairs."

He nodded before pulling out of me making me sigh. I never wanted him out of me. He felt too good.

I never thought that I would love sex with my mate so much but it was the best feeling. Just having him by my side was enough though and we would be together forever.
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