My best friend is my mate

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Maximus' POV

We took our shower together and it calmed my wolf down a bit. I just felt the slip as soon as I saw Isaac coming to us. My wolf pushed me away and took control. He said that we had to stop him before he reached Helena. He could not touch her because she was ours.

I did not understand the urgency since we were mated. Isaac could never take her away from us. Never, but the real problem was that I could not fight him. He overpowered me again and that scared me. Was the problem really Isaac or that I was weak? I dreaded to know the answer.

"Are you all right sweetheart?" Helena asked as we settled in bed.

"I'll be fine." I said looking into her eyes.

"You can always talk to me." She said softly.

"I know. Don't worry, it's probably just my problem with Isaac that made me slip." I said.

"We'll sort it out in the morning." She nodded. "I'm getting tired of him really. He's a good Gamma and I don't want you two to fight. We need to be united to lead the pack."

I did not know what to say to that. I still thought that I would never be ready to lead but I knew that it would be fine as long as Helena was with me. I could always count on her. I needed to try for her.

We woke up early the next morning. Isaac would be here shortly. We decided that it was best if we had the meeting at the house. I knew that Helena's parents were coming as well to talk about the future Beta.

That was something we needed to deal with quickly. I was still amazed to see that she did not replace me sooner. She had such a strong will my mate. Other Alphas would have replaced me but she believed that she would find me. I was glad she did or I would truly have nothing left to live.

She made breakfast as usual and I helped. I liked that it was normal between us. She did not blame me for my behaviour yesterday and she never did. She was letting me adjust at my own pace but I wanted to get better for her. Maybe I needed to talk to my wolf more than I needed to talk to Isaac. My wolf did behave yesterday before Isaac and Eric. Maybe we could find harmony again.

"What's on your mind?" Helena asked with a smile as she poured me some coffee. "You seem distracted this morning."

"I was thinking that... Maybe I should talk to my wolf." I said.

"You mean... Go see the Shaman and speak to your wolf?" She asked tilting her head on the side.

"Yes. I think that it could help us work together again." I nodded.

We had a lot of rituals as werewolves. The Shaman was one of the elder that knew the magical rites that allowed the werewolves to stay hidden and live in peace. We usually went to see the Shaman only with big problems. I supposed that being at odds with my wolf counted as one.

"Ok. Do you want me to go with you?" She asked.

"No, you need to take care of the pack. It won't take that long anyway." I said with a small smile.

It would depend on how long it took for me to reason with my wolf but I needed to move on. Going to the Shaman was always risky but I needed to get better soon. Especially if we wanted to take the fight to the hunters. I would need to keep my cool and that would never be possible right now.

She looked worried but she still nodded. She would never get in the way of what I thought was good for me. I knew her too much though so I could see that she wanted to go with me, make sure that i would be all right. She still worried too much, that did not change.

"I'll be fine." I said with a smile. "I promise you that I'll tell you everything."

"You better." She smiled. "Tell me if I can do anything."

"You already have." I said pulling her into my arms. "You just don't see how much you did for me but it's my turn now."

"As long as you're happy, it's enough for me." She said wrapping her arms around me.

I kissed the top of her head and I wanted more so I leaned into her to kiss her but a knock on the door interupted us. I whipped my head to the door and wanted to growl at whoever was behind it but Helena beat me to it.

"They know how to choose their moment." She mumbled.

I forgot that she hated being interupted as much as I did. That made me chuckle. She offered me an apologetic smile before parting from me to open the door.

Behind the door stood Isaac. He looked cautious as he stared down at Helena. He better be. She was even angrier than I was.

"Come on in." She said letting the Gamma in.

He nodded at me and I nodded back. I wanted to keep our meeting as polite as could be because he was our Gamma after all.

"Do you want coffee?" Helena asked.

"No thank you." Isaac answered. "Your parents were right behind me so they shouldn't be long now."

"Good." She said. "Let's sit on the couch, I'll prepare the coffee for my parents."

Isaac moved to sit on the couch and I followed. I sat on the loveseat next to the couch because there was no way in Hell that I would sit next to Isaac.

"How are your wounds?" I asked to be polite.

"It was nothing." He answered his lips in a tight line.

He was pissed that I managed to hurt him but he would never be as strong as some of the shifters I fought in the arena. He just did not know how lucky he had been that Helena managed to bring me back yesterday. I would have killed him if not for her. My wolf wanted to protect his mate more than he wanted to kill the other wolves. It was a good thing for me.

Helena laid the two cups on the table and I pulled her on my lap. I felt better with her close to me when Isaac was in the room. She stroked my arms around her to comfort me but my eyes were still on the Gamma. I did not know why I felt so possessive of her every time he was here but I just knew that it was the right thing to do.

Helena's parents arrived and my wolf stayed put. Somehow it did not bother him that two dominant wolves were here. No. His whole focus was on Isaac. Maybe he truly was a problem. Why? What did the Gamma do that triggered my wolf to the point that he would ignore the other dominant wolves? I hoped the Shaman would help to answer those questions.

"It's good to see you Maximus." Helena's mom said with a smile.

"It's good to be back." I said.

"Let's get down to business." Alpha Julius said. "You kids need a new Beta and fast. This pack has lived without one for too long."

"Dad." Helena snapped. "I lead the pack so I get to decide."

"He's right." I said. "We can't lead without a Beta. Do you have prospects already?"

"We do." Isaac nodded as he handed us the files of all the wolves who applied for the position. "If I may recommend someone, I'd like to propose Lea for the job. She's got experience as a Delta and she's actually dominant enough to be Gamma."

I did not know Lea all that well. She was younger than us but her file proved that she could be a good choice for the job. She had seen battle against the rogues and her group seemed to be happy with her as a leader.

Helena was about to say something when the front door sprang open. We all whipped our heads to it to see who entered so strongly. I tightened my arms around my mate's waist to get her out of the way if needed.

"Consider me too." Said the woman standing in the doorframe.

That actually brought a wide smile on my face.
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