My best friend is my mate

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Helena is Alpha of her pack. The hunters kidnapped her best friend when they were 15 and she has been looking for him ever since. She won't rest until she finds him. No matter what it takes. Why is Maximus so important to her? Could he be more than her best friend? Will she be able to help him fight his demons?

Romance / Fantasy
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Helena's POV
Angry. Restless. I knew these feelings like the back of my hand. I felt like this since I was 15. It all started when I lost my best friend to the hunters. I remembered that day vividly.

We just had our first shift and we were running in the woods. Running. Always. Me as my light grey almost white wolf and Maximus as his dark grey almost black wolf.

We ran through the woods faster and faster when Maximus jumped me to make us roll in the dirt. He was powerful enough and confident enough to attack his future Alpha. I remembered how I smirked and barked at him that day. We played a while before we heard footsteps coming our way.

As we were on pack territory, we thought we were safe. How wrong we were. How terribly wrong.

Hunters shot their silver bullets at us and Maximus pushed me out of the way. He was to become the Beta so he needed to protect his future Alpha. How stupid. He sent me tumbling down a hill and when I came back up the hill, they were all gone. I howled desperatly but nobody answered. Ever since that day, I kept looking everywhere for him.

Ten years passed since that day but it was always on my mind. Keeping the rage fueled inside of me.

I was now walking through our woods, going nowhere really but it was either that or kill something. Someone. I gripped my ashen blond hairs and pulled them out of my face. They were getting sticky because of the hot summer day and my walk.

Shit, I thought. I still have nothing. Max... I'm so sorry.

I frowned as I heard paws on the ground. Someone was coming my way to bring me back to my duties. I would bet on Isaac, my Gamma. He was a bulky man, tall, towering everyone at 1m90 with hands so large he could knock you down with a slap. He was heavily muscled and it showed even in wolf form. He had wavy auburn hairs with spring green eyes and that softened his manly man frame.

His cinnamon wolf stopped in front of me and he showed me his neck before shifting. The tall man stood now before me, naked, and he smiled at me. I was now facing a very big naked man but I did not care. I did not have time for males and I would have a mate eventually so why look at others?

"I knew I would find you here Alpha" He said.

"That wasn't so hard to guess" I mumbled. "What do you want Isaac?"

"We need you back at the pack house. Documents have arrived. Since you still didn't choose a new Beta..."

"Maximus is my Beta" I growled.

"I know. No need to growl at me. You maybe need to think about him being..."

I saw red at these words. He knew better than to bring Maximus' name into the conversation. The whole pack was saying it behind my back that I should choose a new Beta and declare Max dead. Never. I would never give up before I knew for sure.

"NEVER! YOU HEAR ME? I WILL FIND HIM" I yelled. "Get out Isaac. Now!"

He showed me his neck and ran back to the pack house. I breathed in and out deeply to regain control over my wolf. I could feel her on the surface. I could not show my pack that I was slowly losing it. No fucking way. After I was calm enough, I made my way back to the pack house. Slowly but surely.
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