My best friend is my mate

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We had to see the Council today and I was not looking forward to that talk. I did not like to talk about what happened over there but I promised Helena so I would.

She was fussing in front of the closet, not sure what to put on to face the Council. I walked behind her and embraced her tight.

"No matter what you wear, you'll be beautiful." I said.

"I thought that you prefered when I had nothing on." She teased.

"True but that sight is for me alone." I said my voice filling with lust.

She was a sight my mate. Even if she was not my mate, I would have find her beautiful. She just had this charisma that would make you look at her twice if you saw her on the streets. That came with the Alpha mantle but it was something that was purely her too.

"All right, handsome." She said amused. "That doesn't help me find something to wear..."

"Why not that dress?" I asked pointing at a black one.

She seemed to consider for a second and took it out of the closet. She started putting it on and she looked great in it. I liked how the dress was chic but sexy because we could clearly see her curves without it being vulgar.

"What do you think?" She asked.

"I love it but you're right, I do prefer you naked."

She rolled her eyes but she still had a smile on her face. Good. That was better than her constant worry and anxiety. We would get through this together.

"Well that would send the wrong message to the council if I were naked." She said.

"Certainly." I said amused. "Let's go or they'll be waiting for us."

We went to our office in the pack house and Circe and Isaac were already here. Circe offered me a warm smile while Isaac just frowned. He could frown all he wanted but I would find how he was linked to the hunters, one way or another.

Helena sat behind her desk and opened the computer. We would be video chatting because the Council member of North America was based in Chicago. It was a long way from here so it was best if we just used the computer.

We waited until the Council member called and I could feel the tension in the room. Helena was nervous about me, Isaac was nervous about probably being exposed and Circe seemed to share her sister's concern. I, for once, was the calmest of the group. I knew what I had to do so there was no point fussing about it.

The phone finally connected and a window popped on screen. Helena clicked on it and an old wolf appeared. He had snow white hair, faded blue eyes and he was sitting straight in front of his computer.

"Alpha Helena." He said his voice carrying respect. "I received your demand. Is the man next to you, the one who escaped the hunters?"

"Yes Councilman. Thank you for accepting to hear us out today." Helena said.

"It's my duty to listen to the wolves when something like this happen. Please... Let me hear what happened to you... Maximus?" The old wolf said unsure.

"Yes. I'm Helena's mate so you can call me Maximus." I said.

"Very well. I'm listening." The Councilman said.

I started explaining all from the beginning. How I had been kidnapped, how they brought me back to their base, what I did there, the conditions I lived in, the other shifters I met and killed. I did not leave any detail out.

Helena grabbed my hand at some point and I did not dare to look back at her or I would fall apart. I could feel the pain and sorrow she was feeling hearing my story all over again but she was also proud of me for saying it all. It felt actually good to get it off my chest.

"And that's how Helena got me back." I said to finish my story.

The Councilman took some time to think about everything I said. It was a lot to take in and I could understand that he would need some proof. He could not simply believe me like that.

"I see." He said finally. "That's quite the story. I suppose that it's worth looking into it. I heard about similar stories in other packs so I'm ready to believe that those hunters do exist. Do you have any idea where this base might be? That would help us send someone to check if this is real."

"I do." I nodded.

Isaac tensed behind us as I gave the exact location of the hunters' base. By the time my wolf had completely taken over, they thought that my spirit was broken enough to not even hide the way to the base anymore. That had been one of their first mistakes with me.

"We'll be checking this and I'll get back to you as soon as possible." The old wolf said. "I'll be sending a representative as well to supervise things with your pack. I suppose that you do intend to get revenge for your mate Alpha Helena?"

"Yes." She said determined. "They're my preys by right."

"Of course. Well, don't do anything until the representative arrives and then we'll discuss how we handle this. We'll be speaking soon."

"Thank you for your time." Helena said.

The old wolf nodded and cut the call. I sighed of relief because it was finally over. We would get revenge and I was ready to take the fight to them.

Helena offered me a smile because she felt my relief. Isaac seemed to be getting more nervous by the second. Circe finally let out a sigh as well.

"What do we do now?" She asked.

"We prepare for the representative's arrival." Helena said. "Isaac, increase border patrol. Circe, you get on the representative's arrival and Maximus and I will be getting on tracking the hunters. It can't hurt to keep an eye on them while we wait."

"Alpha." Isaac said. "Do you want to leave the tracking to me? It would be stupid to not send some scouts."

"We can take care of it." Helena insisted. "You'll be busy enough with border patrol, unless there's something I should know?"

Isaac widened his eyes in surprise. He seemed at a loss as to what to do and Helena was narrowing her eyes at him, trying to find anything that would betray him.

"No, Alpha." He said composing himself again. "There's no problem with me dealing with border patrol. I just didn't want you to do too much."

"All right then. We can do this much, don't worry. Send me Delta Penny who's in charge of the scouts." Helena added still eyeing Isaac.

"Sure." He said before leaving the room.

"There's something that you guys aren't telling me." Circe said looking between us. "What's going on?"

Helena looked at me and I shrugged. There was no point hiding this information to our second. We would need her help in case things got out of control.

"Isaac smells of the hunters." I said.

She was surprised but then frowned.

"How is that possible?" She asked. "Did you confront him yet?"

"No, we're looking for more clues first." Helena said. "He won't be saying anything if we just mention that Maximus recognised the scent."

"That's probably wise. I can't believe it! The fucker betrayed us." She snapped.

"Keep this to yourself for now." I said. "We'll be keeping you up to date if we find anything but he must not be suspicious of us or we won't find anything. Isaac isn't stupid and he must have taken a lot of precautions."

"That will be hard but I'll do my best." She frowned. "How could he do that..."

"We'll have the answers to that question soon." Helena said. "It would be best if we could find out before the representative comes."

"I'll help as much as I can." Circe nodded. "He won't be suspecting me. Max is out though."

"I agree." Helena said. "He doesn't trust you already, sweetheart."

"I know." I sighed. "I don't like it but I trust you."

They both smiled at me. There were no wolves more determined than those sisters. I was almost sorry for Isaac. Almost.
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