My best friend is my mate

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We ran a while and we played. I could feel that Maximus was enjoying himself. That made my heart swell with love to see him like this. It was as if he never left. He was finally being carefree and relaxed as his wolf.
I could see that his ears were still moving to try to catch a sound but his eyes were totally on me and our game. I was chasing him and nibbling him and he would try to make me roll on my side. As if I would let him.
I remember you were not that good at this game. He said in my mind. Who did you train with?
No one. I chuckled. I did train with my dad a lot after they took you but that's it I swear. I didn't remember you were that jealous.
That's because you never were invited into our conversation with Isaac. He said. I wanted you to find me cool so I couldn't show that side of me to you.
Don't worry, I still find you cool.
I'm happy to hear it.
We played some more until we were panting hard. We decided to take a break by laying on the ground. The forest's soil was covered in leaves so it made it quite comfortable. Maximus laid down behind me so I leaned my back against him.
We were enjoying the forest in silence when we heard movement not so far from us. We both lifted our snouts to try to identify the sound as a threat or a friend. It did smell like pack. One of the wolf did not respect my orders. I was getting pissed but Maximus was getting protective. He stood up and put his body in front of mine, his snout to the ground in a warning stance. That was bad.
I stood up and put myself next to him. We soon saw a sandy wolf run full towards us. Shit. I knew who that was. It was one of our border patrol. He must have sensed us and came to check that it was us. Damn it.
Eric. Stand down. I said to the sandy wolf.
He stopped abruptly and looked between Maximus and me. He seemed confused but he nodded.
I was just checking on you Alpha. He said. Gamma Isaac wanted us to come check on you from time to time.
I cursed Isaac in my mind. Did he truly want Maximus to slip? What was his deal? I would need to punish him later, this could not go on.
You can go Eric. Everyhting is fine here. Tell your partner that no one needs to check on us.
All right Alpha. He bowed his head to us and left as fast as he came.
Maximus relaxed as soon as he disappeared and so did I. We avoided one big catastrophe here. I looked at my mate and he was looking back at me.
Maybe we should go home. He said.
All right sweetheart. Let's go home. I'm very proud of you, you know?
I suppose that I did manage to not jump on him. He said unsure.
Of course you did. This is good.
He chuckled as we made our way slowly back home. I was happy that we had managed to get through this outing without any accident. It just proved that Maximus was getting better and I was sure that the bond was a big parameter. It made him more possessive of me but it also reassured him that I would go nowhere. He needed the stability more than anything.
We were almost home when the cinnamon wolf of Isaac rushed us. I barely had the time to yell no through the link that Maximus was already on him. Fuck.
Isaac knew how to fight, thank the Goddess. He managed to avoid the most of the blow but he still ended on the ground under Maximus' claws. My mate was growling above him and his eyes were vacant. I knew that the wolf was very much in charge right now and I better intervene if I wanted Isaac to survive this.
I jumped on my mate and it seemed to bring him back. His eyes focused on me as soon as I released my Alpha power. He looked underneath him to find Isaac trying to twist to get free. I bit the scruff of my mate to get him off and he let me move him. I then put myself in front of him as Isaac stood back up growling.
Don't you dare. I growled anger dripping from my entire body. Do you have a death wish you damn moron? I wanted to punish you for sending the patrol to check on us but it looks like Maximus beat me to it. Go have the doctor check on it and I don't want to see you for a while or I promise you, you'll regret it.
Alpha... He started.
I growled and turned my back on him as soon as he showed me his neck. I looked at Maximus and he looked stunned by what just happened. I could not blame him but I was sure that he acted more on instinct to protect me than to truly kill Isaac. It was just a feeling but I was sure that I was right on this one.
Why did he feel the need to protect me from Isaac though? Yes, the Gamma did say that he wanted me to choose him instead of Maximus but now that we were fully mated, there was no chance for Isaac to take me away from Maximus.
Come on sweetheart, let's go home. I said soothingly.
He nodded his huge head and followed me home. As soon as we were inside, he shifted back and he hugged himself as if something hurt. I shifted as well and took a good look at him. He did not seem injured and I did not even see Isaac hit him.
"I hurt him." He said his sunflower eyes wide.
"That wasn't your fault." I said frowning. "Isaac knew perfectly what he was doing. He got what he deserved here."
"I wanted him away from you... So much that I lost control... I can't have that Helena... I can't..." He said his voice breaking.
I wanted to kill Isaac right now. He managed to make Maximus fall right back into his insecurity. I parted his arms and embraced my mate tight. I burried my nose in the crook of his neck where my mark was and his breath hitched. He hesitantly wrapped his arms around me and held me tight to him. I finally sighed of content making him shiver in my arms.
"I know you only wanted to protect me." I said soothingly, using my healer's power to calm him. "You don't need to blame yourself for hurting Isaac."
"I still lost it." He said nuzzling my hair. "That can't happen or I'll be a danger to the pack..."
"It's ok." I whispered as I laid small kisses on his neck. "You're fine. I'm fine. Isaac will be fine. You didn't cause any bad injuries, he'll be healed in the morning, I promise."
"It's not the problem here." He said tightening his arms around me.
"You still need to work on this but I think the problem here was, that it was Isaac." I said. "You managed just fine with Eric."
"Do you think that my wolf has a problem with Isaac?" He asked.
"I'm starting to have a problem with him myself." I sighed. "We'll work this out in the morning. The three of us. We need to solve it before it becomes a bigger problem and we can't lead the pack together. We also desperately need a Beta. Come on, let's get under the shower and get to bed. This day was eventful enough as it is."
He nodded and we went upstairs together. We would manage to find why Maximus' wolf was so triggered with Isaac even if I could hardly blame him.
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