My best friend is my mate

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Maximus' POV

I was alone in the house now. Well. I should probably look around. It did not exist the last time I was in the pack. Helena must have built it when she became Alpha so she could live close to the pack house with her mate. Me. The thought brought a smile to my face. I liked being her mate and I could not have been luckier to get Helena. I thanked the Goddess as I moved from the living room to explore.

The room on the left was the kitchen. It was new and all in black and red. I liked it. I remembered the time when Helena and I would make cookies with her mom after school. Those were happy memories.

I went back to the living room and turned right to open an office room. It was beige or some other light brown colour. I was sure that Helena would give me the name right away. It was complete with a desk, shelves full of books, a computer... All looked simple and yet I knew she had the best materials. That was just how Helena was. She always valued efficiency and she was not the most patient person I knew. That made me chuckle.

I went back upstairs where I knew there was a bathroom, our bedroom and other bedrooms. All right. The tour was complete. What to do now?

I went back downstairs and decided to do some research on the pack. I was sure that I missed a lot in ten years. I wanted to know who was still here and who died. Maybe I could track down my father too. I have not seen him yet.

I went back to the office room and put on the computer. I still remembered how to use one so I felt grateful. I pulled the files from the pack and searched through them. I then saw my father's file as marked deceased.

A great sadness engulfed me. What happened to him? How was it possible? My father was a strong Beta. He taught me everything I knew when I was a kid.

My wolf became restless in reaction to the strong emotion. We were used to sadness but it usually led to rage. I fought the change until I heard the front door open. I growled low until I heard the voice of my mate.

"Maximus?" She called.

"In here." I answered through gritted teeth.

She ran to the office and took a second to assess my state. She steeled her eyes and walked to me putting her hand on my forearm.

"Don't fight it sweetheart." She said soothing. "Let him out. I'll deal with him then we can talk about what got you so upset. Fighting him would just make the problem worse. I got you."

So I obliged. I let my wolf out and I turned in the office. I did not care about my clothes right now, I knew that Helena had some more for me. I stood there in my dark grey coat and she smiled at me. I got to her and she stroked my head gently.

"It's ok sweetheart. You're fine. What happened?" She said soothingly.

I just found out that my father is dead. What happened my love?

She seemed sad all of a sudden so I rubbed her with my head for comfort. She snuggled in my fur and circled her arms around my neck.

"I'm so sorry that I didn't tell you sooner... I thought I would eventually have to tell you but I couldn't find the right time. Your father died shortly after I took position as Alpha. He... Couldn't live with your loss and the loss of his mate anymore. I told him that I would find you even if it took me years but he... Had no will to live anymore."

I understood. My father lost his mate and it took a big chunk out of his heart but he had me so he focused on raising me. Wolves do not accept the loss of their mates well and now I could say that I understood. I would snap completely if I ever lost Helena. The only thing that can keep the wolf alive after the loss of their mates are pups. When the hunters took me, he must have lost his last reason to live. It was not enough for him that Helena promised to find me. He just could not will his wolf to live anymore.

How did he die? I asked because I needed to know.

She tensed again and sighed. She did not want to hurt me more but she also knew that I needed to know to find closure.

"Silver bullets. He shot himself in the head. We couldn't save him. I'm so sorry..." She sobbed.

She was crying for me because she knew that it was painful to hear. But I needed to. I howled in sorrow and that just broke Helena's heart a bit more. I would be ok though. I would just need some time.

"If I can do anything please tell me Maximus..." She said crying softly.

Just hold me. I feel better with you...

"Of course sweetheart."

She held me tight to her and I leaned into her soothing touch. I knew that she was not using her healing power right now but the mate bond was enough to make me feel calmer. I kind of hoped that when I came back to the pack, if I ever came back, my life could be normal again. I lost that hope long ago but I knew that Helena held on to it for me. She tried to make it all like before since I came back. I knew better.

My love... You know that I will never be normal again.

"I don't care. I just want you to be happy again some day. I'm so done bringing you pain. It hurts too much." She said.

I lifted my head to look into her eyes and I could see that she meant every words. She had no idea how much she made me happy already.

Helena. I said before licking her face bringing a smile on her face. You make me happy already. You can't always prevent me from feeling sad sometimes but it's ok. As long as I have you, I know that I'll be happy forever. You're all I need.

She looked at me with teary eyes but she smiled softly. I licked the last of her tears and she hugged me tight to her. I shifted back in her arms and held her tighter to me.

"I love you." I whispered in her ear.

"I love you too." She said looking into my eyes.

I kissed her and she kissed me back wrapping her arms around my neck. I pulled her on my lap and she sighed being pressed againt me. The sound made me shiver and hard for her. I seemed to never have enough of her even after what we did a few hours ago. I wanted more.

I deepened the kiss until I chased her tongue inside her mouth. I felt her body heat up against mine and I knew that she was feeling the same.

I helped her out of her clothes and I entered her in one push. That felt so good. She was the best. There was so much sad feelings inside of us and we needed something happy. What was happier than having sex with my mate?

She was dancing on me as I thrusted inside of her. I definitely liked it in this position. We were sitting in the middle of the office room but it did not matter. Only her moans and the way her hips grinded on me was all that mattered.

"Maximus... Harder..." She moaned.

I growled in approval and thrusted harder inside of her. She felt so warm and tight. It was so good. She was clenching harder as I pushed against her end making her moan harder. I knew where her sweet spot was by now and I pushed on it bringing her over the edge yelling.

"Oh yes! I love you. Maximus..."

I kept pushing to let her ride her orgasm until she was milking me too hard to resist. I released myself inside of her after one powerful thrust.

"I love you Helena... Goddess... I love you so much..." I groaned holding her tight to me.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and I felt our bond soothe us. That was all I needed right now. She was all I needed.

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