My best friend is my mate

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The Council was made of old Alpha that had stepped down a while ago. My father never wanted to be a part of them so he just politely declined his seat and they picked someone else. The old Alphas came from all over the world and we all had a point of contact for each country.

Above the Council was the King but the Council were his advisers and they decided if the cases were to be brought to His attention. We all knew the King as Alphas but we dealt mostly with the Council anyway. The King was too busy to take on the plea of every pack in the world. We were too many.

I asked for a meeting with them regarding our problem and they agreed to it. I was right in saying that we were not the first pack to have suffered from these hunters and I was sure that the Council was desperate to have any answer about them.

Maximus had been strangely relaxed about it. I was happy that he was finally able to settle down a bit but... I wondered what happened during his experience with the Shaman. I was sure that he would tell me if I asked but I did not want to push it.

"What?" He asked me with a smile as I watched him sort the papers on the couch of our office.

I stood up and went to join him. I sat next to him but he pulled me onto his lap until my head was nestled in his neck.

"What is it?" He asked softly this time.

"Nothing." I said breathing in his scent. "I'm glad that you're here."

"Where else would I be?" He chuckled.

"If you need to take some time after what happened with the Shaman..." I said.

"It's ok. I'm fine." He said reassuringly. "You're worrying too much."

"All right." I said with a smile.

We stayed like this a while, taking in each other's warmth. I could feel a peacefulness coming from Maximus and it felt just as before he was taken away. He always had been the calm type that suited the Beta position. Calm, loyal and ready to listen to everything everyone had to say. Almost my total opposite.

He kissed my forehead and the simple gesture just ignited a fire inside of me. My wolf pushed hard towards her mate and I felt him respond. I saw the powerful grey wolf of Maximus run towards his mate in my mind and mine did the same. What was going on with these two?

Both our bodies heated up immediately and we entered a frenzy that we could not stop. My lips crashed on Maximus', claiming his whole mouth hungrily. My fingers frantically pulled his hair so he would stay right there, glued to my mouth. I needed more though and Maximus answered.

He positioned me so I would stradle him and I felt him poke at me through our clothes. I moaned at the feeling and my hips started grinding him. He growled against my lips at the feeling and one of his hands got under my shirt to touch my fully erect nipples.

My wolf howled in my head because she wanted more. She wanted them inside and pounding until we got pregnant. It was the perfect time to start our family and we had been waiting too long for their return. We had been lonely but no more. They were here, safe and ready to be by our side until the end of our days.

The desperate thought behind this burning desire made me pause. Maximus though, did not. He grabbed for my pants and opened them to touch my dripping core. I moaned louder feeling his rough fingers on me and all sense of reason went out the window. Why would I want to stop when it felt that good? Yes, having Maximus pound deep inside me was the best feeling in the world. I would never want to stop.

And yet... Something did not feel right.

"Maximus..." I moaned as his fingers were moving in and out of me, pressing, wanting to send me over the edge so he could enter me with something bigger.

He hummed as he kissed my neck softly. I could hardly focus because everything about him was distracting. His fingers inside of me that caressed that sweet spot at my entrance, his lips on my neck that were kissing me so lovingly, his other hand around my waist that was holding me tight against him and the swelling on his pants that was poking at my butt. I wanted him too much to think. Why?

My mind was slowly being overwhelmed by the pleasure he was giving me that I did not hear someone knocking on the door. Maximus did though and he growled low in warning before sending me over the edge yelling my pleasure. I would not be satisfied to come on his fingers though. I needed him in to feel better. The fire was roaring inside my body and it would not be stopped until I felt him rub inside of me.

The person who knocked though entered, opening the door violently. I was too far gone in my pleasure to look at the person and Maximus hid me in his arms, turning around to growl at the intruder. Maximus' eyes were golden and I knew mine were also the colour of my wolf.

"Do you have to rub it in Max?" The man growled low towards my mate. "I know you two are mates but can't it wait until you're home?"

"She's mine." Maximus answered growling louder.

His voice was full of the Alpha power and it made me shiver. My wolf liked that very much because it was in her nature to want the strongest. I knew though that we should not be encouraging this right now. It could go wrong between the two of them. This interruption allowed me to regain some self-control, enough to notice that the person standing in front of me was Isaac. His eyes were also the colour of his wolf and he was ready to pounce on us.

"Get out." I said, my voice a growl as well but full of power. "I don't remember allowing you to enter."

He looked at me as if I had slapped him hard accross the face but he lowered his eyes and got out of the office. Maximus was still watching the door as if he could come back. That proved that the wolf was in charge and that worried me a bit. I cupped his face gently and made him look at me.

"It's ok." I said gently. "He's gone."

"Mate." He said smiling.

"Yes. I'm only yours. Only you can do this to me. Now, let Maximus back in charge. I need to speak with him." I said soothingly.

"Why? Am I not good enough?" He asked frowning.

"Oh you are my love, you are. I just need to know what happened with the Shaman because you seem stronger now than before." I said with a smile.

"Maximus can't protect you. Only I can, my love." He said adamant. "He agreed that I would be in charge whenever you're in danger. Isaac is a danger."

"Why is Isaac a danger?" I asked confused. "We're both stronger than he is."

"Isaac smells like them." He answered.


"Like whom, my love?"

"Like the ones who took us away from you." He said nuzzling my hair to find comfort. "I won't let him do this to you. You're mine."

What? I did not think that Isaac had a different smell. He always smelled of the pack and Isaac. Was there something I was missing? Maximus' wolf knew the smell of the hunters better than I did so I could trust him on that. I really needed to talk to Maximus though. He would be able to explain things better than the wolf.

"I'm out of danger now, my love." I said kissing his cheek. "You can let Maximus back in charge."

He looked at me one last time out of his beautiful golden eyes before they bled back to the sunflowers of Maximus. I sighed of relief in my head and smiled at the human side of my mate who was smiling back at me.

"Now, sweetheart." I said. "I think you should tell me what happened with the Shaman and how Isaac, our Gamma, smells like the hunters."

He nodded and started to explain everything. We had a long night ahead of us and I was not expecting what he told me.
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