My best friend is my mate

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There stood none other than Circe. Helena's little sister had her fists on her hips like some kind of Wonder Woman and was daring the whole room to say anything else.

"Circe." Helena said surprised. "I didn't know you were interested in the Beta position."

"I can't be Alpha since it's you and I still don't have a mate so Beta is great position for me. I can't sit on my ass all day now can I? Plus, I work well with Isaac and Maximus so I'm a good choice."

She knew how to fight since she was an Alpha blood but would she be patient enough to deal with the paperwork? She was young, only 19, and had quite a temper. Betas were supposed to listen to their Alpha, protect them and deal mostly with the paperwork. Could Circe do it? I was sure of it.

"Personally." I said. "I think that's a great idea."

"I'm not sure." Helena said looking at me. "Circe certainly has the skills but what will the pack think?"

"It's common in most pack that the second born Alpha blood becomes Beta." Helena's father said. "It never happened in our pack because we've always had a Beta before but now, the position is open so why not."

"I'm more concerned about Circe's attitude towards the others." Helena's mother said. "You're impulsive honey, I don't know if you're old enough to hold this position."

"I was already Gamma at 18 so I don't see the harm." Isaac shrugged.

"I was Alpha at 18." Helena said. "You thought that I wasn't ready but I didn't do so bad."

She had been doing amazing in my opinion but I was afraid to be biased on the matter. I would prefer to work with Circe because I knew her and I would be more comfortable around her than with the unknown Delta. I was certain that she could handle it easily.

"Delta Lea would not be dominant enough in my opinion to hold the Beta position." I said. "I think Circe is our best option."

Helena offered me a small smile. She must have figured out why I said this but I still thought that my argument was valid. We needed to have a strong leadership or the other packs might consider us weak.

"I agree on that point." Alpha Julius said. "A Delta might be good enough if we didn't have a choice but since Circe asked for the position... It would be the best choice."

"I agree." Helena nodded.

"Me too." Isaac said.

"Fine." Helena's mom said. "If you all agree then I won't get in the way."

"Thank you!" Circe yelled jumping up and down in excitment. "You won't regret it."

"Looks like we have a Beta now." Helena chuckled.

"About time." Isaac sighed. "After all those years... I won't have to do the paperwork alone anymore."

"You were never alone." Helena frowned. "I helped a lot so stop whining."

"We all did honey." Luna Eliana said. "We'll keep doing it if you need."

"We should be fine now." I said. "I'll be there and now Circe too. We should manage."

Helena offered me a real smile and so did her parents and Circe. Isaac was frowning but he did not add a word. It was better for him or I was not sure that I could keep my wolf under control. Having him in the room was enough to make my blood boil. He better not push it too much.

"Yes." Helena nodded. "We will manage."

"You can count on me." Circe said with a bright smile. "I'll be even better than you as Beta, Maximus."

"Feel free to try shorty." I smirked.

She stuck her tongue out at me making me chuckle. She would certainly be a better Beta than me but well, I was Alpha now.

"Disrespecting your Alpha is a bad way to start." Helena chuckled.

"That doesn't count." Circe pouted. "It's just Maximus."

"And he's your Alpha." Helena said with a smile. "It's fine among us but not in front of the pack."

"Maximus is capable of defending himself just fine. I saw it last night." Isaac chided in.

"What do you mean?" Alpha Julius asked.

"He attacked me to 'protect' Helena." Isaac said.

"You were running towards us when I said that I didn't want to see anyone outside except for patrol." Helena snapped. "You disobeyed my order so you got punished for it so stop nagging."

"I say that Maximus was right then." Alpha Julius shrugged. "You disobeyed your Alpha, be glad that I'm not Alpha anymore or I would have hit you somewhere visible."

Alpha Julius was far from being a gentle Alpha. He always led the pack with an iron fist but it did not mean that he was cruel. He always punished the wolves who deserved it and he never overdid it. He was always fair in his punishments but he liked people to see what it would cost them to disobey him.

"It's still visible on my side, Alpha, I can assure you of it." Isaac said through tight lips.

"Not visible enough to my taste but I'm not Alpha anymore." He said fixing the Gamma as if he could make a hole in his skin. I wish he could too.

"I said that it was enough." Helena said. "Maximus' claws are sharp enough to make him think twice about defying my order again."

Alpha Julius nodded and I tightened my arms around my mate. She was aware that I did not attack him with the intention to only hurt him but she did not say another word and so did Isaac. He did it out of shame but I hoped that it would prevent him from trying again.

"Now that the Beta question is out of the way." Helena continued. "We need to talk about what we do with the Council."

"I will go see the Shaman first." I said. "Then I'll call the Council and tell them everything about what I saw while I was with the hunters."

"You want to see the Shaman Maximus?" Luna Eliana asked. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." I nodded. "My wolf can't be a problem anymore and it's taking too long to make us one again. I'm sure that seeing the Shaman will help."

"I support his choice mom." Helena said determined.

"All right... If you think that it's the best solution..." She said still unsure.

Luna Eliana was a Luna through and through. She was gentle and worried for all the wolves like a mother would. Our pack had no Luna anymore, only Alphas but we were going to live up to Helena's parents.

"I do." I said with a smile. "I need to talk to my wolf to understand how to make him settle down. Mating with Helena helped but it's not enough. I don't want to be a danger to the pack."

"You're very brave, Maximus." Alpha Julius said. "I'm sure that it'll help."

I nodded at the Alpha. It meant a lot that he approved. I always respected the man, like a father.

"Well, now that this is settled." Isaac said. "We have a lot of work waiting for us at the pack house."

"Sure." Helena nodded.

"I'll go to the Shaman first then I'll join you." I told my mate.

"All right." She smiled. "I'll be waiting for you in the office."

"I'll be there as soon as I can." I smiled back.

"Leave the work to us." Circe chuckled.

We left the house together and I let go of Helena's hand to go see the Shaman.

She lived in one of the houses near the woods, away from the rest of the pack. She always said that she needed to be that far because the pack magic needed some quiet. I was always scared to go near it as a pup, we all did.

The Shaman is a great position to hold in the pack and many did not have one anymore but it was still creepy to small pups. They knew the pack magic better than anyone. You were either born with the gift like Helena was a Healer or you could not be Shaman. I did not know if anyone would replace her once she died but it would be a great loss to not have a Shaman anymore.

I walked, determined, to face the Shaman. My heart was beating fast as I knocked on the door but I would not back down. Never.
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