My best friend is my mate

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We cleaned up and put on some clothes. As soon as we were decent, we made our way down the stairs. I turned to Maximus before opening the door to my sister.

"Will it be all right?" I asked him.

He seemed to think about it but he finally nodded.

"Yes. Circe is hardly a threat to us. She's so small."

I chuckled. Yes, my sister was smaller than me but I still thought that she grew a bit since he saw her last and she definitely had a personality that you could not ignore.

"Don't tell her that or she will definitely become a threat to you sweetheart."

He offered me a bright smile and I opened the door. My sister was wearing a short and tank top and she looked slightly angry that I would make her wait. I could see it in the crease between her eyes.

"Come in Circe. Sorry we had to make you wait."

She looked at me thoroughly and her eyes finally landed on the mark on my neck. She smirked and I rolled my eyes at her as she passed me by.

"I see you two have been busy." She teased.

She turned her gaze on my mate and smiled softly at him. Maximus seemed surprised and fidgeted. He probably did not know what to do. I walked to him and wound an arm around his waist and that calmed him down immediately.

"Nice to see you again Maximus." My sister said. "It's been a while."

"Yes. You got bigger shorty." He teased.

My sister gasped and pouted. I could not help a laugh at the situation. Everyone kind of looked small next to Maximus but he would always call Circe shorty. I was so happy to hear the nickname again. It meant that they did not break him completely.

"How dare you Max." She said furrowing her brows. "I come to see how you're doing and you're teasing me! Well, from the mark on your neck I can see that you're doing just fine."

Maximus chuckled and held me closer to him. My sister's pout morphed into a content smile and I knew that it echoed mine.

"Yes I'm slightly better." He said kissing the top of my head. "All thanks to your sister here."

"We are both working on it sweetheart." I said looking at the tall man.

"It's great. I'm really happy for you guys." Circe said almost squealing in joy. Goddess. I forgot how intense she could be. "Does that mean you're going to have a ceremony soon? What about pups? I would be the best aunt ever I swear!"

I felt Maximus tense and I knew that it was way too soon for him to talk about pups. It was for me as well. We needed to be more at ease with each other before we would consider moving on in that direction.

"Calm down Circe." I sighed. "It's too soon for pups. As for the ceremony... We'll see. Maybe it's too soon as well."

She pouted but she was smart enough not to press the matter. Maximus relaxed behind me and I felt him through our mind-link.

Thank you.

Don't mention it. We have time for that.

He held me tighter to him and I stroked his arms around me to help him relax. The ceremony could wait. We had more urgent matters and I did want Maximus to be more at ease with the pack first.

He had no more bloodrelatives. His mother died when he was small and his father passed when I took position. Losing his only pup had sealed his fate. He had lost the will to fight. I did not even know how I would tell Maximus about it. That would not be pleasant. He needed to know though.

"Dad told me to remind you that we had a shipment coming today. It was food I think? Anyway it needs your signature Alpha." My sister said getting me out of my reverie.

"Yeah I'll be right there. Will you be all right?" I asked Maximus.

"Don't worry about me. I'll... Stay here and try to... catch up. I'm sure that a lot of things changed in 10 years."

"That's right. Feel free to use everything that's in the house. It's ours after all."

I went on tiptoes and kissed him softly. I would miss him as soon as I would be gone but we both had to get used to it. We would have to wait until he felt comfortable enough to follow me in the packhouse with all the other wolves. We would take small steps.

He smiled at me as I walked out the door with my sister. I wanted to go back as soon as I closed the door behind us. My wolf agreed. We finally had a mate so surely we could spend some time off with him. We need to work for the pack. I reminded her. We're Alpha. She nodded in my head. She knew that the pack had to be a priority.

We walked the short distance to the packhouse and before we entered Circe turned to speak to me. She was wearing a serious face but I could see that she was happy.

"He seems better."

"Yeah. He's fine as long as I'm around. I think he just can't accept more than one wolf in the room at the same time. They... Conditionned him to kill shifters so it's hard on him to repress the feeling. We'll manage though. I do have faith."

"He didn't seem to want to kill me so I'm glad because he certainly is bigger and scarier than in my memories."

"He is but he's still the same too. Just bigger and stronger."

"I'll have to trust you on that. I'm happy for you sis. I know how much you love Max."

"I do. Let's focus on the pack for now though."

"Of course." She winked.

We walked to my office and my mom and dad were there already. I knew that the old Alpha and Luna had trouble letting go but right now I was happy to see them. I knew that I would have a lot of work and the help was always appreciated plus I needed to tell them about what I decided on the hunters. They had to die. Only that would calm my wolf.

My mom and dad whipped their heads to me as soon as I entered and sniffed the air. That almost made me blush but I reminded myself that I was proud to have Maximus as my mate so I should wear his mark proudly and not be embarassed.

"I'm so happy for you honey." My mom said before running accross the room and hugging me tight. "Does that mean that he's better?"

"Thanks mom. We're still working on it but yeah he's feeling a bit more at ease. He was great with Circe."

"I'm so happy to hear this. This is great."

"Congratulations." My father said with a smile.

I nodded at the Alpha and I could see the pride. I was glad to see that the feeling was mutual. I knew that Maximus had the ability to help me make the pack prosper. He was a born Beta after all. It was in his blood to lead. Even if the hunters beat the pack out of him. We could always work on that.

"When will I be a grandmother then?"

"Mom!" I chastised. "We're not ready for that. Let's take it slow ok? First, I want the hunters gone. Second, Maximus needs to be more at ease with the pack. Third, we'll see about the pups."

She sighed and pouted. I knew it sounded military but it was how I saw our lives so far.

"You're too much like your father. Where's the romance in all that?"

I sighed and rolled my eyes at her. She was an eternal romantic. She wanted to see roses fall everywhere and a happy end to everything. My happy end started with the death of many hunters first.

"Once they're all dead. That would lift the weight on my chest and maybe ease both my and Maximus' rage."

"We're right behind you Alpha." My father said.

That was all I needed to hear.
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